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Oh, What a Life
American Authors Oct 16, 2017
LISTEN to 'Good Ol' Boys' here ➡️
American Authors Oct 09, 2017
Good Ol' Boys | Gazzo + American Authors bringing back all the nostalgic feels on this one - listen now!
American Authors Oct 07, 2017
Check out the video for our new collaboration with Gazzo, ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ here ⬇️
American Authors Oct 06, 2017
Listen to Good Ol' Boys today - now available everywhere:
American Authors Oct 06, 2017
Listen to Good Ol' Boys today - now available everywhere:
American Authors Oct 05, 2017
‪Excited to share this new track with you - our collaboration with Gazzo, 'Good Ol' Boys' premieres on Billboard Dance!
American Authors Sep 29, 2017
Gazzo | American Authors | Good Ol' Boys | 10.6
American Authors Sep 22, 2017
The Love Hope Strength Foundation is hosting an auction for a used drumhead signed by American Authors. We met LHSF during the 2017 Warped Tour where they hosted bone marrow donor drives to identify life-saving marrow donor matches for cancer patients in need of transplants. All proceeds go to Love Hope Strength and their Get on the List program to further their mission - saving lives one concert at a time!
American Authors Sep 11, 2017
END OF SUMMER SALE! 50% off select items this week👕👚
American Authors Aug 09, 2017
Where our runners at? Get running with NikeWomen's Spotify playlist + #IWannaGoOut as the first track
American Authors Aug 08, 2017
Turn on Amazon Music's #HotSingles to hear #IWannaGoOut 🔥🔥🔥
American Authors Aug 05, 2017
It's all fun and games until GWAR murders your lead singer.
American Authors Aug 04, 2017
Our new song "I Wanna Go Out" is now available, and featured on Spotify's New Music Friday playlist!! Take a listen, SHARE this post with the Spotify link, and COMMENT about the song for a chance to win a FaceTime or Skype chat with the band!
American Authors Aug 04, 2017
Our new song "I Wanna Go Out" is Available Now!!
American Authors Aug 03, 2017
New song "I Wanna Go Out" available at midnight EST! 🙌🏼 #IWannaGoOut #newmusic #americanauthors #legoninjago #lego 🎥 Jesse DeFlorio
American Authors Aug 03, 2017
Boston! We will be playing a free show 8/31 as part of the ALT 92.9 Boston Summer Copley Concert Series! Event Info:
American Authors Aug 02, 2017
Our new song "I Wanna Go Out" will be released into the world this Friday! 🙌🏼 #americanauthors #IWannaGoOut #newmusic #legoninjago #lego 🎥: Jesse DeFlorio
American Authors Jul 29, 2017
Our new song, “I Wanna Go Out”, featured in the LEGO NINJAGO trailer, officially comes out FRI 8/4!
American Authors Jul 26, 2017
Warped Tour Road Trip Spotify playlist update! Take it out for a spin
American Authors Jul 25, 2017
Check out a preview of our new song "I Wanna Go Out" in The LEGO NINJAGO Movie! 🙌 We can't wait to release this song ☀️ #legoninjago #americanauthors #lego
American Authors Jul 20, 2017
See you guys at Tinnabulation Music Festival! Single and two day tickets on sale now:
American Authors Jul 12, 2017
Hey Southern California Vans Warped Tour! Here is your chance to grab lunch with us and be part of saving lives! Sign up at or call (626) 281-7171
American Authors Jul 11, 2017
Friends! We're going to do a Facebook Live stream starting at 5:45 PM EST today. Come check out what happens right before we hit the stage at Vans Warped Tour! Get some questions ready for us...
American Authors Jul 11, 2017
Check out the Pandora Vans Warped Tour mixtape featuring commentary from American Authors!
American Authors Jul 11, 2017
VIRGINIA BEACH! We're playing at 5:55 PM on the Journeys Right Foot Stage and signing at 4:45 PM at the Full Sail University tent. See ya here!!