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Alan Parsons Oct 20, 2017
On October 29th I will be joining as Panel member for the event "Defending Artistic Expression" which will be a discussion about International censorship and the pressure associated for artists to boycott Israel. Please come join us.
Alan Parsons Oct 17, 2017
Good Morning! Recently I spoke with our very own Tom Brooks in a question & answer approach discussing the techniques and style I use in the recording process, including some tips I can offer to new Engineers and Producers. A very well written article, thank you Tom!
Alan Parsons Oct 07, 2017
A discussion with Alan on the Past, Present and Future: I just wanted to point out an error in the article. When working on the Eye In The Sky Boxset, as it is mentioned I was working with Sally Woolfson. Sally is daughter of my late partner Eric and his widow Hazel.
Alan Parsons Sep 20, 2017
Congratulations are in order! Our very own Danny Thompson has found and married his soul mate!! Our fondest wishes for a life long in love, Danny and Zania. Photo by: Kate Ruehle
Alan Parsons Sep 15, 2017
Here is a new remix for 'Sirius" by Ministry of Sound approved producer Disco Demolition. Download or stream it here:!fb0727
Alan Parsons Aug 30, 2017
Alan bumped into Queen guitarist Brian May on a flight from Dallas to Nashville. Brian is also a celebrated astronomer and astrophysicist and was on his way to witness the total eclipse. Alan also saw the eclipse with family and friends just outside Nashville. "It was an unforgettable and life changing spectacle".
Alan Parsons Aug 01, 2017
Pre-order available now for US - Our 35th anniversary collector’s edition of ‘Eye in the Sky’ boxset (3CD/2LP/Blu-ray) inclusive of Eric's Songwriting Diary bonus material. Available everywhere on Friday Nov 17th.
Alan Parsons Jul 30, 2017
I am excited to be honoring the career and innovations of the legendary Rupert Neve tomorrow, his 91st birthday in Austin, TX. Myself and fellow colleague Geoff Emerick have the prestigious honor of being special guest presenters for the celebration.
Alan Parsons Jul 27, 2017
The Eye in the Sky is looking at you! Rediscover our classic 1982 album ‘Eye in the Sky’ in a 3CD/2LP/Blu-ray 35th anniversary collector’s edition available everywhere Friday, November 17. Pre-order link
Alan Parsons Jul 05, 2017
I will be on the air with Lin Aubuchon as co-host for the #KTYDMorningShow at my local rock station 99.9 KTYD this Friday 07/07 from 6AM-10AM Pacific time. We will be taking phone calls and questions, so please feel free to call in. Live Streaming is available by clicking the link below.
Alan Parsons Jun 30, 2017
Our "Tales of Mystery And Imagination" 40th Anniversary Box Set has been nominated for the Reissue of the Year Award for the Progressive Music Awards 2017. It is a public vote, so give us a vote please if you agree at
Alan Parsons Jun 29, 2017
I am pleased to share that I will be on air with Lin Aubuchon as co-host tomorrow for the #KTYDMorningShow at my local rock station 99.9 KTYD from 6am - 10am Pacific. We will be taking phone calls and questions, so please feel free to call in. Live Streaming is available by clicking the link below.
Alan Parsons Jun 02, 2017
Alan recently visited London following his triumphant concert tour of Germany, and had the opportunity to go to the #PinkFloydExhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Here he is pictured with the console he used to record "The Dark Side of the Moon". The console was recently sold at auction for $1.8 Million.
Alan Parsons May 28, 2017
At Circus Krone in Munich, Germany. We had so much fun with you all.
Alan Parsons May 26, 2017
We are all having such a wonderful time here in Germany, and I thank all of you! Here are a few wonderful photographs capturing the experience by our very own Tabitha Parsons.
Alan Parsons May 11, 2017
A little piece of history, oh the memories... Wishing the best for the exhibition.
Alan Parsons Apr 30, 2017
AP going live from Capitol Studios in Hollywood in 10 minutes.
Alan Parsons Apr 29, 2017
Our Recording Master Class in Cologne has almost sold out! There’s only a handful of tickets left for the ASSR Master Class in Cologne, May 10th, two days ahead of the German tour. The Master Class is being held at Cologne’s legendary Maarweg Studio2, which was the old EMI Studios in Cologne back in the day. This is an intensive 1-day class where I will be recording an excellent young progressive rock/pop band from Switzerland, Riptstone ft. the powerful Julie Beriger on lead vocals and brothers Linus and Ruben Mathys on guitars and drums. Shades of Amy Winehouse meets Muse! Full event details and tickets for purchase can be found at: For inquiries please contact or by phone (PCT in USA) on 1-800-752-2780.
