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All Night Wrong
Blues for Tony
Rock Goes to College (Live)
Then! (Remastered)
Flat Tire (Music for a Non-Existing Movie) [Remastered]
The Sixteen Men of Tain (Remastered)
From Your Heart and Your Soul
Heavy Machinery
Heavy Machinery
None Too Soon (Remastered)
Hard Hat Area (Remastered)
Wardenclyffe Tower (Remastered)
Secrets (Remastered)
Sand (Remastered)
Atavachron (Remastered)
Master Strokes 1978-1985 (feat. Allan Holdsworth & Jeff Berlin)
Metal Fatigue (Remastered)
The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever
I.O.U. (Remastered)
Allan Holdsworth Archives Oct 15, 2017
Ed serves up a cocktail of Allan's early noughties work, with Gary Husband's album of piano interpretations rightfully included.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Oct 11, 2017
"One way to appreciate this album is to see it as a 20th Century sequel to Sand. Allan had grown in his ideas about harmony and song structure since the 1987 album, and Flat Tire gave him a chance to revisit this somewhat "classical" arena." -Ed Chang
Allan Holdsworth Archives Oct 04, 2017
It's time for some whisky at Ed's blog! "I do not usually drink whiskey, but occasionally I drink Scotch malt whiskey. I really like it, it's very special. It is not like normal whiskey, which is a mixture of different distillates. In the villages of Scotland there are distilleries in small towns that make their own malt whiskey with a very special flavor. It is very expensive to drink it usually but a little is good. And there is one called Glenmorangie, which I think means 'valley of calm' or something like that, and at the end of the bottle is written "made by the sixteen men of Tain," a Scottish people. Only sixteen guys work at this distillery and it's the people who keep the secret of this recipe. I loved how it sounded and it fit the festive melody of the song." (Interview with in 2000)
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 29, 2017
NEW STUDIO RECORDINGS FEATURING ALLAN!!! Thanks to Mr Piero Pieri for notifying the Archives: A new studio album featuring Allan on two tracks! The album is "Life" by MSM Schmidt, released in September 2017. These appear to be the very last studio recordings featuring Allan that have been released! Allan is featured on the tracks "Trance" and "Vista", playing two solid guitar solos. The music should appeal to all fusion lovers. Here is what Schmidt himself says: --- This potent project, Schmidt’s sixth overall, also marks the final recorded performances of the late guitar hero Allan Holdsworth, who lends his astonishing legato lines to two songs on Life, the aptly-titled “Trance” and the posthumously-titled “Vista,” the name of the California town where the guitar great resided until his passing on Easter Sunday at the age of 70. “It has always been one of my dreams to feature Allan on one of my songs,” said Schmidt. “Thanks to Jimmy's initiative, this dream became true. And it came as a surprise, too, because Jimmy only told me after Allan's recording session was finished.” The album kicks off with the kinetic groover “Trance,” underscored by Weckl’s authoritative backbeat and featuring some brisk soprano sax lines from Katisse Buckingham, a member of the Zawinul Legacy Band. Kinsey delivers an exhilarating synth solo on this aggressive number and Holdsworth contributes one of his patented mind-blowing legato solos to quickly elevate the proceedings... “Vista,” dedicated to Allan Holdsworth, rides on Donati’s insistent groove. John Daversa delivers a haunting muted trumpet solo here while Holdsworth extended jaw-dropping solo is followed by a furious flurry on the kit by Donati.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 28, 2017
Ed enters into "Hard Hat Area". In addition, there's a nice overview of Allan's scales and chord symbols that could be useful for mere mortals!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 24, 2017
Ed does some very thorough research on "Wardenclyffe Tower", and you will probably learn something you didn't know before reading this!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 20, 2017
Thanks to Derek Roberts for posting, and to Joerg Reinicke for making us aware of this rare and precious gem!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 18, 2017
A Tribute To Allan Holdsworth
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 16, 2017
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 15, 2017
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 13, 2017
Thanks to some dedicated fans, we are now able to present to you a very rare interview with Allan from the short-lived Cymbiosis magazine. You will find the link in the comments.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 13, 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for some Chad Wackerman at the Thread of lunacy blog!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 09, 2017
Ed does two albums back to back with Gordon Beck!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 08, 2017
Mash Cottin has made a very nice version of "Pud Wud" with a personal touch, check it out!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 07, 2017
This is pretty wild! Yoshinori Seki has transcribed not only Allan's guitar solo on "Highway Star", but also his SynthAxe solo. ありがとうございました!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 07, 2017
Thanks to a devoted fan, we now have a copy of an article that ran in the German magazine "Guitarre & Bass" in November 1994, written by Lothar Trampert. We have converted the article to text, which is available in the attached document. A machine translation is also found in the comments. Is there anyone fluent in English and German who would like to volunteer for a proper translation? Vielen Dank!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 06, 2017
Allan Holdsworth Archives Sep 01, 2017
It's time for some Secrets at the Thread of Lunacy blog!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 25, 2017
Ed has a thing or two to tell you about "Sand" that you might not know!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 23, 2017
Thanks to Tony White for posting these!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 19, 2017
Bill Bruford has a box set in the works featuring the work of his band "Bruford", which should be of interest to Allan fans.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 19, 2017
Ed tells the very well researched story of how Allan got into the SynthAxe, and does an analysis of the "Atavachron" album.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 17, 2017
Gray Husband has published what he refers to as his earliest demo with Allan, a 1979 version of "The Things You See", featuring Hansford Rowe on bass.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 17, 2017
It's Heavy Metal Fatigue! at the Thread of Lunacy blog.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Aug 12, 2017
This tribute to Allan recently came to our attention. While many guitarists and other musicians have spoken highly of Allan, few people from the classical world seemed to have paid much attention. Therefore, it is a great pleasure to read these words by Kenneth Woods, who according to Wikipedia is "an American conductor and cellist, widely recognized for his interpretations of the works of Mahler, Haydn, Shostakovich, Beethoven, Bruckner and Hans Gál, and acknowledged as an expert orchestra builder and conducting teacher." Although Allan might have found such praise embarrassing, I do think that he would have liked that someone made a connection to the music of Debussy, which he was so very fond of himself. Thank you Kenneth!