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Rubblebucket with And The Kids at Riverfront Park (August 1, 2018)
Venue: Riverfront Park (Troy, NY, US) Find tickets
Rubblebucket and And The Kids at Cape Cinema (August 2, 2018)
Venue: Cape Cinema (Dennis, MA, US) Find tickets
Blondie with And The Kids at Mass MoCA (August 3, 2018)
Venue: Mass MoCA (North Adams, MA, US) Find tickets
And The Kids Jul 17, 2018
Guess this cover @bigthiefmusic
And The Kids Jul 15, 2018
Getting a dog was the best manic decision ever made. Cheers from Granpaw
And The Kids Jul 15, 2018
Getting a dog was the best manic decision ever made. Cheers from Granpaw
And The Kids Jul 12, 2018
Yesturday was my birthday and the intro to my Saturn Return! Hmu if you wanna read my astro chart and tell me the future. I’ll trade you secret tunes thnx smooches xoxo 💋✨
And The Kids Jul 04, 2018
#ad west mass lemme know if you want this kitty or another #farmcats
And The Kids Jul 04, 2018
Part time flower farming while this album comes to a finish this July. Seriously can’t wait to share these new songs 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
And The Kids Jun 20, 2018
Hello from Montreal friends!!
And The Kids Jun 18, 2018
Eat a sandwich for Rebs today. It’s her fave food. Thanks
And The Kids Jun 17, 2018
Just know #shithappens
And The Kids Jun 15, 2018
@miller.a.megan pulling off hats left and right
And The Kids Jun 14, 2018
Off to Canada today to make a little bit of #history. @fhewes.jpeg took pic! #synthtones #canadianindiemusic
And The Kids Jun 07, 2018
art today art tomorrow
And The Kids Jun 03, 2018
Hope everyone’s feeling as chill as this dood. Goonight
And The Kids Jun 02, 2018
?Guess? how much tour dog weighs
And The Kids May 30, 2018
Viva la summer times 🌞
And The Kids May 28, 2018
I took my stitches out yesterday. Cut is still pretty deep and I wish I could shred on guitar again without a bandaid. Still grateful for life 🌻
And The Kids May 27, 2018
Finally tried @localmaplegranola Loving everything about about it 🍁 Find the And The Kids flavor on our next tour ;)
And The Kids May 27, 2018
Stay beautiful @drummingfordrumming
And The Kids May 26, 2018
Shakey Graves Tour was the tits! Thanks @shakeygraves for putting out the best album and having us on the best tour! Tonight we play Waterbury Vermont @zenbarn!! Looking forward to meeting @juliacaesarband! Heart, smooches and smoothies to all beings of light.
And The Kids May 24, 2018
We’re playing in Waterbury Vermont with @juliacaesarband May 26th !! Also cant stop won’t stop(music/spoon making)
And The Kids May 22, 2018
Chicago tonight! VVsad cuz it’s the last day of @shakeygraves tour for us. Do yourself a huge favor and check out the new album!
And The Kids May 21, 2018
We play Royal Oak tonight and Chicago tomorrow finishing off this incredible tour with @shakeygraves ! Here’s Rebecca looking good thanks @thesesubtlesounds
And The Kids May 20, 2018
Look at ALL THOSE ANIMALS in the windows!
And The Kids May 19, 2018
Another waterfall pitstop #luckycat
And The Kids May 17, 2018
See you in Brooklyn tonight ya cute lil toasters :)