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The Turn
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The Possibility and the Promise
Amber Pacific Sep 08, 2017
ATTN: leave a comment with the cities you'd like to see an AP show at! Participation is necessary here, we know you can do it, we'll be watching closely.
Amber Pacific Aug 31, 2017
"When I Found You" 1,000,609 plays on Spotify. Watch out "Gone So Young", the top spot is officially up for grabs
Amber Pacific Aug 25, 2017
Get the new track 'Feels So Right' from Amber Pacific
Amber Pacific Aug 24, 2017
HOLY! AP fans are rocking the streams on Spotify, we've now hit over 60,000 and our new single "Feels So Right" has become our most popular song on Spotify! If you haven't had the chance to listen here's a cool link that gives you all the outlets to do so!
Amber Pacific Aug 12, 2017
Looking for a fan to help create a few designs for some new merchandise, leave us a comment if you have experience in that world and would be interested!
Amber Pacific Aug 12, 2017
Our new single "Feels So Right" hit 35,221 plays on Spotify, our third most popular song for the time being! THANK YOU AP FANS!! Perhaps another tune soon?
Amber Pacific Aug 12, 2017
Just a quick update we'll be launching a totally revamped in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for it! Huge shout out to Jason Clifton for protecting the site for us and passing it over when we were ready for it, thanks Jason!
Amber Pacific Jul 31, 2017
AMAZING DAY IN WA listening to our new single "Feels So Right", where are you blasting this song at today?!? Stream or purchase now!!
Amber Pacific Jul 30, 2017
#3 on Spotify's "New Punk Tracks" playlist, #4 on Apple Music's "Rise & Grind" playlist, and in the Top 25 on Apple Music and iTunes "New Music" section in the alternative genre. We are super proud of these results, amazing to us that we have such a loyal foundation of fans who continue to listen to our music, couldn't have done this without acknowledging Bradly Miranda for recording and mixing this, Matthew Wolk for mastering it, Mike Herrera for laying down the bass, Nick Osborne for putting together this lyric video, Crystal Russell for putting together all of the artwork and of course every single person who supported us and downloaded this song after we released it! #moretocome
Amber Pacific Jul 29, 2017
AMAZING response from you all yesterday!! So much so Spotify has added our new single "Feels So Right" to the Pop Punk's Not Dead playlist which has over 234,000 followers! Let's keep sharing and keep spreading the word, thank you all for the love and support!
Amber Pacific Jul 29, 2017
Check out our new single "Feels So Right" over on YouTube with this awesome lyric video created by Nick Osborne!
Amber Pacific Jul 29, 2017
Are you on Spotify? Stream the new song!!!
Amber Pacific Jul 28, 2017
Amazon Prime subscriber? Listen to Feels so Right HERE!!!!
Amber Pacific Jul 28, 2017
Prefer to buy stuff off Google Play? Here's the link to "Feels So Right" on Google Play!!!
Amber Pacific Jul 28, 2017
Today is the day!! Our new single, "Feels So Right," is now available!!! Tag your friends, share this post, and go buy it!!!
Amber Pacific Jul 28, 2017
Amber Pacific's cover photo
Amber Pacific Jul 22, 2017
We are UNDER ONE WEEK away from the release of our brand new single, "Feels So Right". Keep sharing and tagging all your friends! Keep on the look out this week!
Amber Pacific Jul 22, 2017
I started this band with the purpose of making a positive lasting impact on anyone who was willing to listen. So many of you have approached me at different times throughout our career or have written notes thanking me for writing music that literally saved your life. That is and will always be my greatest accomplishment as a songwriter, writing a song that got you through a time in your life, gave you something to hold on to, or gave you a light that led you out of a dark place. This is and will always be the reason why AP will never stop making music, because each and every fan we have means something to us. We don't need a million followers and we don't need sold out shows to feel important, all we needed was 1 and fortunately for us we ended up with a few more. We have a new song set to be released on the 28th and its going to be fun, it's the kind of song you turn on and blast driving down a freeway with your friends without a care in the world. It's important to stop and take a second to find something positive in your life and focus on it. Take life one day at a time and remember that it's not a sprint, it's a race that we don't always win and we may not always be happy but I promise things almost always work out, nothing is ever set in stone and I guarantee you are not the only person feeling the way you feel or going through what you're going through. In the wake of recent events involving Chester, I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I'm here for you, Amber Pacific is here for you. This page is a safe place, share your thoughts share your feelings, lean on each other and support and love one another. "Who cares if one more light goes out in the sky of a million stars, it flickers, flickers, who cares when someone's time runs out if a moment is all we are, or quicker or quicker, who cares if one more light goes out, well I do" - Linkin Park
Amber Pacific Jul 21, 2017
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Chester Bennington. Linkin Park changed the game in many ways while we were in high school and gave voice to many. If you or anyone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out to a friend or family member. Life is too short and fragile to be lived alone.
Amber Pacific Jul 19, 2017
#soldout #portlandlovesamberpacific
Amber Pacific Jul 18, 2017
Only 10 more days until our new single "Feels So Right" gets to tantalize your eardrums! Keep spreading the word, sharing our posts, and tagging your friends!
Amber Pacific Jul 18, 2017
EXCITING NEWS (if you weren't around for the live feed)! We will be releasing a new single called, "Feels So Right" on Friday, July 28th! Pass this on, tag your friends, share this post, and lets get the word out!
Amber Pacific Jul 17, 2017
Add us on Snapchat: amber-pacific
Amber Pacific Jul 17, 2017
If you missed the announcement last night, Justin will be doing a Facebook Live and Instagram stream sharing some exciting news TODAY at 3pm PST!
Amber Pacific Jul 17, 2017
EXTRA! EXTRA! We've got some news to share with you, and no better way to do it than on Facebook Live and Instagram! Check back Monday, July 17th at 3pm PST! Justin can't wait to hang for a bit, answer some questions, and share some news!