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Beds Rearranged EP
Rearrange Beds
The Front Bottoms with An Horse at Upstate Concert Hall (May 22, 2018)
Venue: Upstate Concert Hall (Clifton Park, NY, US) Find tickets
The Front Bottoms and An Horse at Baltimore Soundstage (May 23, 2018)
Venue: Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD, US) Find tickets
The Front Bottoms with An Horse at Georgia Theatre (May 26, 2018)
Venue: Georgia Theatre (Athens, GA, US) Find tickets
The Front Bottoms and An Horse at House of Blues (May 29, 2018)
Venue: House of Blues (New Orleans, LA, US) Find tickets
The Front Bottoms with An Horse at Saturn Birmingham (May 30, 2018)
Venue: Saturn Birmingham (Birmingham, AL, US) Find tickets
The Front Bottoms with An Horse at Cannery Ballroom (May 31, 2018)
Venue: Cannery Ballroom (Nashville, TN, US) Find tickets
An Horse and The Front Bottoms at Mr. Small's Theatre (June 4, 2018)
Venue: Mr. Small's Theatre (Millvale, PA, US) Find tickets
The Front Bottoms with An Horse at Clyde Theatre (June 5, 2018)
Venue: Clyde Theatre (Fort Wayne, IN, US) Find tickets
The Front Bottoms with An Horse at 20 Monroe Live (June 7, 2018)
Venue: 20 Monroe Live (Grand Rapids, MI, US) Find tickets
An Horse and Camp Cope at Bar le Ritz PDB (June 8, 2018)
Venue: Bar le Ritz PDB (Montreal, QC, Canada) Find tickets
An Horse and Camp Cope at The 27 Club (June 9, 2018)
Venue: The 27 Club (Ottawa, ON, Canada) Find tickets
An Horse Mar 12, 2018
All May/June North America shows are now on sale via US dates are with The Front Bottoms, Canada dates with CAMP COPE. TUE 22 MAY - Clifton Park NY - Upstate Concert Hall WED 23 MAY - Baltimore MD - Baltimore Soundstage FRI 25 MAY - Asheville NC - The Orange Peel SAT 26 MAY - Athens GA - Georgia Theatre TUE 29 MAY - New Orleans LA - House Of Blues WED 30 MAY- Birmingham AL - Saturn THU 31 MAY- Nashville TN - Cannery Ballroom MON 4 JUN - Millvale PA - Mr Smalls Theatre TUE 5 JUN - Fort Wayne IN - The Clyde Theatre THU 7 JUN - Grand Rapids MI - 20 Monroe Live FRI 8 JUN - Montreal QC - Bar Le Ritz SAT 9 JUN - Ottawa ON - The 27 Club SUN 10 JUN - Toronto ON - Hard Luck xo
An Horse Mar 08, 2018
We’ll be out with The Front Bottoms May 22-June 7. All tickets on sale tomorrow!
An Horse Mar 05, 2018
Hi friends! We're touring in the US May 22-June 7 with The Front Bottoms. So excited to see you all soon. ticket presale on now: TUE 22 MAY - Clifton Park NY - Upstate Concert Hall WED 23 MAY - Baltimore MD - Baltimore Soundstage FRI 25 MAY - Asheville NC - The Orange Peel SAT 26 MAY - Athens GA - Georgia Theatre TUE 29 MAY - New Orleans LA - House Of Blues WED 30 MAY - Birmingham AL - Saturn THU 31 MAY - Nashville TN - Cannery Ballroom MON 4 JUN - Millvale PA - Mr Smalls Theatre TUE 5 JUN - Fort Wayne IN - The Clyde Theatre THU 7 JUN - Grand Rapids MI - 20 Monroe Live
An Horse Mar 01, 2018
Surprise Canada! 🇨🇦 We’re teaming up with mates CAMP COPE for 3 special shows in June. Tickets are on sale now via Fri 8 June - Montreal - Bar Le Ritz PDB Sat 9 June - Ottawa - The 27 Club Sun 10 June - Toronto - Hard Luck See you sooooon!!
An Horse Oct 25, 2017
Australia! Our 2009 debut album Rearrange Beds is finally on Spotify AU. Enjoy.
