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Blues for Tony
Rock Goes to College (Live)
Then! (Remastered)
Flat Tire (Music for a Non-Existing Movie) [Remastered]
The Sixteen Men of Tain (Remastered)
From Your Heart and Your Soul
None Too Soon (Remastered)
Heavy Machinery
Heavy Machinery
Hard Hat Area (Remastered)
Wardenclyffe Tower (Remastered)
Secrets (Remastered)
Sand (Remastered)
Master Strokes 1978-1985 (feat. Allan Holdsworth & Jeff Berlin)
Atavachron (Remastered)
Metal Fatigue (Remastered)
I.O.U. (Remastered)
The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jul 04, 2018
Some rare work-in-progress tapes of UK have been posted on YouTube. The Archives likes how you can hear the detail of the guitar work, in particular on this track.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Jun 12, 2018
In memory of JON HISEMAN (21 June 1944 – 12 June 2018). Featuring Allan Holdsworth (violin and guitar), Paul Williams (vocals), Mark Clarke (keyboards and bass), and Jon Hiseman (drums). This is the album that Allan counted as his official debut.
Allan Holdsworth Archives May 31, 2018
Whatever your personal opinion of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, this initiative is supported by Allan's family, in order to gain and maintain publicity around Allan's music. Sign if you wish!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 30, 2018
Here are the five video parts from Allan's memorial in a playlist, along with a message from creator Greg Beaton: "Here's the 5-part video series I just completed for the public memorial of my favorite musician of all time, Allan Holdsworth; an extraordinary musical genius and warm-hearted person for whom I am honored to be able to tell part of his story. A sincere thank you to the Holdsworth family, his musicians, friends, colleagues & fans for all of their assistance. They gave me much of their time and energy...their memories & emotional sincerity. Many opened their homes to me for hours, allowing me to invade their lives, ruin their schedules, eat their food, bring a bunch of scary equipment into their homes, raid their music, photo & video collections and trust someone they barely knew to try to share it in such a way so that we could all better resonate in the grief, the celebration, and the understanding...of Allan Holdsworth."
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 27, 2018
In the words of director Greg Beaton: "FAMILY," the fourth of 5 memorial videos from "A Celebration of the Life of Allan Holdsworth." This one contains a tribute from Bill Buford, as well as some very special content. It is also quite heavy emotionally, and I suggest making sure you're in a private or comfortable place before viewing. Many thanks and all of my love to Allan's family members and close friends.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 24, 2018
THE RECORDING OF ZARABETH By Eric Paulos With permission from Eric, we post this story about the recording of Zarabeth: -My friend and I arrived at Allan's house and Claire showed us in. I walked in and was immediately enveloped by a sonorous tone that sounded like nothing I ever heard before. Allan was still mixing Zarabeth and I was hearing the clean section of the tune over his studio monitors. I don't know if anyone before Allan ever constructed as wide and beautiful-sounding of a chorus as the one Allan used throughout Wardenclyffe Tower. The same night, he had just recorded his final take for the guitar solo. He seemed particularly pleased with this take, and played it for my friend and I. I was overwhelmed with how Allan could negotiate all those chord changes. Allan really liked that one discordant two-tone chord at the end of the solo. -About a year and a half later, when I went to Allan's round house in north San Diego County. I went there to pick up my guitar that Allan had borrowed (and originally sold to me), he was just in the throes of completion of the UD-Stomp pedal. Allan told me how he worked with Yamaha and how the unit worked with eight delays. The information soared straight over my head! He must have used his rack gear to create this sound, then put it all into a pedal. It was not only the effect that gave Allan his sound, but he recorded many tracks from WTC on a baritone guitar that Bill Delap had built for him, and this just made his tone that much better. -When Allan was talking about his latest take, which was the final take, he said something like "People are going to know that the old man still has some rock and roll!"
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 12, 2018
This weekend, two separate events commemorating Allan will take place in California. Saturday afternoon, there's a tribute concert at Alva's Showroom in San Pedro. Tickets are needed, see link below. Sunday afternoon, there's an open memorial service at the Phoenix Club Theater in Anaheim. See info below. (Note: The Allan Holdsworth Archives page is not involved in organizing any of these events. Please direct any questions at Allan Holdsworth Music or the Unreal Allan Holdsworth group.)
