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Since I Saw You
Alfred Hall EP
Alfred Hall Jun 29, 2018
Listen to the full album here:
Alfred Hall Jun 08, 2018
's cover photo
Alfred Hall May 31, 2018
Check out this interview we did with The Music Mermaid.
Alfred Hall May 29, 2018
Listen to the album here:
Alfred Hall May 25, 2018
The album is out! Listen here:
Alfred Hall May 24, 2018
New album out tomorrow!
Alfred Hall May 23, 2018
New album out Friday!
Alfred Hall May 22, 2018
Tag a friend who will recognize this 90's theme song. Or someone who is into dangerous bike stunts. Album out Friday!
Alfred Hall May 16, 2018
Excited to announce we have a new album out on May 25th! While you wait, check out this playlist. 🎧
Alfred Hall Apr 06, 2018
Friends, listen to the new single from our upcoming album.
Alfred Hall Apr 04, 2018
New single out this Friday!
Alfred Hall Feb 22, 2018
Check out the video for Pearl Diver!
Alfred Hall Feb 02, 2018
Alfred Hall Jan 31, 2018
As we wait for Friday to arrive with our new single, check out this playlist we put together to get you in the right mood! 🎶:
Alfred Hall Jan 29, 2018
Next single from our upcoming album.
Alfred Hall Oct 31, 2017
Here's a lyric video we put together for the new single. Find the song here:
Alfred Hall Oct 27, 2017
Friends, the wait is over. The first single off our new album is out! Have a listen and let us know how you feel about it.
Alfred Hall Oct 23, 2017
Alfred Hall Dec 28, 2016
To the mountain!!
Alfred Hall Dec 04, 2016
@andersbjelland mixing new songs in @broenstudio. Look forward to sharing them with you.
Alfred Hall Jul 18, 2016
Gone fishing🐟
Alfred Hall Jun 02, 2016
Foreign coast
Alfred Hall Mar 24, 2016
Safe & Sound has been listed on BBC/Radio 2. So excited!
Alfred Hall Mar 03, 2016
Getting some airtime on BBC Radio 2. Thank you, Janice Long.
Alfred Hall Feb 23, 2016