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Adult Jazz Mar 02, 2018
Adult Jazz Jan 07, 2018
🌟NEW AJ FULLENGTH 2018🌟 but's some ethical spam ....From the UK? Been to school ever? Care about queer ppl + better sex ed? Please fill in this emphasising 1) some content for LGBTQ+ students and 2) stuff that educates about consent and promotes a positive, emotional understanding of sex.....So we don't have to cobble together our education in silence anymore!
Adult Jazz Nov 26, 2017
Dog based AJ tat! <3<3<3 Update on the eponymous Bonedigger (his name is Troy): very old now, grey on all his edges, a little odd, covered in lumps, still cute, 10/10 would pet again.
Adult Jazz Nov 16, 2017
#tbt to this we made with Okay Kaya if u didn't catch it first time round- hope u dig !
Adult Jazz Nov 10, 2017
Adult Jazz's cover photo
Adult Jazz Nov 10, 2017
Adult Jazz's cover photo
Adult Jazz Oct 22, 2017
Some lovely fans got matching tattoos! We <3 you all and thanks for being patient with our band! x
Adult Jazz Oct 19, 2017
Adult Jazz's cover photo
Adult Jazz Oct 19, 2017
Adult Jazz
Adult Jazz Oct 15, 2017
Adult Jazz Oct 11, 2017
Adult Jazz Sep 01, 2017
Adult Jazz Aug 29, 2017
just having a mocha frappe in a country where, as of 2014, you can be stoned to death for being gay #frappe #separatechurchandstate
Adult Jazz Aug 23, 2017
Tim's been working on a new project for two trombones, voice and electronics! It's called TONGUE and it also feats friends from Glad Hand, AEVA and G·Bop Orchestra. Visuals by the one and only Sam Travis. Be listening! 👅
Adult Jazz Jul 26, 2017
Hey guys, I (Harry) need ur help. Teaching some gender/queer theory + Judith Butler to some teenagers from all around the world tomorrow and need you to do a quiz for me. Sort the words in to 'boys thing' or 'girls thing' and go with gut instinct- don't censor any stereotypical thinking, and don't do anything meta! It's over on our twitter!
Adult Jazz Jun 30, 2017
Tom's been making some music for contemporary dancers SISTA SISTA - they're performing at Guest Projects ( just off Broadway Market) for Art Night London, in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery. Piece titled Act 1, Part II curated with Cairo Clarke followed by Q&A with some great guest speakers Hannah Perry, Holly Blakey, Cairo Clarke & Francesca Gavin.
Adult Jazz Jun 28, 2017
#tbt to the Ooh Ah Eh video made by Sam Travis! Do u remember ur first shave?
Adult Jazz Jun 27, 2017
Some wonderfully captivating choreography by Emma Portner and Ajani Johnson-Goffe to an edit of Spook. Also thanks be to Ellen Page for making us aware, and go watch her web series Gaycation!
Adult Jazz Jun 19, 2017
Dear facebook we've sold out and lent Springful to an advert for baby elephants 🤑:( 🤑 :( only joking- check out The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust helping to rehabilitate gorgeous little elephants
Adult Jazz Jun 17, 2017
Recording in East Sussex and just soaking up the culture really
Adult Jazz Jun 02, 2017
Adult Jazz Apr 26, 2017
Got, got, need, got
Adult Jazz Apr 01, 2017
Early days on the AJ wikipedia page
Adult Jazz Mar 24, 2017
East London- Tonight- Come see Tim play in Tongue (👅) amongst our other musical heroes at this friendship evening of music tonight
Adult Jazz Mar 10, 2017
Friends, OUR friends the wonderful Glad Hand have released their stunning debut album Be Kind. It is rich and deep and tense! Hope you love it as much as we all do xxx