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Amiensus Oct 20, 2017
Friends. Today we are happy to announce that we are taking pre-orders for our first vinyl release- of our first and very special album "Restoration". At this time there is no determined date when these will be shipped out. Pre-ordering the vinyl now will come with many great privileges. Also it will grant you the ability to choose between a black, or colored vinyl. This will be a double 180gm vinyl for the highest sound quality. Remastered for vinyl by Nick Stanger of Ashbringer. The vinyl will be pressed by WOOAAARGH and shipped by the label. Shipping costs are to ensure the fastest possible shipping route available we will only be selling these vinyl via our Big Cartel page. Check back for updates and some of the goodies that will be involved for the pre-orders, and the time at which they are pressed and ready to be sent out! This is just the beginning of many great updates the band has for you this month.. Purchase a pre-order of the Restoration vinyl here---->
Amiensus Oct 10, 2017
Europeans! We're planning on coming to see you next year. What are some of your favorite bands/venues/cities we should know about? Photo- Gomthog Metallicus
Amiensus Oct 01, 2017
Hello friends, If you follow us, or any of the many insanely talented bands who we played with at Louisville Deathfest, you're probably aware that many bands like us drove 1000+ miles and were not compensated by the promoter, who left the first night early and did not appear for the second day at all. Despite that, we had a hell of a time playing and watching so many talented bands that deserve support for the incredible things they do. Many thanks to Mrs. Pugh and others whom took over responsibility of day 2 to ensure that it ran at all and smoothly. Prior to LDF we asked for your support on helping us with getting the van fixed. Right now we are travelling home in the rust bucket we call the WhAmiensus van, with almost no troubles, but plenty still in need of repair. We still are keeping our insane prices and will update the shop once home with more merch sizes for most shirts and other apparel and would appreciate your continued support as we work on album 3. If you can also, find any of the awesome bands who played this fest and pickup a copy of their album/s or a shirt. Special shout out to the Oubliette crew whom we've been dying to play with and meet for quite some time! - Amiensus
Amiensus Sep 02, 2017
Our friend Christophe Szpajdel, who drew our original logo gave us a reinterpretation of one of our first designs by guitarist Zack Morgenthaler. Always humbled to be working with the Lord of Logos!
Amiensus Aug 18, 2017
Friends, We aren't the type to start a fundraiser when we have troubles, but the WhAmiensus Van has been out of commission for a few months, and the repairs cost as much as we initially paid for the van (it's 22 years old). In order to make it to Louisville Deathfest and beyond we need your help. We understand you've been supportive and thrown your hard earned cash our way LOTS. Hell, i feel like I know many of you because of the amount of items i've personally shipped to you. So, for the next couple weeks we're having an INSANE merch sale. All Paths Lead to Death digipaks will be restocked soon, and therefore we'll begin shipping those out later than other orders. But for the time being, prices are something like this- Ascension Digipak- 8$/Cassette 3$ T Shirts- 8-9$ Longsleeves (limited)- 12$ Hoodies (limited) - 25$ Full Digital Discography- 12.60$ Patch- 3$ Get all our gear HERE------>>>>> Thanks for your continued support!
Amiensus Aug 08, 2017
(Insert RonPaulItsHappening.gif) More info soon!
Amiensus Aug 01, 2017
Two new designs up in the merch store, by D. Alfian and Unknown Relic - The Artwork of Stephen Wilson. Thanks to Disorder Design/Recordings once again! As we continue writing our 3rd LP and preparing for Louisville Deathfest, we appreciate your continued support of our latest release All Paths Lead to Death. Come see us play it and maybe a surprise or two at LDF! A new tour (hint, not US) and a Vinyl for Restoration are in the works now. Your continued support allows us to keep going. Grab these shirts and a copy of APTLD HERE------>
Amiensus Jul 12, 2017
Alec Rozsa and James Benson writing some new material for #AmiensusLP3 #WhAmiensus #usbm #countryboiz Big plans on the horizon. Help us out and pickup our latest EP #AllPathsLeadtoDeath here for cheap! ------->>>>>>
Amiensus Jul 03, 2017
Friends, We silently passed the 2 year anniversary of the release of our second full length album "Ascension". We've been working hard on full length #3 for you lately and learning some old songs again for our next live performance. For the next week it is free on our bandcamp to download. Share the love and gift it to someone who hasn't heard it or Amiensus yet! Download "Ascension" Free here-->
Amiensus Jun 09, 2017
Friends, Some exciting updates this morning. First, we are nearly out of All Paths Lead to Death digipaks, but will restock very soon. All orders placed between today and 6/20/17 will be shipped out after 6/20/17 as James will be on tour with Fail to Decay (Official). Promise this wasn't this wasn't the exciting part.... The exciting part is that we are beginning to re-master our albums for......VINYL!!! Starting with full length #1- Restoration. There will be forthcoming news regarding the availability and date in the near future.... Lastly, the issue of our Spotify having a split personality with the new EP listed as a separate Amiensus has been fixed. If you stream as much as we do, you'll be glad to know this. Give it a rip and share it around! All Paths Lead to Death is here---->
Amiensus Jun 01, 2017
If you missed the CD release show for "All Paths Lead to Death", here's a taste of why you need to catch us live soon! Thanks Rico Roman for filming, and KFAI's Roar of the Underground hosted by The Metal Evangelist for throwing our first ever CD release show in this band's history!
