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Adventure Club at Hard Rock Hotel (September 2, 2018)
Venue: Hard Rock Hotel (San Diego, CA, US) Find tickets
Adventure Club at The Grand (September 10, 2018)
Venue: The Grand (Boston, MA, US) Find tickets
Rifflandia Festival Night Pass Rifflandia Festival Night Pass 2018
Venue: Multiple Venues - Rifflandia Festival (Victoria, BC, Canada) Find tickets
Imagine Festival presents "Imagine Festival" Imagine Festival presents "Imagine Festival" 2018
Venue: Atlanta Motor Speedway (Hampton, GA, US) Find tickets
Imagine Music Festival Imagine Music Festival 2018
Venue: Atlanta Motor Speedway (Hampton, GA, US) Find tickets
Adventure Club at The Metropolitan Nightclub (September 28, 2018)
Venue: The Metropolitan Nightclub (New Orleans, LA, US) Find tickets
Adventure Club Aug 07, 2018
Denver was MENTAL! Where do you want us to throw down next? 🎵: Adventure Club & Warez - Titan
Adventure Club Aug 02, 2018
Who’s ready for the new Superheroes Select series? Every so often we’ll upload edits that we only play live. Dropping this one next week!
Adventure Club Jul 31, 2018
Not all superheroes need capes, but some new gear never hurts! Save 30% through Sunday with the code SUMMER30 during checkout! 💥 SHOP NOW -
Adventure Club Jul 06, 2018
Now get in the pit and try to love someone!
Adventure Club Jun 28, 2018
Don't forget to blast our new mix! LISTEN NOW -
Adventure Club Jun 26, 2018
Our newest Superheroes Anonymous mix is here! Sit down or stand, we don’t really care. Just crank your speakers and blast this crazy mamajama for your neighbours but also your dog; they’re definitely going to love this.
Adventure Club Jun 22, 2018
06/26 - A New Chapter Begins
Adventure Club Jun 15, 2018
Our cover of Portugal. The Man with Sara Diamond is OUT NOW on CURE8 Records! Give it a listen, then make your friends give it a listen:
Adventure Club Jun 14, 2018
New music coming in hot! Who's ready for our cover to drop tomorrow?!
Adventure Club May 02, 2018
The longest “let me see you move” in the history of the world. Can we get Guinness World Records to confirm this?
Adventure Club Apr 23, 2018
Always love comin back to AZ! See you at Wet Electric 4/28 ☀ Tix:
Adventure Club Apr 17, 2018
Walking like this gets really uncomfortable after a while
Adventure Club Apr 10, 2018
A little something to hold you guys off before a big announcement next week // HATE #4minute
Adventure Club Apr 09, 2018
Who did it best? Ookay
Adventure Club Apr 08, 2018
So....the kid just yodels at Walmart?!
Adventure Club Apr 04, 2018
Since day 1 of AC, Rusko is someone we’ve always looked up to. Incredibly happy he’s healthy and back making music. We were going to save this one for a bit later, but this seems like a perfect time. Here is a remix of our favorite Rusko Remix // A-Trak Kid Sister
Adventure Club Apr 03, 2018
Los Angeles! We're back! // Whipped Cream Music DJmag Exchange LA TICKETS:
Adventure Club Apr 02, 2018
Oh man, marshmello always makes the goofiest faces
Adventure Club Apr 01, 2018
Thank you Los Angeles! You always make it feel like home!
Adventure Club Mar 30, 2018
New Remixes, New Collabs, New Shows, New Freezer, Same Canadians // Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (AC Remix)
Adventure Club Mar 29, 2018
Stay Gold JAUZ Ultra Music Festival
Adventure Club Mar 28, 2018
Hands up if you’re ready for new music 🙌
Adventure Club Mar 27, 2018
Name that band! Delaney Jane Shaun Frank JAUZ
Adventure Club Mar 27, 2018
Tfw you’ve spent all day dropping IDs all over Miami. Who caught some of those unreleased tracks this past weekend?
Adventure Club Mar 11, 2018
Never gets old 😂😂😂