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Molten Young Lovers
The Battle of Sealand
Airiel Live At Double Door 10/19/2004
Airiel Live At Double Door 07/10/2004
Airiel Nov 17, 2017
Official release party next month in Chicago with Bloody Knives, New Canyons, Rented Rooms and the Shimmer DJs!
Airiel Nov 08, 2017
Because you crazy awesome people bought ALL of the vinyl, this groovy white/splatter combo just went into production for the re-press. It’s available for preorder on the site and comes out in December. #airiel #shelflife #moltenyounglovers
Airiel Nov 03, 2017
T-Shirts have been restocked! We’ll have them at Kalamazoo tomorrow and we take credit cards!
Airiel Oct 28, 2017
Shelflife has an EXTREMELY LIMITED stock of the Japanese CD w/ bonus disc!!
Airiel Oct 28, 2017
It’s so nice to be back at the Tower Records in Shibuya! #airiel #newtok #artunion #moltenyounglovers
Airiel Oct 20, 2017
Happy Friday, everyone! We are thrilled to announce that the Molten Young Lovers LP is now available on CD in Japan via NEWTOK | ART UNION! This special edition contains the Kid Games EP as an extra disc!
Airiel Oct 13, 2017
Well, did ya get it yet? What do you think? Did we do a good job? #airiel #airielmusic #moltenyounglovers
Airiel Oct 10, 2017
People of Chicago: We’ll see you tonight at Slippery Slope! In the meantime, here’s another track to hold you over until Friday!
Airiel Oct 08, 2017
Airiel Oct 08, 2017
Ladies and gentlemen....
Airiel Oct 05, 2017
On Tuesday, October 10th, we will be at Slippery Slope for a Molten Young Lovers listening party at Shimmer! DJs Scary Lady Sarah and Philly Peroxide will spin our new record starting at 9:30. We will have copies of the white vinyl available for sale. Come hang out, ask us about the album, and listen to a ton of great music. Slippery Slope 2357 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, Illinois 60647 Molten Young Lovers comes out on Friday, October 13th on Shelflife!
Airiel Oct 04, 2017
The Shimmer DJs are hosting their monthly shoegaze night at Slippery Slope and starting at 9:30 PM, they will be playing our new LP! Come hang out, ask us about the album, buy the white vinyl early before the October 13th release date and get them signed. 21+
Airiel Sep 23, 2017
Big thanks to everyone listening to us on DKFM!
Airiel Sep 22, 2017
Airiel Sep 13, 2017
Airiel Sep 12, 2017
What is your favorite Airiel song?
Airiel Sep 08, 2017
It's Friday, so listen to some new Airiel!!!
Airiel Aug 21, 2017
All the cool cats are buying our music from Bandcamp right now. We have "plus" versions of the EPs which include demo versions of most of the songs. Thank you so much for your support! You purchases are what keep us alive.
Airiel Aug 16, 2017
The official music video for This Is Permanent, off of the upcoming Molten Young Lovers double LP on Shelflife. B&W DIY to the max. We had a lot of fun creating this. Security cameras, fish eye lens, Edison bulbs, & home made camera mounts.
Airiel Jul 24, 2017
Airiel Jul 17, 2017
Airiel Jun 20, 2017
Thank you, EVERYONE, for the response to the LP preorders. The splatter vinyl has already SOLD OUT. It's milky white vinyl going forward.
Airiel Jun 19, 2017
Only 30 copies of the splatter edition remaining!
Airiel Jun 16, 2017