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Amiensus Jul 01, 2018
Whoa time flies.. 3 year anniversary of this album already! We've been working hard at the next full length to be out on The Artisan Era. Ran into a few setbacks with computer issues, but we've been plugging away at the new songs and plan to drop a release later this year as well, unconnected to the full length. Many updates will come, and as always we encourage you to follow us on Instagram, @amiensus. Here's the original color of the cover of Ascension by Kim Holm! What was your favorite track off this bad boy? As always, well drop the digital download to free later today. So share it around or grab it if you don't have it!
Amiensus Jun 28, 2018
We heard you loud and clear, and are making 2 different vinyl wall banners available for order through our Bandcamp page. They're 35$+ shipping, have grommets for hanging, are 4x3ft and are stronger than Charmin Ultra. Order NOW and receive 3 free kisses from Alec at any of our shows! ---------->
Amiensus Jun 20, 2018
Hey guys! Selling one of our stage banners featuring The Yggdrasil design by Manum Diaboli Arts. It's 3x5ft and does have the ability to be hung up. Free shipping Message the page if interested. We only used this for a handful of shows, including the music video for What Words Create.
Amiensus May 27, 2018
's cover photo
Amiensus May 22, 2018
THIS WEEK. We will be playing with some friends and soon to be friends in Minneapolis, which will be our last show until our next tour announcement for late summer... Amiensus, Uhtcearu, Antiverse & Keys of Solomon at the Hex
Amiensus May 19, 2018
Whoa. A year blew by. We have had a BLAST playing this album live for the last year, and will play a lot of it next week at our show. It's free to download for awhile so I'd you haven't grabbed a copy, please do or share it with some one who like blackened rock n roll. If you're feeling generous pick up a shirt and leave us a tip. Thanks for your continued support guys and gals! -amiensus
Amiensus May 05, 2018
Amiensus 2018 Photo- Emma Jeanson
Amiensus May 05, 2018
"They have sewn shut the mouths of prophets, urging them, prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits."
Amiensus Apr 30, 2018
If you aren't following us on Instagram, you're missing out on lots of cool tidbits of us recording, practicing, and more. While there's plenty to go in terms of recording for the new album, we are making some progress. There's another incredible release we are working on with a band a lot of you will recognize for later this year too... For now, enjoy this sample off the album!
Amiensus Apr 26, 2018
Hey guys, We've been incredibly busy working on the next 2 releases- trying to find transportation that won't break down and booking our next tour. We are running pretty low on merch- about 15 shirts left all at 5$ or so. We are reprinting this bad boy based on your requests. If you'd like it reprinted in Silver or on a long sleeve or hoodie leave us a comment!
Amiensus Apr 01, 2018
We don't have a joke song or tour to mess you guys this year! (Or maybe we did but it was too cruel). Instead, enjoy an acoustic medley of new riffs off the upcoming 3rd full length. -amiensus
Amiensus Mar 19, 2018
Quick birthday shout-out to our bassist and dear friend Todd Farnham Check out his photography if you have not yet!
Amiensus Mar 17, 2018
Purchased a new instrument for the 3rd full length that we've never featured in any past albums. Here's Aaron and Alec playing a little bit of our oldest song in the catalogue- Prometheus!
Amiensus Mar 06, 2018
Just wanted to give a quick shout out to our friends for making us cross over half a million plays on Spotify! If you discovered us there, give us a shout out and let us know! We are big spotify users and would love to connect!
Amiensus Mar 01, 2018
Hey everyone, The final 2 weeks to pre order the Restoration Vinyl by WOOAAARGH start NOW. If you're looking to get that sweet shirt design and your name included on the vinyl, you have 2 weeks to get on it! Future news involving the vinyl releases will mainly come through our bandcamp emails! Get yours ordered here--->
Amiensus Feb 12, 2018
Dear friends, For the last few months we've been teasing that we'd have a big announcement regarding the third full length. We hope you've enjoyed our videos and teasers here and on our Instagram. Today we proudly announce that we've signed to The Artisan Era for the third full length album. We couldn't ask for a better fit for this new album- We've known The Artisan Era for quite some time and have personal relationships with many, but are just as excited to be able to call Oubliette, INFERI, and Augury label mates. Here is the official announcement with samples of FIVE new tracks. We hope you are excited about this album as we are! -Amiensus
Amiensus Jan 26, 2018
Hey guys, If you follow us on bandcamp, you got a message with a long update regarding what we're up to right now. However, we just wanted to throw it out there that all our shirts are currently up for grabs for 5$. If you've been wavering on getting one for a long time cause shipping sucks, we're making it easy on ya. Check out some slick designs we've got and help us out as we work towards completing our next couple releases this year! ---------->
Amiensus Jan 17, 2018
Hey guys, We take a quick break from the posts regarding our upcoming music to show you something else new from one of Amiensus members. Our vocalist James has released his first solo album, with his project called Nòtt. It's premiering now on Metal Injection. Gife it a spin if you like Pina coladas and getting caught in the purple rain!
Amiensus Jan 14, 2018
We've been hitting the ground running lately, tracking drums, guitar, bass and even vocals. Our next release is getting pretty close, and our full length album, which we'll have news on at the end of the month, we've already started tracking. Here is our drummer Chris playing one of the new songs, entitled "Drowned".
Amiensus Jan 01, 2018
Hello friends, It appears we have just hit the 5 year anniversary of our first album Restoration. If you've followed us since this album- you're incredible. And If you just found us via Spotify or Bandcamp or iTunes with All Paths Lead to Death, you're also incredible. In the last few months we've released news of Restoration coming to vinyl format. If this album is as special to you as it is us, please pre order a copy via our Big Cartel. And per usual, the album will be a free download to celebrate 5 years since we got into this crazy world of Rock n Roll.
Amiensus Dec 24, 2017
We've been working on a lot of new material and will finally be able to share some of it with you in the near future, along with a significant announcement! Technology is pretty cool, and we hope to bring you more moments like this fantastic drum demo by Chris Piette. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Holidays -Amiensus
Amiensus Dec 13, 2017
Friends! We promise much excitement in the coming months, and today we have exciting news regarding our first ever vinyl of our first album Restoration. The colored edition has been selected and the orders will be placed sometime next month. If you still order, you will get a fantastic shirt along with some other new goodies we haven't announced yet, and of course your choice of vinyl! Pre order the "Restoration" Vinyl here------>
Amiensus Dec 13, 2017
Restoration vinyl pre order available now! --->
Amiensus Nov 22, 2017
In the spirit of capitalism and black metal, use the code "blacknovember" on our bandcamp to get 25% off ANY order until 12/01/2017. Love, Your rock n roll brethren- Amiensus
Amiensus Nov 20, 2017
Friends, Pre orders for the vinyl of our first album, Restoration, are still live on our Big Cartel. It comes with an exclusive design based on the original digipak for the album, and is being printed by WOOAAARGH! Follow the link and grab yours. Supporting our first vinyl release ensures future vinyl releases of our current and upcoming albums! -Amiensus