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Darkness of Eternity
Magic Forest
End of Eden
The Clouds of Northland Thunder
River of Tuoni
Lacuna Coil and Amberian Dawn at Konzertfabrik Z7 (November 6, 2018)
Venue: Konzertfabrik Z7 (Pratteln, Switzerland) Find tickets
Amberian Dawn Jul 11, 2018
Amberian Dawn joins majestic Lacuna Coil's Tour as Special Guest in November 2018. Here's the tour dates...will you be there? 03.11.18 Belgium Bruges Entrepot 04.11.18 Netherlands Leiden Gebr. de Nobel 06.11.18 Swizerland Pratteln Z 7 08.11.18 Germany Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik 09.11.18 Germany Weinheim Cafe Central 10.11.18 Germany Cologne Volta Club 11.11.18 Germany Dresden Scheune 13.11.18 Germany Munich Strom 14.11.18 Germany Nurnberg Hirsch 15.11.18 Italy Milano Santeria
Amberian Dawn Jun 26, 2018
Any suggestions for late 2018? More touring or start working with new songs for example?
Amberian Dawn May 30, 2018
Reminder: ATHEME ONE- EP is now digitally available at AD's Official Webshop. Atheme One was a project with male singer and which later evolved into Amberian Dawn. Only one EP was produced in 2006.
Amberian Dawn May 29, 2018
Run Forrest run !! Here we are (in Feb 2018) Amberian Dawn + mr. Tour Manager having some lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp in Miami after our 70000tons of Metal cruise.
Amberian Dawn May 24, 2018
Our bassist Jukka turns 40 years old today. Congrats !!!
Amberian Dawn May 20, 2018
5 years ago we re-recorded 11 songs and made a compilation album named "RE-EVOLUTION". KOKKO is one of the songs included there. Which song is your favourite one on the Re-Evolution?
Amberian Dawn May 09, 2018
Support and click your favourite band (Amberian Dawn) and win VIP ticket to Tuska Festival in Finland !!
Amberian Dawn May 07, 2018
Our first shows ever in US were in Feb2018 at 70000tons of Metal. What an awesome experience it was. Here's "Magic Forest" played in a Caribbean mood ;)
Amberian Dawn May 06, 2018
Tuomas and Mikko recording vocals for ”Darkness Of Eternity” in April 2017. What are your favourites on this album?
Amberian Dawn May 04, 2018
Tuomas & Capri of AD and Mikko P Mustonen had some fun on pre-production session for "Darkness of Eternity"- album....
Amberian Dawn Apr 09, 2018
The keyboard riff on the beginning of the song was originally played with piano...During pre-production I changed it into keyboard instead. -- Tuomas
Amberian Dawn Apr 06, 2018
Here's one for the weekend: I'M THE ONE Available on our official webshop: and Napalm Record's webshop:
Amberian Dawn Mar 16, 2018
Here's "Magic Forest" for Magical Friday !!
Amberian Dawn Mar 11, 2018
Did you miss our European Tour 2018? Don't worry, some of the tour merch is now available on our official webshop: Shipping worldwide
Amberian Dawn Feb 17, 2018
Capri and our stage manager Vesa performing after the show yesterday in Köln. Tonight first time ever in legendary Dynamo in Eindhoven !!
Amberian Dawn Feb 17, 2018
Great to be back in Eindhoven. Tonight rockin’ at Dynamo with Edenbridge & Manzana & Dream OCean
Amberian Dawn Feb 16, 2018
Finally here in Köln!! Tonight at The Jungle with Edenbridge & Manzana
Amberian Dawn Feb 15, 2018
Sound check is just starting...
Amberian Dawn Feb 15, 2018
Tonight some Happy Metal & ABBA Heavy in Mannheim - Germany at MS Connexion Complex
Amberian Dawn Feb 14, 2018
We have arrived to Swizerland. Great to be back at legendary Konzertfabrik Z7 - Pratteln. One of the best venues in the whole world !!! We're going to rock like crazy with Edenbridge & Manzana
Amberian Dawn Feb 13, 2018
Tonight in Frankfurt at Nachtleben...Pic (by Martin Fechner) from yesterday at Viper Room.
Amberian Dawn Feb 12, 2018
Out jolly caravan has arrived to Vienna- Austria. Tonight at Viper Room with Edenbridge and Manzana
Amberian Dawn Feb 11, 2018
Our circus has arrived to Erfurt. Tonight rockin’ at Club From Hell !!
Amberian Dawn Feb 10, 2018
Tonight we’re rocking at Framus & Warwick Music Hall in Markneukirchen. Welcome!!
Amberian Dawn Feb 09, 2018
Our European tour starts today. Tonight in Burglengenfeld at VAZ Pfarrheim. Come and hear our new songs live...Pic here is from our latest show at 70.000 Tons Of Metal