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Who Speaks for Planet Earth?
Downsides Band Jul 17, 2018
#Montufest will be here before you know it! Who’s coming out to rage with us?
Downsides Band Jul 14, 2018
Downsides Band Jul 14, 2018
Hey guys! So you may have noticed some changes to our Facebook page! We have a brand new name and a brand new single! Let us know what you think!
Downsides Band Jul 14, 2018
New name, new music, same silly boys! 📷:Hanging Orchid Photography
Downsides Band Jul 14, 2018
Downsides Band
Downsides Band Jul 11, 2018
3rd Annual #Montufest backyard show! So hyped to have all these incredible bands playing this year! Hit any one of us up for the address!
Downsides Band Jul 10, 2018
The homies in PathWeChoose dropped this killer new Ep! Give it a listen and rage!
Downsides Band Jul 10, 2018
Our friends in Carrie and The Cats just released a brand new music video! Give it a listen and tell them what you think!
Downsides Band Jun 22, 2018
Some sick shots from our last ROAR Productions show courtesy of Kat Pulse Photography
Downsides Band Jun 18, 2018
We are playing Shakers Pub tomorrow night courtesy of ROAR Productions. Come out and slap the floor with us! Doors at 8pm. 📷: Hanging Orchid Photography
Downsides Band Jun 11, 2018
We got this sick feature on this podcast where you can hear our latest song “Real Men Shake Hands”! Thanks for the love guys ❤️
Downsides Band Jun 02, 2018
Hyped to play this show! We are SO close! Hope to see you guys there
Downsides Band May 23, 2018
This show is going to be a banger! See you guys there!
Downsides Band May 18, 2018
Dudes in Necropia just released this sweet playthrough video! Check it out!
Downsides Band May 06, 2018
Our friends in Times Like These just released a new ep and it rips! Check out the first track below!
Downsides Band May 02, 2018
Spring Fling was absolutely amazing! A huge thanks to @livesourceli for having us, for all you who hungout late and Joey for filling in on Guitar and killing it!! 📷:Hanging Orchid Photography
Downsides Band Apr 27, 2018
Right around the corner! Excited to see you guys there!
Downsides Band Apr 25, 2018
Change. 📷:Zach Dyer
Downsides Band Apr 21, 2018
Do yourself a favor and listen to the new Ubiquitous Twist track!
Downsides Band Apr 20, 2018
Our friends in Necropia just dropped this banger! Let them know how much you like it as you crowd kill your mother!
Downsides Band Apr 06, 2018
So hyped to be a part of this! Hope to see you guys there! @livesourceli
Downsides Band Apr 02, 2018
Vigil Antics bringing the fire!
Downsides Band Apr 01, 2018
This new track from Allusions is 🔥check out the video below!
Downsides Band Mar 30, 2018
Hyped for the new Vigil Antics! Can’t wait to hear what they got next
Downsides Band Mar 28, 2018
We are EXTREMELY excited to announce that we are going to be playing this years Spring Fling along side with our friends in Vigil Antics, A Place To Hide, AllOut, Suburban Zombie and many more! Hyped to see you guys there!