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Road Eyes (Deluxe)
Amusement Parks On Fire at The Lending Room (November 17, 2017)
Venue: The Lending Room (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
Amusement Parks On Fire with Misty Coast at The Hug and Pint (November 18, 2017)
Venue: The Hug and Pint (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Amusement Parks On Fire with Misty Coast at The Cluny (November 19, 2017)
Venue: The Cluny (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) Find tickets
Amusement Parks On Fire with Misty Coast at Gullivers (November 20, 2017)
Venue: Gullivers (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
Amusement Parks On Fire with Misty Coast at Exchange (November 21, 2017)
Venue: Exchange (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
Amusement Parks On Fire with Misty Coast at The Bullingdon (November 22, 2017)
Venue: The Bullingdon (Oxford, UK) Find tickets
Amusement Parks On Fire with Misty Coast and When the Sun Hits at The Bodega Social Club (November 23, 2017)
Venue: The Bodega Social Club (Nottingham, UK) Find tickets
Amusement Parks On Fire with Misty Coast at Sunflower Lounge (November 24, 2017)
Venue: Sunflower Lounge (Birmingham, UK) Find tickets
Amusement Parks On Fire Oct 12, 2017
Björk does it. Thom Yorke does it. Even sometimes Jim O'Rourke does it. My first face-to-face media sit-down in 8.8 years was with Drowned in Sound. Thanks to Dom Gourlay for being a gentleman...
Amusement Parks On Fire Sep 22, 2017
Misty Coast release their amazing new album today! Get it got immediately and come see us sharing the stage around the UK in November! Can't wait... 17.11 - #LEEDS - Lending Room 18.11 - #GLASGOW - The Hug and Pint 19.11 - #NEWCASTLE - The Cluny 20.11 - #MANCHESTER - Gullivers NQ 21.11 - #BRISTOL - Exchange 22.11 - #OXFORD - The Bullingdon 23.11 - #NOTTINGHAM - The Bodega 24.11 - #BIRMINGHAM - The Sunflower Lounge 25.11 - #LONDON - Borderline
Amusement Parks On Fire Aug 22, 2017
Talked to the good people at The Blog That Celebrates Itself about road trips and releases to come, Amusement Parks history & mythology and why, with an arbitrarily passage-based perception of time, the saga continues...
Amusement Parks On Fire Aug 21, 2017
Warmer Climes asked me to write about Ten Songs I Adore. Never one to turn down an opportunity to rant at length about Jim O'Rourke, I happily obliged... Mx
Amusement Parks On Fire Aug 05, 2017
'In Our Eyes' is Song Of The Day over at The Recoup...
Amusement Parks On Fire Jul 31, 2017
Amusement Parks On Fire Jul 21, 2017
Very excited to make our UK return in November with sonic support from the very excellent Misty Coast:.. 17 Leeds - Lending Room 18 Glasgow - The Hug and Pint 19 Newcastle - The Cluny 20 Manchester - Gullivers NQ 21 Bristol - Exchange 22 Oxford - The Bullingdon 23 Nottingham - The Bodega 24 Birmingham - The Sunflower Lounge 25 London - Borderline Tickets are on-sale now from all reputable vendors:
Amusement Parks On Fire Jul 12, 2017
Finally... 'ROAD EYES' - The Definitive Release! For the first time the complete codex will be issued as a double-vinyl, triple-gatefold package complete with full-size art renderings. Pre-order via the link below NOW and get the whole 18-track deluxe edition in binary form directly. Coming in Autumn... LP1 - 180 Gram Vinyl - Black LP2 - 140 Gram Vinyl - Clear With Black Splatter Triple-Gatefold Outer Sleeve: Outside: Shiny Silver Gloss On Black Inside: Detailed Black On Matte Silver 2x Printed Inner Sleeves: Detailed Black On Matte Silver Also available as a double 120mm Condensed Optical Digital Disk with suitably scaled-down deluxe packaging.
Amusement Parks On Fire Jul 06, 2017
We used to play 'Eighty Eight' pretty fast. Ah, to be young...