Alan Parsons Mar 10, 2017
Wow!! I have to say that was a much larger response than I was expecting. There were so many intriguing questions and wonderful stories you all shared with me, plenty of laughs in there as well. I truly thank you all for taking the time to write. I've had quite a bit of reading to do over the last couple of days and it was very difficult for me to choose only 10 questions. So with that, I have chosen to answer a few more in the next couple of days. Keep watching here if you don't see your answer below, and please do not be offended if your question wasn't chosen. For our first question, Flemming Grøn asks why we have never used Arthur Brown on vocals again after Tales of Mystery and Imagination. A - Well, we never felt there was another song quite fit for his style - would you have chosen him for a particular later work by us? Question 2 comes from Rocky Rosga. Rocky asks about the atmospheric sound at the beginning of I Robot. A - Great question. The atmospheric sound you are describing was the Yamaha CS80 Synth with phasing. We had some fun playing around with those sounds. Question 3 from Per Magnusson asks, where is the old "Projectron" and if I would consider making a small sample library of the sounds we used. A - Well Per, I fear it may have ended up on a dumpster, sadly. it just wasn't something we considered keeping at the time. The tapes that we used still exist, but it is unlikely we would ever release them. Our next question from Daniel Bentzer is about how Eric and I selected our vocalists for songs and what our process was. A- Hi Daniel, it would seem that this would be a lengthy and taxing process, but honestly for Eric and I it consisted of three things. 1. Their range. 2. Their talent. And lastly was the easiness of which we could reach them. A question from John Gorse asks whether or not there is a chance of seeing me perform a flute solo in concert. A - I think the last time I performed flute on stage was during The Walk Down Abbey Road Tour in the early 2000's. I fear I may be a bit of a rusty Flautist at this point, but I may choose someday to play the flute again on stage. Meryl M Ledbrooke asks, did you have any inspiration while living at Upper Parrock, if so what was the particular track it was reflected in. A - Thank you Meryl, ‬I’m surprised you identified it as Upper Parrock - we changed the name of the property to Apedroc - after a tapestry in the house that referenced the Domesday Book. It was a beautiful place but can’t honestly say it was of any particular inspiration. Hello Javier Huerta. Javier asked if I would ever consider remastering my entire collection in 5.1. A - Sorry to hear you don't like the recent remasters. IMHO, vinyl still seems to be the reigning master when playing music. Top end was added to the remasters to match current trends. There was no compression other than brick wall compression on extreme peaks. We are working on Eye In The Sky in 5.1 for a release in a box set later this year. Carolyn Rinne asks about Freudiana and if I would ever consider playing works from this album or Sicilian Defense and/or doing a tour centered around my solo work. A - Freudiana was not the Alan Parsons Project, that was mostly Eric's work. There are no hits from Freudiana, which would be a reason commercially speaking not to perform anything from it just as we don’t perform from the AP “solo” albums - no hits. From Jorge Rubén Ochoa. He asks about any remarkable difference in working with Steven Wilson in comparison with other "Old School" musicians. A - Hello Jorge. Steven has a great band, he’s great writer and great talent - we did it the old school way - that was what Steven wanted. @Christian Landaeta asks about 5.1 as a current day format and if it is a natural setting for people who grew up listening to the 2 speaker stereo systems. A - I like 5.1 as a format for entertainment - I wish it would reach more people. Nothing to do with being “natural”. It’s just a progression from stereo. @Steve Timmerman asks about whether we carry arrangements for orchestras around while touring and whether or not I personally did all the scoring. A- Hi Steve, great question. Tom Brooks has become our musical director and conductor in recent times. Yes we send PDF's of scores and parts ahead of time for each orchestral show. The scores are based on Andrew Powell’s originals with mods by Tom. We never rehearse more than a few hours before each orchestral show, due to time and money constraints. Thank you everyone again for such wonderful questions!! Stay tuned for some more selected questions I will be answering in a few days.
Alan Parsons Mar 06, 2017
I found my old Abbey Road ID badge. This was back in the days when I cut my own hair. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I will be hosting a bi-weekly Question and Answer session. You may ask anything you like in context to my career, and I will select 10 questions to answer personally. Please submit all questions to this post. I will follow up with the answers in another posting this Thursday to the individuals whom asked, here on my Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from you all!!
Alan Parsons Mar 05, 2017
Thank You so much for the warm welcome and fabulous time St. Louis and Kansas City!! It was so good seeing all of you and sharing a few evenings together. We are on our way back home now and very much looking forward to the the #StarryNitesFestival weekend of March 18th and 19th.. right around the corner. Get your tickets now at if you haven't already, it will be a weekend to remember.
Alan Parsons Mar 05, 2017
Alan Parsons's cover photo
Alan Parsons Mar 05, 2017
Thank You so much for the warm welcome and fabulous time St. Louis and Kansas City!! It was so good seeing all of you and sharing a few evenings together. We are on our way back home now and very much looking forward to the the #StarryNitesFestival weekend of March 18th and 19th.. right around the corner. Get your tickets now at if you haven't already, it will be a weekend to remember.
Alan Parsons Feb 14, 2017
We are really excited to be performing in my own backyard on March 19th. Don’t miss out on the fun at Starry Nites Festival! Limited tickets are available here:
Alan Parsons Feb 12, 2017
Please be sure to tune in as our very own Tom Brooks will be performing with Chance The Rapper in tonight's #Grammys2017. Tom took home his own Latin Grammy win a few months back, and now he is gracing the Grammy stage once more with another great talent! All of us in the APLP family are very excited for this evening's performance. Air Times - Sunday, Feb. 12 (5:00-8:30 PM Pacific, 8:00-11:30 PM Eastern & 6:00-9:30 PM Mountain) on CBS.