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Industrial Beauty Extended
Hardware (SFTWR Included!)
Irish Recording Tape
Agent Side Grinder with Hemgraven at Slaktkyrkan (May 26, 2018)
Venue: Slaktkyrkan (Stockholm, Sweden) Find tickets
Nocturnal Culture Night Festival Nocturnal Culture Night Festival 2018
Venue: Kulturpark Deutzen (Deutzen, Germany) Find tickets
Agent Side Grinder Mar 04, 2018
Destroy to rebuild #agentsidegrinder #asg #asgmk2 #reconstruction #rcnstrctn #thegreatcollapse #killyourdarlings
Agent Side Grinder Feb 20, 2018
Successful recording sessions with Jon Bordon. Expect new music 🔜
Agent Side Grinder Feb 10, 2018
Happy birthday to our debut album that turns 10 years young today! Many considered us crazy when we released it back in 2008, using only analog equipment, no laptops and a punk/DIY attitude. But even more thought it was cool, it sold out quickly and was reissued multiple times. To celebrate this anniversary we will play a track from this brutal album when we return to stage later this year. Thanks @adrenalin_room for the pic 🖤 #agentsidegrinder #asg #berwaldhallen #debut #coldwave #industrialmusic #minimalwave #synthpunk #postpunk
Agent Side Grinder Feb 09, 2018
Just out: A killer remix of "Into the Wild" by British producer Kill Shelter. Free streaming & download. Enjoy!!
Agent Side Grinder Feb 05, 2018
ASG will play Warsaw Dark Electro Festival in October. In excellent company of Empathy Test and She Past Away. Exciting stuff!
Agent Side Grinder Jan 16, 2018
Akai MPC X is finally in our possession. What a beast!#agentsidegrinder #asg #akai #mpc #akaimpc #akaimpcx #mpcx #hardware #xmaldeutschland
Agent Side Grinder Jan 12, 2018
Agent Side Grinder Jan 12, 2018
ASG återuppstår den 26:e maj i Slaktkyrkan. Första giget i Sthlm på över 2 år och det ALLRA första med vår nya sångare Emanuel. I sällskap har vi grymma framtidsnamnen Hemgraven och Isolated Youth. Blir episkt, kom! In English: ASG resurrects May 26 at Slaktkyrkan in Stockholm. Premier gig with our new singer Emanuel. Support by excellent young bands Hemgraven & Isolated Youth. Epic night, be there!
Agent Side Grinder Jan 03, 2018
New year. New era. New concerts! Happy to return to beautiful NCN - Nocturnal Culture Night in September.
Agent Side Grinder Dec 22, 2017
Merry X-mas and a Hardware new year. See you in 2018 ✨
Agent Side Grinder Dec 02, 2017
Tic tac toe 📸 @nilssebastianphotography #agentsidegrinder #asg #asgmk2
Agent Side Grinder Nov 24, 2017
Agent Side Grinder
Agent Side Grinder Nov 24, 2017
Agent Side Grinder's cover photo
Agent Side Grinder Nov 24, 2017
Dear friends, The day is here to present the new singer of Agent Side Grinder. After some months of musical collaboration we are extremely happy to welcome Emanuel Åström to the ASG machinery. Emanuel proved to be the perfect fit for the job: A fresh new face yet an experienced lead singer with an exceptional voice that reminds us of a 90’s Blixa Bargeld. Also, he’s a long-time fan of ASG and well-familiar with the genre. We feel that these qualities combined with Johan's songwriting and Peter's sonic madness will form a powerful and solid line-up for the future. Expect a new single soon, followed by an album and a major tour in 2018. For more info contact agentsidegrinder(a) Last, thanks for your support and encouragement through a very tough period for us. Finally we're out of the tunnel, we can operate as a band again and feel convinced that the best of ASG is yet to come. 🖤J&P
Agent Side Grinder Nov 22, 2017
Exciting stuff unveiled on Friday 👀👀⏳
Agent Side Grinder Nov 19, 2017
Timeline Photos
Agent Side Grinder Sep 11, 2017
Synths and amps!
Agent Side Grinder Sep 05, 2017
Peter stars in this movie about being a dedicated father, cab driver and music nerd :) Also featuring a short short snippet of a new ASG track.
Agent Side Grinder Aug 23, 2017
Another killer synth in the hands of ASG. Prophet Rev2 by @dsisequential #agentsidegrinder #asg #davesmithinstruments #dsi #rev2 #prophetrev2 #mpc2500 #yamahacs30l #yamahacs5 #mophox4 #elektron #analogfour #rolandsh2 #moog #nordstage
Agent Side Grinder Jun 26, 2017
Lights, Camera, Action in the ASG headquarters today.
Agent Side Grinder Jun 14, 2017
Skinny Puppy in Stockholm tonight. Anyone who knows a singer with this dedication? Let us know!!
Agent Side Grinder Jun 04, 2017
Cleaning out the ASG archives. Web shop updated with rarities, cassettes, cd:s, t-shirts, buttons and package deals. Head on to!!
Agent Side Grinder May 06, 2017
Black tape magic finally up for purchase! Features no less than 7 bonus tracks.
Agent Side Grinder Apr 26, 2017
Thank you Henric de la Cour for joining us this unforgettable night!
Agent Side Grinder Apr 23, 2017
Agent Side Grinder's cover photo