An Horse Oct 04, 2017
Always a blast playing drums for Kevin Devine! From High and Low Festival last month for Last Call with Carson Daly -dc
An Horse Jul 24, 2017
Tegan and Sara's The Con turns 10 today. Around the time it was released we were both working st Skinny's Music in Brisbane and had it on serious repeat. There is something in this album that at the time captured so many emotions that we were both wading through. We had little interest in music without emotion. This music is all emotion. It's so heavy at times that even listening now as we write this we are both overwhelmed. 10 years ago we had just started An Horse and were rehearsing after hours at the store. We'd only played one show at that point, a 25 minute set at The Powerhouse in Brisbane on a Sunday afternoon. When T&S played an instore show at Skinny's in December 2007 to promote The Con, we gave them a 4 song demo CD we had just finished. Tegan and Sara were one of the first true believers of An Horse. They ended up loving the demos and invited us to tour the US and UK in 2008, when they were still touring on The Con, and it changed our lives forever. Off the back of that tour, and in particular the NYC show at Terminal 5, we signed to Mom + Pop (then a brand new label), secured a US booking agent, and went on to release 2 albums and tour the world with many more of our favourite bands. That US tour is ultimately the main reason both of us still reside in North America and still work in music. 10 years have passed and The Con is on repeat again. And it's still inspiring us to write better music. All the love. Thank you Tegan and Sara 📷: Lizzy Goddard
An Horse May 19, 2017
#fbf Brisbane, December 2008. 📷: Stephen Booth
An Horse Apr 11, 2017
Hello! So we have told you that we are working on a new record. We are being painstaking with it. Part of us wants you to hear all the demos and ideas we've been working on but another part realizes that this is a ridiculous idea. We know it's been a minute between drinks, but knowing that you folks are excited to hear another record makes us work harder on making it rad and real and honest and something to be proud of. Our new merch store is live: Not gonna lie, we got it up and running again because we thought the sooner we get it operating, the sooner you will get to hear new music. Hopefully in your darkest moments when you are thinking "Dang, what are Kate and Damon doing? Why won't they put some music out in the world?", you can visit our store and think "Okay I can handle waiting because this Skater Wolf is cool and reminds me that KC/DC are weird AF but that's the way I like it's my mom / mum / dad / little sibling / big sibling / gf / bf / ex / current partner's etc birthday / they deserve a present day" and then you can buy a shirt and calm those neurones that are sick of listening to our last 2 records. These are just SUGGESTIONS. We have a new design and some old favourites available. So if you have sweated through a previous incarnation of an An Horse shirt you can now replace it. Your work mates / significant other / self esteem will thank you. If there is an older shirt design you want to see again, let us know and we will see what we can do. If there is something else on your mind let us know. We are surprisingly good at life advice.* We miss you. *Not clinically proven.
An Horse Apr 07, 2017
An Horse Mar 05, 2017
We're still working on new music! Fender continue to be sick legends by sending out a wonderful new Paramount Parlor acoustic. Thankssssss.
An Horse Feb 16, 2017
AN HORSE COLLECTORS GUILD When I bought this little guy he was so much lighter in colour. Blonde even. It's a Maton EML 6. I've had it for over a decade and it's the one guitar that comes everywhere with me. I think I called it Harry but mainly I just call it little dude. It's getting to the point that I love this guitar so much I don't want to travel with it. It's getting too precious. I have to push past that though because it is my favourite and it deserves to be played. I usually play this guitar through an amp with a hotcake. It sounds so huge! So many people are blown away when they hear it and then see it. I also play this on the couch most nights. I'm going to stop gushing now. -kc
An Horse Dec 30, 2016
Home for the holidays. Demoing and sweating.
An Horse Dec 07, 2016
AN HORSE COLLECTORS GUILD This is one of my favourite guitars. A late 90's Fender Mustang MIJ. This is the prototype for all my Mustangs. It goes by Wildcat. Mustangs rule for smaller people because they are 3/4 scale and super light. This guitar has the smallest neck of all my guitars. It's a dream. Tym Guitars told me to get a mustang years ago, so I did. He knows what's up. Tim did the mods on this. He pulled out the standard issue MIJ single coils which were way too thin sounding. He also removed all the switches because I kept accidentally turning the guitar off. Drove me crazy. Tim installed a single P90 which he handwound himself. One of the best sounding P90s I have heard. I didn't bother getting a new scratch plate - probably because I couldn't afford it. Wild. -kc
An Horse Nov 22, 2016
AH COLLECTORS GUILD Because some of you have asked, I'm going to post some of my guitars and/or gear and/or whatever. Here is a little old lovely 1974 Aims (Arizona Instrument and Musical Supply - allegedly) Tele. MIJ. Original Maxon pickups. Sounds a treat and cost very little considering. Only had him a couple months but he is a beauty. No idea how I know he is a boy...but point is, solid guitar. -kc
An Horse Nov 15, 2016
OMG 😍! Thanks for the new Mustang Fender. She rips.
An Horse Sep 25, 2016
Slowly but surely working on new songs. Did a week of demoing in Montreal. Exciting. Can't say when we'll share anything, but just wanted to let you know we're into it.
An Horse Sep 14, 2016
Thanks dudes. -kc #jerryharveyaudio
An Horse Aug 17, 2016
A++ Little bit of @camp_cope in Montreal. Makes me homesick.
An Horse Aug 12, 2016
Throw-back. Somewhere in America, 2009.
An Horse Jul 24, 2016
Ya know....-kc
An Horse Jun 22, 2016
Repost from @sheshredsmag These awesome ladies and @ernieball gave me a @st_vincent guitar and it rules. We are getting busy writing and this beautiful guitar is a dream. Sit. Tight. -kc
An Horse Jun 16, 2016
Making new noise where priests used to live.
An Horse Apr 28, 2016
Somewhere in North America, April 2012, on tour w/ Nada Surf. 📷: @ameliajshaw.
An Horse Apr 26, 2016
This came out 5 years ago today. Time flies!