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Citizen of Glass
Agnes Obel Sep 28, 2017
Sorting lyrics...
Agnes Obel Sep 18, 2017
Timeline Photos
Agnes Obel Sep 01, 2017
'Citizen Of Glass'... listen on Spotify.
Agnes Obel Aug 23, 2017
Kristina Koropecki and John Corban✨ #mooncult
Agnes Obel Aug 11, 2017
Hey everyone. My old bandmate #AnneMüller is playing at the By The Festival this Sunday in Berlin. The Festival is curated and arranged by the band Efterklang (aka Liima). Hope to see you there. x
Agnes Obel Jul 20, 2017
Such a wonderful place to end the tour.. Merci!! xo
Agnes Obel Jul 19, 2017
We're here Festival Les Escales du Cargo...
Agnes Obel Jul 19, 2017
Our last show of the tour tonight at Festival Les Escales du Cargo. We're on-stage at 10pm.
Agnes Obel Jul 18, 2017
Merci Festival de Poupet and to everyone who came to the show tonight. Was such wonderful night. C'est un belle nuit étoilée.✨xo
Agnes Obel Jul 18, 2017
Sound check
Agnes Obel Jul 18, 2017
We are playing the Poupet Festival tonight at 22. See ya✨
Agnes Obel Jul 17, 2017
See you tomorrow Festival de Poupet...
Agnes Obel Jul 12, 2017
FRANCE - we play Festival de Poupet on 18th July and Festival Les Escales du Cargo du Cargo on 19th July. Find tickets here:
Agnes Obel Jul 06, 2017
The last two shows of our tour are at Festival de Poupet on 18th July and Festival Les Escales du Cargo on 19th July, in France. Find tickets here:
Agnes Obel Jul 03, 2017
Charlotte Danhier
Agnes Obel Jul 02, 2017
Europavox Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Agnes Obel Jun 30, 2017
Thank you Europavox✨🌾
Agnes Obel Jun 30, 2017
Hello Clermont Ferrand! We are playing the Europa Vox Festival tonight at 22. Played this festival seven years ago and it was my first ever in France. So happy to be back✨🌾. xo
Agnes Obel Jun 29, 2017
Thank you Werchter!!
Agnes Obel Jun 28, 2017
Hallo Luxembourg, we are playing Festival de Wiltz tonight. We are on at 21:15. 🌾✨ #charlottiii #louise
Agnes Obel Jun 27, 2017
So happy to have had V.O. (aka Boris Gronemberger) with us for most of these last seven weeks. Such great music and such a great person. Merci Bobo ✨🌾
Agnes Obel Jun 25, 2017
Hello Lisbon. We are playing the Teatro Tivoli tonight at 22:20. It is our first show in Portugal ✨🌾. V.O./aka Boris Grönemberger is on at 21:30. Até logo... (Photography by Alex Brüel Flagstad)
Agnes Obel Jun 24, 2017
Muchas gracias Madrid.. We had a such a great time with you.. Can't wait to come back.. ✨🌾
Agnes Obel Jun 23, 2017
Barcelona.. Muchas gracias.. ✨🌾. Tonight we play in Madrid at the La Riviera. We are on at 21:30. Hasta luego..
Agnes Obel Jun 20, 2017
We are playing Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle tonight. We are on at 22:00. (Photography by Alex Brüel Flagstad)