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Tango Umbrella
The Feeding
Can't Stop the Machine
The War of Art
American Head Charge (Official) Mar 13, 2018
If you have time, please hit the link and go check out our good friend Sam Shearon’s (Tango Umbrella album art) latest work.
American Head Charge (Official) Dec 27, 2017
's cover photo
American Head Charge (Official) Dec 27, 2017
American Head Charge (Official)
American Head Charge (Official) Dec 19, 2017
The store for International shipping of the Chad Hanks memorial shirts is up and running. All proceeds go to Chad's family, any leftover funds will go to a charity favored by Chad. Orders will be taken for two weeks between December 19th and January 2nd. As of January 2nd this product will no longer be available. Shirts will not be printed or shipped out until all the orders are received. This is the final run of these shirts. This store is available to International customers and US customers as well. A full list of countries that we’re currently accepting orders from can be found on the product’s detail page.
American Head Charge (Official) Dec 01, 2017
Chad Hanks Benefit T-Shirts are available now for US customers. All proceeds go to Chad's family. This store will be up for 2 weeks. After that it will be taken down, shirts will be printed at that time and shipped out. INTERNATIONAL OPTIONS COMING SOON. If an order looks like you are stocking up for resale, it will be cancelled and your money refunded. Don't be a dick, be a dude.
American Head Charge (Official) Nov 14, 2017
's cover photo
American Head Charge (Official) Nov 14, 2017
American Head Charge (Official)
American Head Charge (Official) Oct 28, 2017
"Nothing But The Purest Motherfucking Sunshine"
American Head Charge (Official) Oct 23, 2017
Check our video for "Drowning Under Everything"!
American Head Charge (Official) Oct 18, 2017
The Manchester show last month was amazing, interview and concert review by AntiHero Magazine below: Karma crowdsurfing photo by Grace Chapman-Duke
American Head Charge (Official) Oct 13, 2017
Time for a 'Friday the 13th' kind of tune.
American Head Charge (Official) Oct 10, 2017
Review and pics for the show at The Dome, Tufnell Park in London, United Kingdom last month.
American Head Charge (Official) Oct 09, 2017
National Rock Review
American Head Charge (Official) Oct 06, 2017
"How Can You Breathe With A Mouth Full Of Sand"
American Head Charge (Official) Oct 03, 2017
Never too late for a gig review 😎 By GRIMM Gent.
American Head Charge (Official) Sep 30, 2017
Noice :)
American Head Charge (Official) Sep 29, 2017
That last night on tour when we crashed In Death's set 😂😂😂
American Head Charge (Official) Sep 28, 2017
Good times....
American Head Charge (Official) Sep 25, 2017
We would like to thank Liv Sin, In Death, and Reptil for joining us on our journey through Europe and U.K. You were all stand up people and professionals from beginning to end. There was no whiny bullshit or drama, just loads of laughs and good times. We also want to thank all the people behind the scene who made this thing happen, there's too many to mention here but without them there would have been no tour. Last but not least: a BIG thank you to all our fans who came out to see us. Cheers y'all!!!
American Head Charge (Official) Sep 25, 2017
In Death ,do we apart. Fantastic time hanging with these cunts. We will be continuing this toxic relationship again very soon. Cheers.....
American Head Charge (Official) Sep 24, 2017
's cover photo
American Head Charge (Official) Sep 24, 2017
American Head Charge (Official)
American Head Charge (Official) Sep 23, 2017
Logo Hamburg! Dont forget to check the merch stand on the way out!!
American Head Charge (Official) Sep 23, 2017
Come see us tonight!
American Head Charge (Official) Sep 22, 2017
Time Schedule for Podium de Vorstin, Hilversum tonight. Reptil: 20:30 - 21:05 In Death: 21:20 - 21:55 Liv Sin: 22:10 - 23:00 American Head Charge: 23:30 - 00:40