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Magic Forest
Circus Black
End of Eden
The Clouds of Northland Thunder
River of Tuoni
Amberian Dawn Oct 17, 2017
Our new music video "I'M THE ONE" is now online here: Share, share, share and give comments !! We really want to know your feelings about this song
Amberian Dawn Oct 16, 2017
New music video is coming online soon!! A fast & heavy song taken from "Darkness Of Eternity", release date 10.11.2017
Amberian Dawn Oct 09, 2017
AUDIO preview of new album is now online here:
Amberian Dawn Oct 09, 2017
Audio preview of "Darkness Of Eternity" is now online !! Check it out, share & give comments Pre-order the record here:
Amberian Dawn Oct 06, 2017
Tänään AD Virgin Oilissa Heavy Metal Heart 11:ssa. Mukana menossa Lost in Grey ja TakaLaiton. Kuva viime keikaltamme pari viikkoa sitten Femme Metal Eventissä. Today AD at Virgin Oil - Heavy Metal Heart Festival - Helsinki Finland. Pic taken from our last show at Femme Metal Event. Pic by Wendy Steenmans
Amberian Dawn Oct 04, 2017
MAYBE was the first single taken of our forthcoming DARKNESS OF ETERNITY album. Now there's production in progress for a brand new music video !! It's going to be a fast & heavy song. Pre-order the album now with or without a T-shirt from here: WORLD: SUOMI: http://ä
Amberian Dawn Oct 01, 2017
Production of new Music video is in progress just now - with Routafilmi
Amberian Dawn Sep 30, 2017
Seuraava keikkamme on viikon päästä perjantaina eli 6.10.2107 Virgin Oilissa Helsingissä Heavy Metal Heart 11- tapahtumassa. Menossa mukana samana iltana TakaLaiton ja Lost in Grey. Koe Hoffrenin enthusiastinen energia paikan päällä !! Soittopaikka on siis muuttunut Rocksista Virginiin !! Liput Tiketistä:
Amberian Dawn Sep 27, 2017
Here video footage of our last show at FemMe Metal Event. RIVER OF TUONI:
Amberian Dawn Sep 26, 2017
Marraskuussa ilmestyvä "Darkness of Eternity" digipak + T-paita Bundle ennakkotilaukseen nyt Levykauppa Äx:stä http://ä
Amberian Dawn Sep 23, 2017
Tonight !! We're on stage at Female Metal Event - FEMME - Eindhoven- Holland. Venue is EFFENAAR. Come and see us. Meet & Greet later tonight after our show.
Amberian Dawn Sep 20, 2017
Soon on stage again !! FemMe Metal Event in Eindhoven - Holland is happening very soon and we're on stage on Saturday (23.9.2017). Come and see us. Our latest single "MAYBE" will be played there for the very first time:
Amberian Dawn Sep 17, 2017
Check out our brand new MAYBE Lyric Video. Thanks for watching & sharing. More videos coming up later so stay tuned !! Release date of new album is 11.10.2017
Amberian Dawn Sep 15, 2017
New single MAYBE online now! Check it out from here: Give us comments Pre-order DARKNESS OF ETERNITY from here:
Amberian Dawn Sep 12, 2017
Heavy Metal Heart Festival, DATE & VENUE CHANGED. New date for Amberian Dawn is 6.10.17 and venue is Virgin Oil Co. Helsinki
Amberian Dawn Sep 05, 2017
ABOUT KEYBOARD RECORDING SESSIONS There's some interesting aspects on keyboard sessions of our forthcoming new studio album, DARKNESS OF ETERNITY. Band's composer & keyboard player Tuomas Seppälä recorded a lot of stuff at ABBA's Benny Andersson's studio and was allowed to use his own vintage instruments. As a big ABBA fan Tuomas was really excited to be able to use authentic ABBA sounds on new album READ THE WHOLE INFO FROM HERE:
Amberian Dawn Sep 03, 2017
Amberian Dawn's cover photo
Amberian Dawn Sep 01, 2017
First AUDIO SAMPLE of our new album is here: How do you like it? Lyric videos & music video coming online soon. PRE-ORDER album from Napalm Record's Online Shop. Limited edition Digipak includes one bonus songs. Pre-order here:
Amberian Dawn Aug 31, 2017
Pre-order Amberian Dawn's new album "Darkness Of Eternity" now from Napalm Records Online Shop!! There's Digipak, T-shirt and Bundle available !! Digipak is a lilmited edition with bonus song. PRE-ORDER HERE: FIRST AUDIO SAMPLE HERE:
Amberian Dawn Aug 31, 2017
Pre-order of our new album has started !! Check out the digipak, T-shirt and Bundle from Napalm Record Online shop here:
Amberian Dawn Aug 28, 2017
VOTING !! We're playing at FemMe Metal Event in 23.9.2017 and (like all) do have a limited time on stage. We're just planning our setlist and now we should choose between "CRIMSON FLOWER" and "RISE OF THE EVIL". Which one would you like us to play there? You choose!!
Amberian Dawn Aug 28, 2017
Amberian Dawn Aug 25, 2017
Have a great weekend everyone !! Did you like "Magic Forest" ? Our new album "Darkness of Eternity" might be even better than that ;) What was your favourite song on MF?
Amberian Dawn Aug 19, 2017
Introducing Finnish guitar virtuoso Elmo Karjalainen. He's guesting on our forthcoming album "DARKNESS OF ETERNITY, to be released on 10.11.2017 by Napalm Records. Elmo played guitar solo on "GHOSTWOMAN". Here's more info about Elmo on his official site: Here's a little bit of his live playing:
Amberian Dawn Aug 15, 2017
Our first ever (!!) live Q & A will be happen here on Thursday 17.8.2017 at 17:15- 17:45 CET (UTC+2). Capri & Tuomas will be your hosts.