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Groovy Beats EP
The Annabel Trilogy Part III: Confessions
The Decade EP
A Place Where the Sun Is Silent
The Emptiness
Try This With Your Eyes Closed
Where Myth Fades to Legend
On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax
Alesana Mar 14, 2018
Shawn has some news, guys!
Alesana Mar 14, 2018
Our good friend Mike’s wife passed away suddenly this weekend. We had the pleasure of sharing the road with Mike on tour with Fear Before The March of Flames. They are some of the best people we’ve ever met and they are going through an incredibly tough time right now. A GoFundMe has been set up to help Mike and his family with the medical bills that have piled up in the wake of this tragedy. Anything you can do would help; even just a kind word can go a very long way. Hug and kiss your loved ones a lot, every single day. Love you, Mike. - Alesana
Alesana Mar 09, 2018
I know we just announced our Pre-Order, but don't sleep on AVOID! These guys are killin it right now!
Alesana Mar 09, 2018
Alesana Army, We are excited to announce 'The Lost Chapters' is now available for pre-order! Pick up a digital copy on iTunes, new t-shirts on MerchNOW, or a customized package on The USB key and handbook containing hours of behind-the-scenes content is EXCLUSIVE to our original Origins package- now up for grabs at a reduced price. Thank you for everything. It is because of you that this project exists. Today, tomorrow, and forever. Alesana Customized package: New merch: iTunes:
Alesana Mar 06, 2018
Revival Recordings
Alesana Mar 05, 2018
Last chance to share your selfies with your copy of ‘Annabel’! Post them with #RevivalReads and #Revival52 to receive our discount code. xo.
Alesana Mar 01, 2018
Congratulations to Rita Amal and Jeremiah Hammerling of Endless Eye, the team behind Alesana's Fatima Rusalka music video, for winning best feature at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival for their documentary My Country No More! Their work is amazing and we are thankful for the contributions to the Revival Recordings family! <3
Alesana Feb 28, 2018
Revival Recordings
Alesana Feb 27, 2018
The Revival Recordings’ Merch Spotlight sale looks pretty rad this month 😎 Check out our friends in June Divided, The Second After, and AVOID!
Alesana Feb 25, 2018
One last call to sign up for this, Army! xo
Alesana Feb 19, 2018
A special opportunity for our #revivalrewards friends to ask Shawn anything Feb 28th! Subscribe by 2/26 to join in! \m/
Alesana Feb 14, 2018
Last chance! 🖤
Alesana Feb 13, 2018
Happy early Valentine's Day, Alesana Army! Repost this image from Meet and Scream VIP to win this signed tee from Volatile Merchandise ❤️
Alesana Feb 07, 2018
Today, tomorrow, and forever. #thelostchapters #unlockthehistory #alesanaarmy
Alesana Feb 06, 2018
Sweetheart, be still, enjoy the show All the walls are beginning to bleed
Alesana Feb 05, 2018
Pre-save our EP for a chance to win a bundle of surprise Alesana merch! \m/
Alesana Feb 02, 2018
Hear our new song MADELINE now on Alternative Press! For any fan of Annabel and her story, this song fills in a really cool gap. We hope you enjoy it!
Alesana Jan 31, 2018
#revival52 #newmusic #theannabeltrilogy
Alesana Jan 30, 2018
Have any burning questions about Madeline or The Annabel Trilogy? This Friday Shawn will answer them!
Alesana Jan 29, 2018
Experience our lost chapter “MADELINE” this Friday. #revival52 #alesanaarmy
Alesana Jan 25, 2018
Chapter 6: The Thespian #throwback
Alesana Jan 23, 2018
Check us out on the #Revival52 playlist, Army! New jams EVERY FRIDAY OF 2018! 🔥
Alesana Jan 16, 2018
"Fits and Starts" is featured on the Revival Recordings #REVIVAL52 Spotify playlist!
Alesana Jan 11, 2018
You guys rock ❤
Alesana Jan 08, 2018
Up next on Revival Recordings #Revival52 - looks like a banger... #newmusic