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Industrial Beauty Extended
Hardware (SFTWR Included!)
Irish Recording Tape
Agent Side Grinder Sep 11, 2017
Synths and amps!
Agent Side Grinder Sep 05, 2017
Peter stars in this movie about being a dedicated father, cab driver and music nerd :) Also featuring a short short snippet of a new ASG track.
Agent Side Grinder Aug 23, 2017
Another killer synth in the hands of ASG. Prophet Rev2 by @dsisequential #agentsidegrinder #asg #davesmithinstruments #dsi #rev2 #prophetrev2 #mpc2500 #yamahacs30l #yamahacs5 #mophox4 #elektron #analogfour #rolandsh2 #moog #nordstage
Agent Side Grinder Jun 26, 2017
Lights, Camera, Action in the ASG headquarters today.
Agent Side Grinder Jun 14, 2017
Skinny Puppy in Stockholm tonight. Anyone who knows a singer with this dedication? Let us know!!
Agent Side Grinder Jun 04, 2017
Cleaning out the ASG archives. Web shop updated with rarities, cassettes, cd:s, t-shirts, buttons and package deals. Head on to!!
Agent Side Grinder May 06, 2017
Black tape magic finally up for purchase! Features no less than 7 bonus tracks.
Agent Side Grinder Apr 26, 2017
Thank you Henric de la Cour for joining us this unforgettable night!
Agent Side Grinder Apr 23, 2017
Agent Side Grinder's cover photo
Agent Side Grinder Apr 23, 2017
Thank you wonderful Kasemattenfestival for a mighty and emotional evening. An era ends now and we’d like to thank Henrik, Kristoffer and Thobias for their immense contribution through the years. We are grateful for the past, but feel VERY excited and confident about the future. Lots of cool stuff in the works, so stay tuned... Love ASG <3
Agent Side Grinder Apr 20, 2017
Kasemattenfestival 2017 on Saturday. Last gig with current line-up. See you in the caves 🦇
Agent Side Grinder Apr 18, 2017
Thank you all for attending Kalte Sterne in Frankfurt & Oberhausen. Special thanks to Andreas Behnke + crew, SCHONWALD, The KVB, QUAL for excellent music and company and to Sven Affeld for all help. Next up: Kasemattenfestival 2017 on Saturday. Last concert with current line-up!
Agent Side Grinder Apr 18, 2017
Upcoming 2017 shows!
Agent Side Grinder Apr 12, 2017
This weekend!! Apr 15: Kalte Sterne Festival 2017 Frankfurt Apr 16: Kalte Sterne Festival 2017 Oberhausen
Agent Side Grinder Apr 06, 2017
Last three concerts with our current line-up. Don't miss it Germany! Then a new era begins. Apr 15: Kalte Sterne Festival 2017 Frankfurt, Apr 16: Kalte Sterne Festival 2017 Oberhausen Apr 22: Kasemattenfestival 2017, Halberstadt
Agent Side Grinder Mar 16, 2017
"Industrial Beauty" merch back in stock!! By popular request, we will do a limited run of hoodies (first-ever ASG hoodie!), T-shirts and tote bags for the 3 festivals in Germany in April. From now on, you can pre-order these ltd. items in our Bandcamp shop: Pre-orders stop on Sunday night March 19. We ship worldwide.
Agent Side Grinder Mar 15, 2017
Kalte Sterne with ASG, The KVB, QUAL and SCHONWALD is getting closer. See you in April, Germany!
Agent Side Grinder Mar 02, 2017
Agent Side Grinder Feb 16, 2017
Thanks VerdamMnis Magazine for this epic review :D
Agent Side Grinder Feb 13, 2017
Thank you BodyBeats Belgium and Grauzone Festival 2017 for two amazing nights. So much dark love in the air. Hope to see you all soon, tot ziens ❤ (Photo by Hans Dinkelberg)
Agent Side Grinder Jan 30, 2017
Agent Side Grinder Jan 30, 2017
Less than 2 weeks until we hit the stage at Grauzone Festival 2017. Super line-up!
Agent Side Grinder Jan 18, 2017
Important message from the ASG headquarters: Our singer Kristoffer has decided to quit ASG due to lack of time. Following his decision, Henrik and Thobias have also decided to move on. ASG founders Johan and Peter will however continue with the band, fulfill their vision and record a new Agent Side Grinder album for Progress Productions in 2017. Scheduled concerts this spring will take place as planned. These concerts will be the final opportunity to see ASG with this formation. Hope you will join us on our future musical journey. And thanks for all the support <3 For questions, please contact
Agent Side Grinder Dec 29, 2016
Agent Side Grinder Dec 23, 2016
ASG returns to one of our absolute favorite cities: Antwerpen. Feb 10, save the date!!