Allan Holdsworth Archives Apr 04, 2018
The website "Classic Rock History" has posted a story on "10 Essential Allan Holdsworth Songs" which you might enjoy. Any such list is of course subjective, but here at the Archives we do wonder why "Devil Take The Hindmost" was left out. You are free to make your own!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 30, 2018
"With an infectious laugh and an intellectually hilarious sense of humor, he gave us joy, emotional healing and a sanctuary for our deepest emotion through his music. Here are sentiments from five accomplished musicians who are very important to Allan’s legacy."
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 25, 2018
A rare newspaper clipping from 1993. "Holdsworth's present tour has been subtitled the Quest for the Holy Ale. The morning after his appearance for Leeds Jazz at the Irish Centre he travelled to Boroughbridge to buy an Angram hand pump, which will be installed at his Star Trek home in Vista. Not surprisingly the quality of the local beer has been an important factor on a tour which began in Italy and continued through Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Japan before reaching Britain. British ale came out on top, with Germany and Norway honourable runners-up and Italy and France nowhere."
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 23, 2018
Steve Gadd's new album features a beautiful version of "Temporary Fault" from Allan's IOU album. The track and album additionally feature Walt Fowler (16 Men Of Tain) and bass legend Jimmy Johnson. Here's a Spotify link, check out the album in your desired format!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 22, 2018
Paz: "Dream Sequence" (featuring Allan Holdsworth) This is a track from the very rare album "Love In Peace" by Paz, which recently surfaced on YouTube. This is the only track Allan appears on. The track has two distinct parts. On the first part, Allan plays some of his trademark volume pedal chords along with Ray Warleigh on flute. (Allan does not appear on the second part, which features flute, piano and bass.) The album was released in 1991, but the credits state that the recordings were made “during the late seventies and through the eighties”. The guitar sound is strikingly similar to the sound on tracks such as “Shallow Sea” on “I.O.U.”, and Allan moved to the U.S. soon after “I.O.U.”’s release, so in this case it’s a fair guess that the track was recorded somewhere around 1980. Dick Crouch is listed as the composer, although it very much sounds like an improvisation between Allan and Ray. The later part, where Allan does not appear, sounds more composed. Although this type of sound and playing became a trademark sound of Allan’s, his chordal work was rarely featured on albums before “I.O.U”. So this is probably one of the earliest recorded examples of Allan’s volume pedal playing, maybe even predating I.O.U. The credits for the album do not indicate who played on each track, so it’s a bit of guesswork who plays with Allan here. Paz was led by vibraphonist Dick Crouch, who does not appear on this track, although he’s credited as a composer. (The credits and the elongated recording period suggests that Paz was more of a solo project for Crouch, and that this is actually a compilation of sessions.) Ray Warleigh on flute and Geoff Castle on keyboards are quite certain, but it’s hard to tell who the bassist might be. The bass sounds like a fretless, but could also be an upright electric. I’m not familiar with English fretless or upright bassists, so it could be any of the five bassists credited: Ron Mathewson, Paul Carmichael, Laurence Cottle, Henry Thomas or Bille Kristian. Allan had relations with several of these bassists. Ron Mathewson was an upright player who appeared with Allan on a John Stevens album, Paul Carmichael was of course the bass player on “I.O.U.”, whereas Henry Thomas was Allan’s bassist before Paul Carmichael. The other two are unknown to me. It should also be mentioned that flutist (and saxist) Ray Warleigh was a very important mentor to Allan: He was the guy that offered Allan a free room if he ever decided to come down to London, an offer that Allan eventually took up on. Information on this album is very scarce. The CD cover lists “Master Mix Music” as the label, and the cover features a bar code, so it looks pretty legit. However, neither nor list this album, or any other album from this label for that matter. Allan himself would almost certainly have considered it a bootleg. (My own copy is a CD-R with Xeroxed cover art, so it’s a bit hard to judge.) Information on Dick Crouch and Paz is quite scarce online. According to “PAZ was a London jazz collective, founded by vibraphonist, composer and arranger Dick Crouch. Known for their original jazz-funk and latin stylings, the band held a weekly Sunday residency at The Kensington pub in Holland Park for over 8 years, becoming a fixture at many London venues throughout the 70’s and 80’s, most notably Ronnie Scott’s.” The liner notes of the CD claim that Paz was quite popular, though: “PAZ, the first Fusion band, originated this individual style of jazz in the late sixties and achieved great success with both albums and concert appearances. They continue to be a major force in European music, and have recently been described as "Masters of the Genre". Their artistry is truly original and appeals to a wide audience that simply like good music.” Those claims do not seem to be supported by Google, though... Oh, and one more thing: On the CD, there are only 11 tracks, so the track “Speech” comes at the end as a part of "Dream Sequence". This has been edited out of the YouTube version.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 20, 2018
We have a question from a fellow fan about the vinyl box set: The albums from "Wardenclyffe Tower" and onwards have never been released on vinyl before. How do the vinyl mastered versions hold up against the CD counterparts? Only replies from people who have bought (or at least heard) the vinyl box set please :-)
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 18, 2018
Allan's last recorded project was "Life" by MSM Schmidt. In this video, he shares the story on how this album came to be. You might want to fast forward to 9.17. The English subtitles are auto-generated, but the meaning seems to carry through quite well. We also hear about Jimmy Haslip and Virgil Donati's involvement with this record.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 11, 2018
A French guitar mag published a hommage last year to Allan Holdsworth by Jean-Marie Salhani, who released three albums with Gordon Beck and Allan. Here, he speaks of working with Allan on those albums. Thanks to a dedicated fan, we now have English subtitles for this video. Prendre plaisir!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 04, 2018
Epic solos by Steve Hunt and Allan.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 03, 2018
Allan loved to use the breath controller on his SynthAxe. Now here's another kind of breath control!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 02, 2018
Earliest known demo of Gary Husband with Allan Holdsworth - with Hansford Rowe (Bass)."The Things I See". Recorded at The Townhouse Studios, London, 1979. Allan Holdsworth - Guitar Hansford Rowe - Bass Gary Husband - Drums
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 02, 2018
As an extension of yesterday's post, here is the full version of Steve Hunt's solo medley of "Temporary Fault" and "Dodgy Boat" from Donati Down Under. Breathtaking beauty...
Allan Holdsworth Archives Mar 01, 2018
Virgil Donati is keeping the Holdsworth legacy alive, and how!!! It's fantastic to watch Virgil try his at hand at swingin' with the Sixteen Men, to see Evan grooving and deliver bass solos that should have Jimmy Johnson smiling, to see Steve Hunt returning to Allan's material with such maturity and confidence that the results are etheral. Alex Machacek sure has some great shoes to fill, but it's nice to see him filling them! This concert needs to be released in full!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Feb 27, 2018
For French speaking fans, here's a tribute to Allan by Jean-Marie Salhani of JMS Records, who released Allan's duo records with Gordon Beck, in addition to Gordon's album "Sunbird".
Allan Holdsworth Archives Feb 12, 2018
L.A. guitarist Alex Sill appeared at the Holdsworth tribute concerts this fall together with a number of Holdsworth musicians. Now he's launched his own Indiegogo campaign, which we urge you to check out. Here's a clip of Alex, and a link to his campaign.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Feb 11, 2018
Could anyone help The Archives track down some scans of the Allan Holdsworth article "Track by track", published in THE GUITAR MAGAZINE, September 1990. Your help is much appreciated! Preferred format is high resolution scans converted into PDF. Clean cellphone shots converted into PDF could also work. EDIT: I received a scan, turned out to be a reprint, please see in the comments!
Allan Holdsworth Archives Feb 08, 2018
It's strange to hear and see something so utterly transcendental at what is basically a product demonstration. Here, Allan is playing with some sequenced and prerecorded tracks, which offers an alternative glimpse into his musical universe. A must see.
Allan Holdsworth Archives Feb 04, 2018
Here's a really nice clip of Alex Skolnick shredding on Alan Pasqua's keyboard solo on the original recording of "Proto Cosmos". Allan would certainly have agreed that it's good to get ideas from other instruments, and this sounds absolutely inspired!