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Little Angel
The Way I Am
Ana Johnsson Oct 04, 2017
Happy birthday, Ana Johnsson! <3
Ana Johnsson Sep 28, 2017
Photo by Markus Nass.
Ana Johnsson Sep 23, 2017
Searching for a place where I belong I'm caught in between Every right's gone wrong now.
Ana Johnsson Aug 22, 2017
«All the roads lead to L.A.»
Ana Johnsson Aug 16, 2017
"I'm known to be wrong, when I'm right I'm colorful in black and white I'm a beam of sunshine in the night"
Ana Johnsson Aug 14, 2017
Cause if I can`t make you love me You`re out of reasons to stay Make it easy on yourself Don`t worry about me
Ana Johnsson Aug 13, 2017
"Remember a time when the summer'd never end..."
Ana Johnsson Aug 09, 2017
Too dizzy, too much junk TV Too busy living through a screen Don't ever question what you see
Ana Johnsson Aug 02, 2017
Summer of 2004
Ana Johnsson Jul 05, 2017
Photo by Anders Vastlund.
Ana Johnsson Jun 27, 2017
Hey now Dry them tears You know we'd never make it.
Ana Johnsson May 30, 2017
I've had to learn how to forget. ▶ "Break Through Time" lyric video:
Ana Johnsson May 29, 2017
Sing along to the song "Break Through Time" with this lyric video. #10YearsOfLittleAngel
Ana Johnsson May 19, 2017
"Little Angel", October 18, 2006 The album "Little Angel" by Ana Johnsson was released 10 years ago.
Ana Johnsson May 12, 2017
"We ran for the rainbow The wind through sun blond hair Feeling so invincible" #10YearsOfLittleAngel
Ana Johnsson May 09, 2017
Photo by Jenni Porkka
Ana Johnsson Apr 29, 2017
Ana Johnsson - Stay (Rufus & Chaka Khan cover)
Ana Johnsson Apr 24, 2017
Honestly, I don't care at all.
Ana Johnsson Apr 06, 2017
Gone astray, it seems we lost our way Come to learn the price we pay Bought it all to fill the empty space How did it get this far? #10YearOfLittleAngel
Ana Johnsson Apr 03, 2017
Never let the fire burn out That spark of hope is all she's got Little Angel tried to fly But she fell down, her wings are broken. #10YearsOfLittleAngel
Ana Johnsson Mar 23, 2017
The single 'Break Through Time' was realeased 10 years ago. Listen to it on this lovely acoustic performance. #10YearsOfLilttleAngel
Ana Johnsson Mar 18, 2017
"Break Through Time" the fourth and last single from the album 'Little Angel' was released 10 years ago! [March 12, 2007] The song was written by Ana Johnsson and Leif Larson. You can listen to it on here: #10YearsOfLittleAngel
Ana Johnsson Mar 02, 2017
Ana, 2006.
Ana Johnsson Mar 01, 2017
And I'l keep on smiling when you`re treating me like air.
Ana Johnsson Feb 22, 2017