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Amy Wilcox
Amy Wilcox Jul 10, 2018
Thanks so much Indie Voice blog for including BANDWAGON in your Monday Mashup!!!
Amy Wilcox Jul 02, 2018
This sunset calls for two glasses of wine 🍷🍷 #yooper
Amy Wilcox Jun 30, 2018
Spit my best game 🤷🏼‍♀️ alpaca better line next time 🙄 #catsrule @ Iron Mountain, Michigan
Amy Wilcox Jun 28, 2018
Gotta shout out my record label Blue Élan Records . In true #getoffthebandwagon fashion, they released an awesome message. “We are Blue Élan. We will strive to make a difference.” Proud to be a part of this family. Proud to be a part of change. ✌️
Amy Wilcox Jun 28, 2018
In life, $12 won’t get u much. In Milwaukee, it will get you a ticket to Jethro Tull 🤘
Amy Wilcox Jun 26, 2018
Sometimes you gotta have your own back 🌵🌟
Amy Wilcox Jun 22, 2018
hola 🌞 #nationalselfieday
Amy Wilcox Jun 18, 2018
When someone tells you they haven’t listened to #bandwagon yet 😇 #getoffthebandwagon
Amy Wilcox Jun 15, 2018
's cover photo
Amy Wilcox Jun 15, 2018
BANDWAGON is Officially Released!!! So happy to share this new music with you. This song is first off of this EP because writing it lit a fire in me. It set a new trend for my life moving forward. I needed this song. I needed to #getoffthebandwagon Click the link below to check it out ✌️ hope you dig it 😘
Amy Wilcox Jun 14, 2018
TOMORROW !! Ahhhhhh !! BANDWAGON will be live to download!! Thank you all for your support in this new adventure 💛 🌟 💛 #getoffthebandwagon
Amy Wilcox Jun 13, 2018
2 days !! #sneakpeek #bandwagon #getoffthebandwagon
Amy Wilcox Jun 12, 2018
BANDWAGON is coming out so soon! I can’t wait for this music to be out in the world. Tune in Friday 🙂
Amy Wilcox Jun 11, 2018
Amy Wilcox Jun 11, 2018
Bandwagon is released this Friday!! So close!! #getoffthebandwagon
Amy Wilcox Jun 11, 2018
Yalllllll !! New music so soon.
Amy Wilcox Jun 11, 2018
Amy Wilcox Jun 09, 2018
Broke my live social media silence today. Y’all catch it. Currently live, I’m supporting the Rotary Club by cashing in my drink tickets for wine and wine.
Amy Wilcox Jun 06, 2018
One of my favorite feelings is in the moments right before I go on stage. Nerves, excitement, more excitement!! ***Head over to to get on the list for tour announcements!! Can’t wait to see you out there :)***
Amy Wilcox Jun 05, 2018
This is a photo from the night @flashdillon and I wrote “Bandwagon” on the porch lookin out at that lake. Of course, this is before LA convinced me I needed to be gluten free 🤣 #RIPIPA #IMissGoodBeer JUNE 15 #GetOffTheBandwagon
Amy Wilcox Jun 01, 2018
The past few years of my life have been full of serious ups and downs, but more recently…conscious decisions to make sure I am living and pursuing the best version of my life and music. BANDWAGON is coming out in 2 WEEKS!! This is the first song I’ve released in almost 3 years to the day. And its me. Can’t WAIT for you to join in this journey. And freakin' #GetOffTheBandwagon
Amy Wilcox May 31, 2018
I am SO EXCITED to start sharing with yall what I've been doing and where I've been. It's almost here and I am so stoked. Can't wait to start this new chapter. Tune in tomorrow all you beautiful people :)
Amy Wilcox May 30, 2018
Amy Wilcox
Amy Wilcox May 24, 2018
's cover photo
Amy Wilcox May 14, 2018
Love this photo. And love this rockstar of a Mom. She was in Paris for Mother’s Day, probably pissing off some French person by ordering Jack Daniels. But hey, she know what she likes, and luckily one of those things is me 🙌🥂💃 #loveyoumom #thankforlovingmeasmuchaswelovetacobell #kickedcancersass #supermom