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The Waiting Room
Lift Your Spirit
Roseaux (feat. Aloe Blacc)
Fragment 8 - The Sound of Swing, Pt. 2 (feat. Aloe Blacc)
Good Things
Open Your Mind (feat. Aloe Blacc & Cradle)
Shine Through
Venue: Place Massena - Jardin Albert 1er (Nice, France) Find tickets
Venue: Place Massena - Jardin Albert 1er (Nice, France) Find tickets
Aloe Blacc Jul 19, 2018
Had a great time performing at Neversea. Thank you all for coming out. Photos by
Aloe Blacc Jul 16, 2018
Feels so good to perform and see everyone singing back at me. Tonight I'm back on stage for Nice Jazz Festival. Who's joining? Video by
Aloe Blacc Jul 15, 2018
I never censor myself when I'm writing. I write whatever I want, no matter what it sounds like or what it feels like, then curate later
Aloe Blacc Jul 12, 2018
Throwback to performing in DC for 'America's Musical Journey'. What an experience. Photo by Jessica Yurinko
Aloe Blacc Jul 12, 2018
Thanks to all the fans that came out to the Montreux Jazz Festival. We had a great time. 📷 Marc Ducrest Photography
Aloe Blacc Jul 10, 2018
Go ahead and tell everybody I'm the man
Aloe Blacc Jul 09, 2018
Inspiring the next generation of musicians is what it's all about. Check to find a screening near you
Aloe Blacc Jul 05, 2018
Throwing it back to my performance on the Today Show last week
Aloe Blacc Jul 04, 2018
The art of songwriting is the most meaningful part of this whole business for me.
Aloe Blacc Jul 02, 2018
You feel like Brooklyn in the Summer... Watch the full video over on my IGTV channel
Aloe Blacc Jul 01, 2018
When things happening in the world seem so terrible and dark, it’s so easy to get stuck in all the negative. But I try to do whatever I can to help people out of that. I want my music to be the light
Aloe Blacc Jul 01, 2018
Machines Have Emotions was the name of my friend's band a decade ago. Looks like humans who make machines also have feelings. How do you feel about this?
Aloe Blacc Jun 30, 2018
A real pleasure meeting Superbowl legend Justin Tuck last week
Aloe Blacc Jun 28, 2018
Rolling into Cipriani's for a Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC event
Aloe Blacc Jun 25, 2018
It was a pleasure talking with Kevin Polowy again. A good interview with BUILD Series in NYC.
Aloe Blacc Jun 24, 2018
Jimmy Kimmel Live, 06.08.18 Watch back my performance of 'Brooklyn In The Summer' from the show:
Aloe Blacc Jun 24, 2018
Hosting a Twitter Q&A next week to say thanks for all the love on Brooklyn In The Summer. Send in questions with #AskAloeBlacc on Tues June 26th at 5pm ET. Look forward to talking with you guys
Aloe Blacc Jun 22, 2018
Memories fade in reverse, but you will always be heard Wherever I can sing, you'll be right there with me
Aloe Blacc Jun 21, 2018
Brooklyn on my mind.
Aloe Blacc Jun 21, 2018
If Al Roker is enjoying himself this much, the forecast calls for a hit.
Aloe Blacc Jun 20, 2018
Had a great time performing 'Brooklyn In The Summer' for the good people over at the Today Show.
Aloe Blacc Jun 19, 2018
Today is Juneteenth. Normally a day to celebrate freedom. But in the wake of horrid detention centers separating children from families, I just pray that America will learn from mistakes of the past.
Aloe Blacc Jun 19, 2018
You know that feeling when you are at a restaurant and you are convinced you can make the same dish at home much better? That's how I feel about hip hop sometimes, so I just make my own. Here's a throwback to 2006. Bon Apetit! #RIPXXX #WeNeedPositivity #WeNeedConsciousness #AltIndustry
Aloe Blacc Jun 17, 2018
Summertime in Brooklyn is electric. It’s this magical time full of music, kids running around, everybody hanging out in the street, the sun shining on your face. This is what we wanted to capture with the video.
Aloe Blacc Jun 14, 2018
Electric Daisy Carnival. Las Vegas. 05.19.18