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Groovy Beats EP
The Annabel Trilogy Part III: Confessions
The Decade EP
A Place Where the Sun Is Silent
The Emptiness
Try This With Your Eyes Closed
Where Myth Fades to Legend
On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax
Alesana Jul 12, 2018
We’re stoked to unveil our new wine/bottle topper! 🍾 Now available on VolatileMerch! Get it here:
Alesana Jun 22, 2018
Catch Shane DJing Emo Raleigh Night in Wilmington next month! Tickets 🎟
Alesana Jun 12, 2018
It would mean the world!
Alesana Jun 03, 2018
#10YearsofWMFTL Alesana Army
Alesana Jun 01, 2018
New TLE #DadPunk featuring Tony of MEST!!⬇️
Alesana May 28, 2018
Today only!
Alesana May 14, 2018
Treat yourself because you deserve it! Link and discount code below. xo
Alesana May 09, 2018
#waybackwednesday 🤘🏀 Our new EP is available at
Alesana May 07, 2018
Alesana May 06, 2018
Physical copies of The Lost Chapters are running out! 🎧🤘🖤
Alesana May 01, 2018
Woah. This. Hits. Hard. Dads are pretty badass. Don't believe us? Just watch. Then go show Shawn some TLE love here:
Alesana Apr 27, 2018
Go talk to Shawn now!
Alesana Apr 27, 2018
TLE (fronted by Shawn) LIVE STREAMING NOW! Check out the release of the brand new TLE music video!
Alesana Apr 26, 2018
New music for your ears, and your dad's ears, TOMORROW from TLE. Starring: Shawn Milke
Alesana Apr 24, 2018
Have you gotten your copy of The Lost Chapters yet?? The Limited Physical Edition is almost sold out. You can only get them right here: Check out the full album for free right here:
Alesana Apr 09, 2018
❤️ #PMA #MondayMotivation
Alesana Apr 01, 2018
Only one full Origins package remains!
Alesana Mar 30, 2018
Alesana Mar 30, 2018
Alesana Mar 30, 2018
Substream Magazine shares with you our newly released song “The Coward” and a bit of its backstory! #newmusicfriday #revival52 #theemptinesswillhauntyou
Alesana Mar 30, 2018
Our EP is now available everywhere!!! History is reborn through The Lost Chapters. Customized package: New merch: iTunes: ONLY 6 ORIGINAL 'ORIGINS' BUNDLES REMAIN
Alesana Mar 29, 2018
SURPRISE! You can stream The Lost Chapters EP in full right now on Substream Magazine. Check the comments below to pre-order! <3
Alesana Mar 26, 2018
The Emptiness returns to haunt you... Tell us what you think of the teaser! #revival52
Alesana Mar 22, 2018
Shawn has done it again! #DadPunk is real. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful loving chaos of #Dadlife and then tell your friends to do the same!
Alesana Mar 20, 2018
We've updated our MerchNOW store! <3 Merch: Customized package: iTunes: