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Little Angel
The Way I Am
Ana Johnsson Mar 15, 2018
Himos Festival - 21 June 2007, Finland.
Ana Johnsson Mar 13, 2018
Gone astray. It seems we lost our way
Ana Johnsson Feb 05, 2018
#DidYouKnew that the album "The Way I Am" was released in cassette in Indonesia? Here's how it looked like.
Ana Johnsson Jan 30, 2018
Give me something to return to in your heart. I fear nothing but to leave here without you for life.
Ana Johnsson Jan 18, 2018
On the set of the "We Are" music video. 2004
Ana Johnsson Dec 15, 2017
I've heard it all a million times before That's why you're so easy to ignore Why don't you go and save your prayers For someone else, who cares?
Ana Johnsson Dec 13, 2017
Photo by Ralf Strathmann
Ana Johnsson Nov 23, 2017
Going blind staring at the sun We feel on top as we come undone When we keep wanting it all, The harder we fall
Ana Johnsson Nov 18, 2017
So they say that all wounds heal with time Then how come time is not healing mine? It's like you've locked yourself into my mind
Ana Johnsson Nov 16, 2017
Promo photo from the Little Angel album.
Ana Johnsson Nov 15, 2017
Little Angel promo Photo by Morgan Norman
Ana Johnsson Nov 14, 2017
We both know that we had it, But we can't kick the habit.
Ana Johnsson Nov 13, 2017
Pride is for the priviliged Pride is for a few Who can afford a conscience clean and morals too
Ana Johnsson Nov 11, 2017
Bring it on, lay it on me Shine the light, come on and make me see I will give myself to you If you show me what to do So bring it on
Ana Johnsson Nov 10, 2017
"You don't have to like it Again I will rise"
Ana Johnsson Oct 04, 2017
Happy birthday, Ana Johnsson! <3
Ana Johnsson Sep 28, 2017
Photo by Markus Nass.
Ana Johnsson Sep 23, 2017
Searching for a place where I belong I'm caught in between Every right's gone wrong now.
Ana Johnsson Aug 22, 2017
«All the roads lead to L.A.»
Ana Johnsson Aug 16, 2017
"I'm known to be wrong, when I'm right I'm colorful in black and white I'm a beam of sunshine in the night"
Ana Johnsson Aug 14, 2017
Cause if I can`t make you love me You`re out of reasons to stay Make it easy on yourself Don`t worry about me
Ana Johnsson Aug 13, 2017
"Remember a time when the summer'd never end..."
Ana Johnsson Aug 09, 2017
Too dizzy, too much junk TV Too busy living through a screen Don't ever question what you see
Ana Johnsson Aug 02, 2017
Summer of 2004