Amiensus May 29, 2017
First, what a KILLER first ever CD release for us! We hope to bring a bit of magic of the night to everyone, even those who were unable to make it due to distance. Thank you everyone who was able to attend and make us feel at home, and the amazing bands Sunless, Aetheric and Redshift! Secondly, all orders of the new album and merchandise will be shipping between Tuesday 5/30 and Saturday, 6/3/17. Any questions about merchandise, please feel free to message us here or shoot us an email. Lastly, We have less than 10 cd available at this time on our bandcamp. We will attempt to restock in the near future, otherwise Apathia Records will have them available still! Thanks for your continued support, we will have a short break from playing shows but plenty of new for you in the meanwhile. All Paths Lead to Death available here----->
Amiensus May 25, 2017
TOMORROW Hard rock anthems galore at Eagles 34 in Minneapolis with fantastic bands Aetheric and Sunless! feel the Wham! And maybe hear some tracks off our new album All Paths Lead to Death. 5 bones , 7pm, bring your ma, we'll play some Bon Jovi .
Amiensus May 19, 2017
Friends, Our new album All Paths Lead to Death is now available via our Bandcamp! Digital and Physical copies are available as well as two brand new t- shirts! Apathia Records webstore still has bundles, and other new t-shirt designs available as well, and is shipping from Europe. Americans and Europeans alike find us on Best Buy and Seasons of Mist webshop as well! We are looking forward to playing several of these new songs for your next week!
Amiensus May 12, 2017
Attention friends! NO CLEAN SINGING is streaming All Paths Lead to Death in its entirety RIGHT NOW. Read the review and don't forget to order your copy! Physical and digital copies will be available a week from today on our Bandcamp!
Amiensus May 03, 2017
The release show for All Paths Lead to Death is May 26th at Eagles 34 in Minneapolis! We are stoked to have Sunless, Aetheric, and Feral Light to bring in the darkness at this event! This will be a heavy night so bring your dancing shoes!
Amiensus May 01, 2017
Amiensus Apr 25, 2017
To our French speaking friends, here's a wonderful review for the new album! Several more interviews and reviews to come. For those looking to delve deeper into our psyche, you'll be excited to read lots, or suffer greatly. Thanks to Thorium Mag for the review!
Amiensus Apr 24, 2017
If you missed it, our favorite people at NO CLEAN SINGING did an update regarding track 2 of the new album which comes out in less than a month! If you missed it, give our track "Mouth of the Abyss" a spin and bang your head!!
Amiensus Apr 20, 2017
Friends! As promised, here is track #2 off of "All Paths Lead to Death"! It will only get darker from here.........
Amiensus Apr 19, 2017
New song coming this week.... In the meantime, here's the first (english) review by the fine folks at!
Amiensus Apr 18, 2017
We know we've been keeping you in the dark since releasing "Gehenna" from our upcoming album... To tide you over until the next song releases, here's a short interview about the album that Todd and James did with I By The Tide Promotions regarding the EP and some future plans;
Amiensus Apr 17, 2017
Full lineup for Louisville Deathfest is out! We promise we'll play a sweet set for this one, so get your tickets soon! Also, whose ready to hear a new one off of All Paths Lead to Death?? Coming soon! Stay peeled!
Amiensus Apr 04, 2017
If you haven't deciphered it for yourself, the bonus track of "I AM (Reborn)" will not be featured on our new album. Sorry to disappoint you guys, we know that's the direction you'd really like to see us go! However, you can pre order digital copies of the album from Apathia Records at the following; Check back soon to hear some more new tracks off our forthcoming album! We promise the next one will blow your socks straight off..
Amiensus Apr 01, 2017
Friends, during the recording sessions for All Paths Lead to Death, we also worked on a few ideas involving more ambient soundscapes and dark synths (similar to sounds heard on Glass Dungeon and What Evil Lay Dormant). With the help of our ex-member J. Waller, we revisited one of our favorite tracks from Restoration. Originally designated to be a bonus track for our new EP, we’ve decided to simply post the song on YouTube and release it as a digital single. Cheers!