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AlunaGeorge Jul 16, 2018
I got all the flavors🍦 🍡🍧#nationalicecreamday @ MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM
AlunaGeorge Jun 15, 2018
Hey guys I made this yesterday to honor the #grenfelltower victims but held back for some reason... maybe because I'm not used to being that vulnerable on camera... but then I got over it because I want to share on such an important moment, even if it's a day late.
AlunaGeorge May 17, 2018
Yooo, ima be here if you wanna hang, I’ll be spinning some hardcore lady jams for Volkswagen tomorrow - it's free. Rsvp @ the link.
AlunaGeorge Apr 26, 2018
I'm three years into learning about caring for my natural hair and I'm going to start sharing bits from my journey. Enjoy!
AlunaGeorge Apr 26, 2018
After many years of caring for this little mane it is finally chin length with no extensions! Thanks to The Curl Doctor for trimming my locks with the precision of a Banzai tree master! Leave a comment if you are on/want to start/wish you could but feel you can’t ......natural hair journey 💋
AlunaGeorge Apr 20, 2018
I spent a day in the studio, and he took a song that nobody else understood and brought it to life. He was very sick, came straight from the hospital, sweating with discomfort but didn't complain. It was a great experience, and I'll always be grateful to share that level of creativity and passion with someone who had such an understanding of what made people happy-he really cares about the lyrics but then knew how to make people come together and let go RIP Avicii we will all miss you <3
AlunaGeorge Apr 16, 2018
Caption this
AlunaGeorge Apr 09, 2018
Man Down video with Shakka out now!
AlunaGeorge Mar 25, 2018
i been watching all my new heros so i thought id make a little video to show my love. Im humbled and honored to witness such beautiful strength - young voices with old souls and brave hearts.
AlunaGeorge Mar 20, 2018
Loving my podcasts right now, my fave is Brooke Castillo. What are some of your favorite motivational podcasts?
AlunaGeorge Mar 20, 2018
Who else loves Tuesdays?
AlunaGeorge Mar 12, 2018
New vibes. Same AlunaGeorge.
AlunaGeorge Mar 12, 2018
Working on something new for you guys <3
AlunaGeorge Feb 28, 2018
Juggling is my back up plan. What’s yours? ⬇️
AlunaGeorge Feb 20, 2018
Hiyaaaa, I’ll be hanging out on my Insta Live w/ @iamshakka tomorrow @ 7pm GMT / 11am PST. Gonna be chatting about our new single #ManDown. Comment your questions below! ⬇
AlunaGeorge Feb 16, 2018
Hey hey! Got something to share with you, new track with my boy Shakka, hit the link to download dat 🔥
AlunaGeorge Feb 11, 2018
Look into my disco ball 🔮 📷 @ronyalwin
AlunaGeorge Feb 11, 2018
So inspired by these beautiful ladies-everything they’ve built and every member of their team had grace, power and class, was an honor to perform at their incredible show! Love you @cushnieetochs 🧡💚💙 @ New York, New York
AlunaGeorge Jan 17, 2018
I’m a non-GMO organism
AlunaGeorge Jan 15, 2018
Natural genius pose
AlunaGeorge Dec 10, 2017
AlunaGeorge Dec 07, 2017
Dark side always having more fun on the sly
AlunaGeorge Nov 28, 2017
I miss you Brazil 🧜🏾♀️
AlunaGeorge Nov 24, 2017
Waiting for lunch like...
AlunaGeorge Nov 21, 2017
Always on the edge