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Alexander King Mar 15, 2018
Call em out!
Alexander King Mar 13, 2018
Pretty sure at this moment I was laying down "Wake Fly and Run" here at @theoakhollow - HIT THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD!
Alexander King Feb 25, 2018
I swear I see all the shit they cant see... . "Wait for it" OAK HOLLOW SESSIONS VOLUME 01 . @littlefootnate X @imalexanderking Produced By:@iamjimjonsin . #WorthTheWait #Volume01 #WaxOnWaxOff @littlefootnate @bradjenningsmusic @gracenhill @nickzaioud @stillcase @kydd810 @iamlukr @royermusic @willnewmanmusic @sonnybama @iamdavefore @marquisrachad
Alexander King Feb 18, 2018
Go to Itunes and preorder the homie Dust Diggler's ( Dusty Leigh ) new project #BoujeeNights and get the "No Pressure" song (FT. myself and struggle ) instantly + a few other songs instantly!!! It's a dope ass project with a whole gang of other dope features bubbamathis jellyroll rittz ogboobieblackbwa leeleestylz scottyatl hurraseason nappyscales blackplaya502 Glad to be involved in this one...Keep stepping on their necks Dust!!!! 🎢: kokoofbb #SupportIndependentShit #DustGang LINK:
Alexander King Feb 17, 2018
Come and rock out with Bubba Sparxxx & Myself in Bowling Green KY on March 1st at Tidball's Night Club!! Along with Special guest Los Ghost & Gypsy Drifter. Show starts at 9pm. $25 presale tickets. For Meet&Greet packages purchase at For information on performing slots contact KY Boy Entertainment at (270) 206 -2335.
Alexander King Feb 17, 2018
I smoked my first Swisher in my homie Taj's red 1977 Cutlass Supreme with whitewall tires...Still at it. #LiveLikeAnOutlaw #Ad OutlawsCigars
Alexander King Feb 15, 2018
Careful what you ask for....πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Happy late valentines πŸ’–
Alexander King Feb 13, 2018
Merica Fuck Yeah!
Alexander King Feb 02, 2018
Loyalty=Royalty . Lots of people are gonna sound loyal, act loyal, etc...While your in their presence. Then every now and then, you find a few people that act and sound the same even when your not in the room!! #ToastToThePast #ROSAP #Lifted . πŸ“·: The Amazing @duan.davis . Jelly Roll @iamjimjonsin @nickzaioud @bradjenningsmusic @theoakhollow
Alexander King Jan 30, 2018
So my sister trolled the world and had everyone believing she was Sean Hannity and things got crazy! READ ABOUT IT HERE - HERE IS THE PROOF - Check out Sean Hannity (Parenthetical) (@SeanHannity__):
Alexander King Jan 29, 2018
When your tryna explain to your lil homie, the difference between #ROSAP and this other shit..And "Dont wait" comes on!!!! . . When I saw the cereal go flying on time with the snare..I bout died..After watchin 5 times πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ My face hurts...Thank you to my cousin @thejohnnyblack for still knowing how to make me spit my milk out!!! . . πŸ”Š @nickzaioud @iamjimjonsin @bradjenningsmusic @theoakhollow πŸ”Šin
Alexander King Jan 29, 2018
This and other bonus tracks that didnt, or couldnt make the initial tracklist on ROSAP will be available soon to any one who is in the loop...Are you in the loop? If not DM me for the link to get you in now!!! #FeedTheTribe #ROSAP #GypsyGang *** #HotelMusicCity ***
Alexander King Jan 26, 2018
TURN IT UP AND REMIND THE NEIGHBORS WHO THE FUCK THEY ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO LIVE NEXT TO!!!!! . By releasing the drama of our past, we conciously create our future..βœ”#ROSAP . WERE LIVE ON ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS (Link Below) . Thank you to everyone whos helped me finish the thought. And everyone supporting it!!! . @iamjimjonsin @jellyroll615 @iamstruggle @yelawolf @sonnybama @littlefootnate @gracenhill @bradjenningsmusic @nickzaioud @jongambino @dynomytekyd @theoakhollow @_laurareed @_shannonsanders @thejohnnyblack @bubbamathis @dustyonu @cookupboss @ronkillings1 @reverendwolf
Alexander King Jan 26, 2018
By releasing the drama of our past, we conciously create our future..βœ”#ROSAP
