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AFI (The Blood Album)
Sing the Sorrow
Crash Love
Crash Love (Expanded Edition)
Crash Love (Bonus Track Version)
Crash Love
I Heard a Voice (Live from Long Beach Arena)
Miss Murder (Plus Single)
The Art of Drowning
Black Sails in the Sunset
All Hallows EP
Answer That and Stay Fashionable
Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes
Very Proud of Ya
AFI Oct 13, 2017
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AFI Sep 20, 2017
Australia, thank you for having us back, and a special thanks to everyone who came out to #thebloodtour. #AFIAustralia2017 #thankyou 📷: @mckaysenberg / Stu McKay Photography
AFI Sep 16, 2017
Brisbane, tonight. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017
AFI Sep 15, 2017
AFI Sep 15, 2017
The Blood Tour Australia 2017 #thankyou #AFI #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017 📷: @mckaysenberg / Stu McKay Photography
AFI Sep 13, 2017
Perth, tonight. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017
AFI Sep 13, 2017
The Blood Tour Australia 2017 #thankyou #AFI #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia17 📷: John Raptis Photography - Visceral Industry for HEAVY Magazine
AFI Sep 12, 2017
Davey and Jade sat down with Blue Microphones to give a behind the scenes look at the making of AFI (The Blood Album). The guys discuss their process for tracking vocals, and how Blue Mic became their go-to microphone.
AFI Sep 11, 2017
Adelaide, tonight. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017
AFI Sep 10, 2017
Melbourne, tonight. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017
AFI Sep 09, 2017
Congratulations to Laura Eddy, who created the winning lithograph design that will be available at all of our Australia shows. Thank you to everyone who entered. We received a lot of great designs, and it was a tough decision. For a full list of upcoming shows visit
AFI Sep 09, 2017
Sydney, tonight. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017
AFI Sep 08, 2017
See you tomorrow. 🇦🇺 ️#thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017 #1day 📷: Nicole Mvrie Photography
AFI Sep 07, 2017
02 DAYS. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017 #2days 📷: Nicole Mvrie Photography
AFI Sep 06, 2017
03 DAYS. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017 #3days 📷: Kristin Kesterson
AFI Sep 04, 2017
04 DAYS. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017 #4days 📷: Nicole Mvrie Photography
AFI Sep 04, 2017
Australia, only 5 days until we kick off #thebloodtour with Basement and Introvert. Visit for tickets and more information. We’ll see you guys soon. #5days #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017
AFI Sep 03, 2017
06 DAYS. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017 #6days 📷: Nicole Mvrie Photography
AFI Sep 02, 2017
07 DAYS. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017 #7days
AFI Sep 01, 2017
Create a lithograph design for our upcoming Australia Blood Tour for a chance to meet us, have it used in our tour merch line, and receive $500 AUD. Email your design, full name and tour date you will be attending to by 11:59PM AEST on September 6th for your chance to win.
AFI Sep 01, 2017
08 DAYS. #thebloodtour #AFIAustralia2017 #8days
AFI Aug 29, 2017
Tune in to Facebook Live tonight at 5 PM AEST, to see us answer your questions, in anticipation of our upcoming Australian Tour. Visit for tickets and more information. #thebloodtour
AFI Aug 09, 2017
Thank you to our friends in Circa Survive and Citizen and to all of you who came out and made this such a memorable tour. Next up, #thebloodtour comes to Australia. Visit for a full list of upcoming shows. 📷:
AFI Aug 03, 2017
Our former bass player, Geoff Kresge, is selling reissues of original AFI recordings. While we remain proud of every era of our 26 year existence, and certainly do not begrudge Geoff feeling reflective towards the four years he spent with us before he quit, we are confused why he has taken it upon himself to assume control of the shared Key Lime Pie label and release these records without notifying or consulting us. We had always loved the fact that these releases were special limited edition items, pieces of history that we wanted to keep rare. Geoff has begun accepting pre-orders of the Dork EP and is including on it an unreleased song which he wrote no part of, without getting permission from the co-owners and songwriters. Geoff has never paid anyone in the band, including Mark Stopholese, their share of the proceeds of these sales, despite our repeated requests that he do the right thing and pay our shares. While we do feel for what we can only assume is Geoff’s financial need, it simply is not fair for one person – a person who left the band willingly in 1996 - to benefit to the exclusion of the other owners of these recordings and writers of the songs. As fans, of course, we support your right to buy as you please, but we wanted you to know that we do not support these sales.
AFI Aug 01, 2017
RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATRE // 07.27.17 \\ MORRISON, CO #aficircatour #thankyou #redrocks 📷1-3: @kristinkestersonphoto 📷4-5: Jordan Altergott Photography