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Trippin' with Dr Faustus
The Octopus
The Astronaut Dismantles Hal
Echo Street (Bonus Edition)
Fractal EP
Amplifier Oct 17, 2017
Oh yeah baby.....
Amplifier Oct 03, 2017
Basically. The touring set that over 500 people have picked so far is so titanic that the earth might actually stop revolving.
Amplifier Sep 25, 2017
Help us out: You pick the set - we just want to tour
Amplifier Sep 19, 2017
Finally - A Top Ten Hit.
Amplifier Sep 17, 2017
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Amplifier Sep 15, 2017
Amplifier Sep 07, 2017
This record reminds me of moments from "Frames" by Oceansize. Check out the video for current single "Tzizimime" premiered here on Team Rock / Prog
Amplifier Sep 06, 2017
Slip kid
Amplifier Aug 24, 2017
Amplifier Aug 18, 2017
Amplifier Aug 16, 2017
Don't know many actual heroes - but Dan probably has to be one of them.
Amplifier Aug 01, 2017
If you've got spotify - follow my cornucopia playlist of gems winkled out of the most unlikely places play it on shuffle or you're going to get some big big sections of turkish psych pop from the 70s
Amplifier Jul 28, 2017
It's good to see that several clergy have ordered from our online store. This now makes Amplifier an official inter faith Rockband
Amplifier Jul 28, 2017
Enjoy a humorous romp through our favourite classical riffs, courtesy of
Amplifier Jul 23, 2017
If you're at Tramlines festival in Sheffield head over to West Street Live on west street to see 3 Rockosmos bands playing today. 17:30 Dead Blonde Stars 18:30 Thumpermonkey 22:15 Awooga
Amplifier Jul 17, 2017
Timeline Photos
Amplifier Jul 17, 2017
A nice tip in Dutch IOpages...
Amplifier Jul 14, 2017
Thanks to VISIONS Magazinfor making TWDF their album of the week. The auto translation of the synopsis is great. "The best of the previous two phases of Mancunians encounter each other and compacted its mass until it pops quaint in all directions. Scrape up the mess from the skull inner wall, can take time. Let them but simply there." Amen.
Amplifier Jul 14, 2017
Meanwhile, down "The Shops"...
Amplifier Jul 14, 2017
Amplifier Jul 14, 2017
Trippin With Dr Faustus is out on Digital services today. In fact RIGHT NOW. Why are you still reading this? Amplifier - Making Your Commute Great Again
Amplifier Jul 14, 2017
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