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Soul Valley EP
Faze DJ Set #28: Adriatique
Feeling Good
ADRIATIQUE at Acqua Viva Gammarth (July 20, 2018)
Venue: Acqua Viva Gammarth (Tunis, Tunisia) Find tickets
ADRIATIQUE at Tomorrowland (July 21, 2018)
Venue: Tomorrowland (Boom, Belgium) Find tickets
ADRIATIQUE at Amnesia (July 23, 2018)
Venue: Amnesia (Ibiza, Spain) Find tickets
ADRIATIQUE at Audioriver Festival (July 27, 2018)
Venue: Audioriver Festival (Plock, Poland) Find tickets
ADRIATIQUE at Love Family Park (July 28, 2018)
Venue: Love Family Park (Frankfurt, Germany) Find tickets
ADRIATIQUE at VOID Mykonos (July 31, 2018)
Venue: VOID Mykonos (Mykonos, Greece) Find tickets
Adriatique Jul 07, 2018
Afterlife Ibiza. #adriatique #ibiza
Adriatique Jul 02, 2018
Fusion. Thank you. That was such a wonderful sunday evening. 🚀 #fusionfestival #adriatique
Adriatique Jun 13, 2018
Summer is coming. 15/06 - Diynamic Outdoor, Barcelona 28/06 - Memento Club, Marbella 29/06 - Uptown, Geneva 01/07 - Fusion Festival, Laerz 05/07 - Afterlife at Hi, Ibiza 06/07 - Fabric, London 07/07 - Balaton Sound, Lake Balaton 08/07 - Kappa Futur Festival, Turin 09/07 - Liasti Beach, Mykonos 13/07 - Melt Festival, Graefenheinichen 14/07 - Dour Festival, Dour 20/07 - Aqua Viva, Gammarth 21/07 - Tomorrowland, Boom 23/07 - Diynamic at Amnesia, Ibiza 27/07 - Audioriver Festival, Plock 28/07 - Love Family Park, Russelsheim 31/07 - Void, Mykonos 03/08 - The Block, Tel Aviv 04/08 - Diynamic Festival Istanbul 06/08 - Liasti Beach, Mykonos 07/08 - Void, Mykonos 09/08 - Neopop Festival, Viana do Castelo 10/08 - DGTL Barcelona 11/08 - Dreambeach Villaricos 12/08 - Loveland Festival, Amsterdam 16/08 - Cocoon Formentera 19/08 - Memento, Marbella 20/08 - Sonus Festival, Novalia 24/08 - Byganz X BMI Dubai, Allamian 26/08 - Ammos Beach, Larnaca 29/08 - NON Rooftop, Thessaloniki 31/08 - Bolivar Beach, Athens 01/09 - The Gärten, Beirut 03/09 - Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza 06/09 - The Ark Cruise, Palma de Mallorca 07/09 - Café d’Anvers, Antwerp 08/09 - Diynamic Festival London 08/09 - Afterlife at Avant Gardner, New York City 14/09 - Diynamic at DC10, Ibiza 15/09 - Nordstern Rooftop, Basel 20/09 - Afterlife at Hi, Ibiza 21/09 - TBA 22/09 - Mondo, Madrid 23/09 - Rituel, Paris 28/09 - Warung Beach Club, Itaij 29/09 - The Bow, Buenos Aires 30/09 - Primavera Folck, Mendoza Photo by Luke Dyson
Adriatique May 28, 2018
Grinding Rhythm is out! Listen to the whole SIAMESE​ Anthology Part II. Digital: // Vinyl:
Adriatique May 14, 2018
Our new track 'Grinding Rhythm' is coming out on 25th May. Listen it here:
Adriatique Apr 09, 2018
Time Warp 2018. Thank you!
Adriatique Apr 07, 2018
Let‘s do it.
Adriatique Apr 07, 2018
Tonight, Time Warp. 22:00 - 00:00. Floor 3. Come early ;) x
Adriatique Apr 05, 2018
Afterlife Voyage by us.
Adriatique Mar 30, 2018
Paris. H A ï K U tonight.
Adriatique Mar 28, 2018
Afterlife Ibiza 2018.
Adriatique Mar 12, 2018
Last week Audio Obscura announced, that we will be the first electronic music act to perform at the central station in Amsterdam on April 14th. We expect it to be something special and it seems that you do too. Of course we are happy that so many of you want to attend this event. That it sold out so quick was overwhelming. Therefore we are excited to let you know that Audio Obscura and we are going to have a surprise coming up this week. Stay tuned for more information!
Adriatique Mar 10, 2018
Adriatique Mar 09, 2018
Ray EP out now on Afterlife. Buy here:
Adriatique Feb 25, 2018
Magic Barcelona. Thank for the incredible vibes!
Adriatique Feb 21, 2018
Looking forward to start the season at Time Warp 2018. See you in april.
Adriatique Feb 14, 2018
Voices From The Dawn - March 9th - Afterlife Pre-Order:
Adriatique Feb 01, 2018
SIAMESE Barcelona. RSVP:
Adriatique Jan 31, 2018
Our remix for DJ Hell is out now. Buy here:
Adriatique Dec 18, 2017
As we approach the end of the year slowly but surely a very special night is ahead. It already feels like a tradition to us. Of course we are speaking about our yearly gathering at De Marktkantine in Amsterdam. You might have recognised that we have a deeply rooted connection with this city and experienced some memorable days and nights there. This year we bring some support with us. Ed Davenport, who just released a beautiful Record on Siamese will join us in the main room alongside Shiffer, a young and very talented Musician from Basel, who’s true potential has yet to be revealed. And there are more good news to share. As you might know normally we have to close at 5am, but this year we get an extension and are able to go on until 7am! Therefore we are super excited for another extended set on the 23rd of December at De Marktkantine in Amsterdam. Below a short recap of last year. Love, A+A. Ticketlink: RA Event: SIAMESE, NGHTDVSN
Adriatique Dec 09, 2017
Miami tonight! Solomun (Official) +2... Sounds like a long night! 💥
Adriatique Dec 07, 2017
'Magnolia' - Release tomorrow on SIAMESE. Listen full track here:
Adriatique Nov 28, 2017
Magical sunrise at La Fabrica in Cordoba. Thank you!
Adriatique Nov 24, 2017
Wow... we had so much fun tonight at D-EDGE Thank you for dancing all night! ❤️ We come back very soon! 🇧🇷 #adriatique #saopaulo
Adriatique Nov 21, 2017
This Weekend. 23/11 D-EDGE Sao Paulo (BR) 24/11 Crobar Buenos Aires (AR) 25/11 La Fabrica, Cordoba (AR) 26/11 Omnia Producciones, Montevideo (UY) Next Stop: Sao Paulo. 🇧🇷