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Times Like These 1999-2006
Alden Tyrell Sep 27, 2017
SUMERIANFLEET - PENDULUM 2nd album OUT ON Dark Entries Records NOW Alden Tyrell Mr Pauli Zarkoff Josh Cheon Eloise Leigh
Alden Tyrell Sep 27, 2017
upcoming CLONE CBS HODGE & RANDOMER..w/ remixes by KOWTON and TYRELL & SERGE
Alden Tyrell Sep 05, 2017
Alden Tyrell Aug 30, 2017
Juno Records
Alden Tyrell Aug 21, 2017
Alden Tyrell Aug 15, 2017
ADE 2017
Alden Tyrell Jul 22, 2017
tonight....griessmuehle beRRRlinn
Alden Tyrell Jul 11, 2017
Alden Tyrell Jul 11, 2017
Untitled #909
Alden Tyrell Jul 11, 2017
Vin Sol
Alden Tyrell Jul 09, 2017
anyone familiar with MPC2000s? need some help here.. ive replaced one of the tactswitches on my MPC2000 s fixed the cursor and all looked fine after replacing it. I didnt check the pads though...only to find out now, that all pads are dead..? Never had pads issues before,,,,I've checked both ribbonconnectors..the one above the pads and the other one that connects to the bottomboard... I know i can buy a new padsheet -thing....but its a bit weird all pads stopped just like thinking something else is wrong could i have messed up my pads by changing a tactile switch? any experience or advice?
Alden Tyrell May 25, 2017
Timeline Photos
Alden Tyrell Apr 01, 2017
last minute
Alden Tyrell Feb 22, 2017
Be-At TV
Alden Tyrell Jan 17, 2017
Timeline Photos
Alden Tyrell Jan 17, 2017
Alden Tyrell Oct 18, 2016
RIP what..looking for a new mixer is like opening a can of worms..
Alden Tyrell May 24, 2016
Testpressings in ... Inside-out .. For DPX01.... Dpx & alden tyrell rmx....
Alden Tyrell May 11, 2016
North Sea Jess 1994 (?) with DJ Overdose Jee Dinges
Alden Tyrell Apr 24, 2016
SuicideCircus Berlin..w/ Rieks Bakker and Delta Funktionen
Alden Tyrell Apr 22, 2016
Unexpected company at schiphol w Conforce
Alden Tyrell Apr 07, 2016
Testpressing in for new project on Clone Royal Oak... Out some day soon.. I guess
Alden Tyrell Mar 31, 2016 amp..yeehaa