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My Shame Is True
From Here to Infirmary
This Addiction (Bonus Track Version)
Agony & Irony
Good Mourning
The Alkaline Trio
Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Alkaline Trio Mar 14, 2018
Happy Birthday “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire”!!! Can’t believe it’s been 18 years since our good pal at Asian Man Records put this one out.... thanks for believing in us, Mike!
Alkaline Trio Mar 01, 2018
Throughout our career we've been fortunate to only cancel a handful of shows and it's not something we take lightly. Unfortunately, today we have to announce that we will not be playing Self Help Festival on Saturday. Matt's recovery from throat surgery is not healing as quickly as planned and, per his doctor, he can't perform. Everything went well, he just needs more time to heal so he can play many shows in the future. Thank you for understanding.
Alkaline Trio Feb 24, 2018
Happy birthday, Matt!
Alkaline Trio Feb 16, 2018
Thanks Alternative Press for the piece on Past Live.
Alkaline Trio Feb 14, 2018
Today is the LAST DAY to order Past Live vinyl, Blu-ray and bundles! Thanks!!! ...and happy Valentine's Day.
Alkaline Trio Feb 13, 2018
Derek designed some Valentines cards to give as a holding place until the Past Live packages arrive! If you've already ordered, you will receive an email with the link to download. Print in color or color yourself. Let's see what you got! Only one more day to order any of the Past Live items!
Alkaline Trio Feb 12, 2018
First batch of super deluxe bags made from our actual stage backdrops are starting to come in! Contest: Be the first to send your guess which tour/show backdrops were made from and we will send you one. In your comment, list the picture number and album tour/show. Hint, three are from album tours, one is from a special one-off show. (Sharp/Shock vinyl for size reference). Order your Past Live here
Alkaline Trio Feb 09, 2018
Extended presale! Orders to vinyl, blu-ray, bag, etc manufacturers are in, but we can still add to it until Wed. That means you have until Valentines Day to order. But that's it it.
Alkaline Trio Feb 06, 2018
Good Mourning! Only a few days left to order yours.
Alkaline Trio Feb 01, 2018
goddamnit - another piece of our Past Live for you to check out. Order here by Feb 9th to get yours!
Alkaline Trio Jan 30, 2018
Tickets + VIP packages for Self Help Fest San Bernardino are on sale now at!
Alkaline Trio Jan 30, 2018
A little This Addiction for your Monday. Live recordings of ALL EIGHT albums are available for pre-order until February 9! All four nights and eight albums. Pre-order here:
Alkaline Trio Jan 26, 2018
My Shame Is True Past Live clips. Deluxe and Super Deluxe bundles now available in UK and Europe too! Feb 9th is the final day to order bundles, Blue-ray or vinyl.
Alkaline Trio Jan 22, 2018
Maybe I'll Catch Fire clips for today. Enjoy and remember the pre-order ends Feb 9th. Thanks!!!
Alkaline Trio Jan 19, 2018
Here's a bit of Agony & Irony for your transition into the weekend. Live recordings of ALL EIGHT albums available individually or with bundle options. Four disc Blu-ray also available - that includes all four nights and eight albums. All this is ONLY available for pre-order by Feb. 9!
Alkaline Trio Jan 17, 2018
Little taste from our Crimson Past Live recording. All vinyl will be pressed on 180 Gram, limited edition, neon colors and available for presale ONLY (by Feb 9) Vinyl will include digital download cards as well. Blu-ray shot in HD and mixed in 5.1 surround sound. Four discs covering all four nights and eight records. And of course Deluxe and Super Deluxe bundles with all the extras.
Alkaline Trio Jan 11, 2018
It has been a while in the making, but we are very proud to bring you our Past Live albums and bundles available ONLY for pre-order (til Feb. 9)at All 8 studio records performed live on limited edition vinyl with a slip case and HD/5.1 audio Blu-ray (4 discs - 2 albums each disc) as well as limited quantity bags carved from our old backdrops, signed album size art prints and t-shirts. Vinyl and Blu-ray available as part of the bundles or individually.
Alkaline Trio Jan 01, 2018
Happy New Year from San Diego!
Alkaline Trio Dec 16, 2017
Excited to be playing SF with L.A.Drones and KITTY KAT FAN CLUB at a sold out Regency Ballroom in just two weeks!
Alkaline Trio Nov 17, 2017
Right around the corner! Our boy Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room is on the 1st 10 shows here with Say Anything! ... Eight of which, he’s gonna be on stage WITH MIKE PARK !!! Sweeeeeeeet!
Alkaline Trio Nov 03, 2017
Stoked to have Rocket From The Crypt and Sharp/Shock join us for the NYE show in San Diego!
Alkaline Trio Oct 13, 2017
Onsale NOW! Excited to play these shows!! 12/29 San Francisco: 12/31 San Diego:
Alkaline Trio Oct 11, 2017
Stoked to add a couple more shows this year! Fanclub presale starts NOW. Public onsale this Friday at NOON PST. Dec 29 - SF, Dec 31 - SD.
Alkaline Trio Oct 09, 2017
Lucky to have this awesome, hard working band #sharpshock on our label. Check out their killer new video for "Troublemaker". Also, they are on tour this Fall/Winter with the #theinterrupters and #swmrs.
Alkaline Trio Sep 25, 2017