Alexander King Jan 26, 2018
Went up a couple hrs early!! link below for Itunes, Google, Amazon, etc...Cant wait to get out here and rock this shit live with you!!! New tour dates and release/tattoo party links coming soon!!! I put everything I had into this project and nothing is more gratifying than seeing it connect with y'all so make sure to tag me in anything you post. Thanks for supporting this independent shit!!!. #ROSAP @iamjimjonsin @jellyroll615 @iamstruggle @yelawolf @sonnybama @littlefootnate @gracenhill @bradjenningsmusic @nickzaioud @jongambino @dynomytekyd @theoakhollow @_laurareed @_shannonsanders @thejohnnyblack @bubbamathis @dustyonu @cookupboss @ronkillings1
Alexander King Jan 16, 2018
When they say.. "You can't smoke here" πŸ’¨πŸŒ²πŸ’¨πŸŒ²πŸ’¨πŸŒ²πŸ’¨πŸŒ²πŸ’¨πŸŒ²πŸ’¨πŸŒ² . . . . . . . . . . . #ROSAP πŸ“·: @ReverendWolf
Alexander King Jan 16, 2018
Alexander King's cover photo
Alexander King Jan 15, 2018
Pedal to the floor while we fallin in love... #ROSAP #TakeABullet #GYPSYGANG . . . . . @iamjimjonsin @bradjenningsmusic @nickzaioud @theoakhollow
Alexander King Jan 13, 2018
By order of the Gypsy Gang.... #ROSAP Come soon.
Alexander King Jan 13, 2018
Alexander King's cover photo
Alexander King Jan 12, 2018
Yeah...He's been here.For sure! β›„βš‘β›…β˜€β˜ πŸ’¦β„
Alexander King Jan 11, 2018
Did you know.????..If you preorder ROSAP from itunes, Ggl Play, or Amazon you instantly recieve both of these songs now???? (LINK BELOW) Shout out to all the people who been holding it down and spreading the word. Hard copy orders have begun shipping. #Tribe #RaisedOnSkynyrdAndPac #GYPSYGANG #ROSAP *Link- * @iamjimjonsin @jellyroll615 @dynomytekyd @bradjenningsmusic @nickzaioud @iamstruggle @jongambino @littlefootnate @gracenhill @_laurareed @_shannonsanders @yelawolf @thejohnnyblack @sonnybama
Alexander King Jan 09, 2018
IM UP EARLY IN THE MORNING FIRST TO HIT THE BLOCK...TRYNA TURN THIS OLD ASS HOOPTIE TO A DROP! Bundles, Signed copies, Preorder for digital...All live from the link below. Any bundle orders will recieve a new Soundcloud link with 2 more Bonus songs no one has heard yet.Thank yall for supporting this independent shit.I've been knee deep in it for the last few days to get everything up.Thank yall for all the incredible responses (Please post and let your people know what you think and share the link). Again thank you for supporrting a labor of love that was strung together with no investors, no labels, no publicists, no budget..Only what my brothers and sisters, and creative partners contributed in sweat equity and many looong ass nights to help me present ROSAP to you. (Btw this is just the first half..7 More sooner than you think) #LetTheNeighborsHearIt #ROSAP #Salute *LINK * @iamjimjonsin @jellyroll615 @dynomytekyd @bradjenningsmusic @nickzaioud @iamstruggle @jongambino @littlefootnate @gracenhill @_laurareed @_shannonsanders @yelawolf @thejohnnyblack @sonnybama
Alexander King Jan 08, 2018
#ROSAP Preorder link for Itunes, Google, & Amazon is live!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped me stand back up and keep swinging during the process, and the constant encouragement. Link for signed Hard copies + merch bundles coming later today!!!! #ROSAP @iamjimjonsin @dynomytekyd @nickzaioud @bradjenningsmusic @jellyroll615 @iamstruggle @yelawolf @littlefootnate @gracenhill @sonnybama @jongambino --------------------------------------------------------------- There will be people in life around every corner that tell you what you cant & shouldnt do, that your to this, or not enough that etcetc..TRUTH IS..They are scared of something and would like to scare you in to their thinking. DONT LET THEM SHAKE YOU. Just keep moving forward, and turn this shit up so loud its all they hear!!! --------------------------------------------------------------
Alexander King Jan 08, 2018
In case you missed the fuckery on my instagram...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Go follow me @imalexanderking