Amusement Parks On Fire Jul 05, 2017
To celebrate ROAD EYES's subjection to Spofity's limited phonic and fiscal bandwidth we made an A-Z playlist of friends and other stuff we're fond of, feauturing excellence from BIRTHRIGHTS, Misty Coast, NIGHTMARE AIR, QunQ, Ulrika Spacek and more. Get around it ⚡️🎧💥
Amusement Parks On Fire Jul 01, 2017
'ROAD EYES' is now newly available to purchase and stream online as a 'deluxe' edition, appended with a second 'disc' of nine unreleased cuts and curios but, due to the inferior and essentially theoretical nature of the digital release model, no intrinsic or tangible vessel to verify that the work explicitly exists. 🌀 🌀 🌀 🌀
Amusement Parks On Fire Jun 30, 2017
Tickets for our UK tour in November are on-sale NOW! Get 'em got! 💎 //
Amusement Parks On Fire Jun 29, 2017
'UNITED' KINGDOM! Tickets on-sale at 10am tomorrow from // // etc. "Amusement Parks On Fire will reoccupy earthly operations on 17/11/17 with a performance tour of their principality-apparent and the universal release of a new 7” vinyl single ‘Our Goal To Realise’ via Saint Marie Records, with the promise of a further extended-play 12" disc 'An Archaea’ and supporting appearances in 2018, as and when the company is inclined, primed and deems it commercially appropriate". VERY special guests Misty Coast! See you in November x
Amusement Parks On Fire Jun 29, 2017
Photograph by Ashley Bird
Amusement Parks On Fire May 21, 2017
PLEASE register to vote NOW. It takes 2 minutes. Stop watching the BBC immediately. He's only 'unelectable' if you don't go out and vote for him. Let's put an end to this madness.
Amusement Parks On Fire Apr 28, 2017
This is the return of the space cowboys.
Amusement Parks On Fire Apr 19, 2017
Thanks s'much sleepmakeswaves for the kind words over at Clash x
Amusement Parks On Fire Apr 07, 2017
Amusement Parks On Fire Apr 06, 2017
Photo by Martin Cohen
Amusement Parks On Fire Mar 12, 2017
Amusement Parks On Fire - Black Hole Kids 360° (Live Screening)
Amusement Parks On Fire Feb 01, 2017
On This Day in 2013 Pt 2: 11:39, London 🇬🇧 Post-show @o2islington with a couple of awesome tour pals @alleyeswest
Amusement Parks On Fire Jan 30, 2017
Regram from @marinestoredealer #fucktrump #nowallnoban ✌🏽
Amusement Parks On Fire Jan 27, 2017
#FBF ON THIS DAY IN 2013 - BOLOGNA, ITALY. En route to the show, just before the 🇩🇪/🇮🇹 border, under an hour from the venue in Bologna, our van's alternator suddenly and unexpectedly ceased functionality. Our chariot was, should we say, ‘kaputt’. After an unnerving couple of miles we managed to exit the autobahn and halt at a deserted rest area, at which we spent a very chilly and rather inhospitable few hours awaiting assistance. After finally being towed to the venue; amazingly, if tardily, arriving just after doors; we were dismayed to discover that access to the back of the vehicle, essential to retrieving our musical apparatus for the performance, was rendered impossible. The electronics were, of course, ‘defunto’… ‘FUCKED’. During the short time we were inside locating jumper cables, which were miraculously provided, some inconsiderate soul proceeded to smash the front window of the van and burglarize the luggage within; belonging to Gavin and myself and including passports, laptops and microphones; giving deeply ironic meaning to the term ‘RAN-SACK’. While the two of us spent most of the next day at Bologna police station, the rest of our omnium gatherum took in a melancholy stroll around the old town. We reconvened and, for lack of a more suitable way to pass the time, spent almost an entire night and day drinking an obscene amount of excellent red wine while we waited for the van to be fixed and could finally, decisively and perhaps permanently get the hell out of town, after having had to cancel only one show in Holland. Upon return to the UK a few days later the border staff were kind, friendly and surprisingly understanding about our lack of essential identification. As I gazed upon the White Cliffs of Dover I experienced a rare pang of patriotism, which quickly and conclusively retreated upon arrival in London. -MF
Amusement Parks On Fire Jan 12, 2017
GAV // CIG #tbtsummer