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Dark Jovian
ISAM (Bonus Track Version)
Chaos Theory Remixed (The Soundtrack to Splinter Cell 3D)
Infamous: Original Soundtrack from the Video Game
Foley Room
Chaos Theory
Verbal Remixes & Collaborations
Out from Out Where
Amon Tobin Jul 12, 2018
Amon Tobin
Amon Tobin Apr 05, 2018
Amon Tobin Apr 02, 2018
Amon Tobin
Amon Tobin Apr 02, 2018
Amon Tobin Mar 25, 2018
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Amon Tobin Jan 26, 2018
Amon Tobin Jan 26, 2018
In 2012, Frank Riggio did a track-by-track remix album of ISAM for the Amon Tobin boxset downloadable content. This is now available free of charge in any format on Frank's Bandcamp:
Amon Tobin Aug 24, 2017
here are some sounds that hopefully can be useful. a winsome collection of processed field recordings and synthesis. made with care and shared with good intentions:
Amon Tobin Jun 28, 2017
Vivid Sydney
Amon Tobin Jun 26, 2017
Amon Tobin plays #Buchla for the Sails: Electronic Music for Sydney Opera House. Free Download at
Amon Tobin Jun 17, 2017
Electronic Music for the Sydney Opera House. Amon Tobin plays #Buchla for the Sails.
Amon Tobin Jun 06, 2017
due to reasons beyond my control a number of my albums tracks listings have been altered on mainstream digital platforms. a small number of my most well known tracks have also been removed from popular streaming services. this means that albums like supermodified, as currently available on iTunes for example, are no longer the records I released as far as I’m concerned. happily I’m still able to offer them as intended on my own site. so I’d like to point anyone who might be kind enough to support my music to at least be able to get the records as I intended them to be heard at my own site and online store
Amon Tobin May 31, 2017
Electronic Scores For Sydney Opera House full individual pieces will be available for free download on Jun 17th from this space
Amon Tobin May 26, 2017
for the enthusiasts out there, the score for the opera house creatures was made entirely with this buchla system 200r.
Amon Tobin Apr 10, 2017
Amon Tobin Apr 07, 2017
Amon Tobin Apr 04, 2017
Out this Friday on Vision Recordings
Amon Tobin Mar 28, 2017
Lighting of the Sails: Audio Creatures
Amon Tobin Sep 17, 2016
RIP don buchla, he lives on through his remarkable creations which will continue to inspire.
Amon Tobin Sep 12, 2016
love to all the b-boys, b-girls and ridiculously talented poppers out there. I made a lot of the TF beats with you in mind.
Amon Tobin Jun 19, 2016
farewell Other Music! thanks for all your generous support over the years
Amon Tobin Jun 09, 2016
Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Amon Tobin’s ISAM album and groundbreaking live show, you can now watch his final ISAM 2.0 show from last year’s Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco in its entirety - also available as a free download. Check it out here:
Amon Tobin Jun 08, 2016
The Amon Tobin boxset was a strictly limited edition release packaged in the form of a beautiful high-quality bolt-fastened mechanical 'press’. Packed inside were 6 x 10" vinyl, 7 x CD, 2 x DVD and several posters. Most of the material was unreleased, almost all of it was previously unavailable on a physical format before. It included new music, unreleased dub plates and a wealth of archive material, Amon Tobin's earliest audio experiments (never been played in public before), film and television score work, unreleased score work, deleted bootlegs, ISAM live show DVD, ISAM live audio album, remixes, cover versions and re-interpretations of the ISAM album, remixes Amon produced for others, a recording of the (November 2010) Royal Albert Hall orchestrations of Amon Tobin and more. Art direction and design by the ever-brilliant Oscar & Ewan working in collaboration with artist Tessa Farmer to produce imagery based on her iconic artworks.
Amon Tobin Jun 08, 2016
Amon Tobin brings ISAM Live to the Berkeley Greek Theatre in San Francisco on 5 October 2012.