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Beyond the Bloodhounds
Adia Victoria Oct 16, 2017
PSA: black women invented the blues. it is our legacy. it's in our blood. thank you @afropunk y'all beautiful. 🎈 * * 🎥: @groceryonhome #afropunk #wiseblood #adiavictoria #babyblues #victoriaspivey #blackgirlmagic #blackgothsunite #redbloodcells @atlanticrecords @canvasbackmusic 😗 Find me on instagram: @adiavictoria
Adia Victoria Oct 12, 2017
🌵cali🌵 you been real qt. heading back home to nashville to hug my cat. birmingham, see y'all saturday at @syndicatelounge to all my ATL kinfolk-- we're up at @afropunk on sunday. 📷:@patricesharon * * * #adiavictoria #la #afropunk #patricesharonjackson #blackgirlmagic
Adia Victoria Sep 19, 2017
‼️TW: LONG LIT NERD POST HATERS STAY HOME. Thirty years ago today the utter tidal wave that is 'Beloved' entered the public world. Thank you Toni Morrison for writing Our waters deep, eternal, and utterly uncompromised by the white gaze. * * * * I gathered the courage to confront this work for the first time 5 years ago. The below passage of Sethe cooking biscuits bowled me over. Only 16 pages in and I was slapped, wig snatched in the face of her staggering genius. * * * * "Sethe took a little spit from the tip of her tongue with her forefinger. Quickly, lightly she touched the stove. Then she trailed her fingers through the flour, parting, separating small hills and ridges of it, looking for mites. Finding none, she poured soda and salt into the crease of her folded hand and tossed both into the flour. Then she reached into a can and scooped half a handful of lard. Deftly she squeezed the flour through it, then with her left hand sprinkling water, she formed dough." #tonimorrison #beloved #blackgirlmagic #blacklivesmatter #nobelprize
Adia Victoria Sep 16, 2017
Tomorrow at Ft. Houston we will be sending our baby girl, Jessi Zazu, off from this world. 2020 Lindell Avenue. 3pm. You can make dontations towards her memorial fund as well as final medical expenses here: Godspeed, baby j! ♥️♥️ #aintafraid #jessizazu * * * Photo: @alyssegafkjen
Adia Victoria Sep 07, 2017
This little lady is A F R O P U N K bound. ATL, I'll catch y'all at the Carnival of Consciousness 10.15. Stay blessed up. 📷: @patricesharon * * * * #afropunk #adiavictoria #patricesharonjackson #atlanta
Adia Victoria Aug 16, 2017
🇨🇦🇨🇦CANADA🇨🇦🇨🇦 I'm heading back to y'all! We play @interstellarrodeo in #winnipeg this weekend. What's the most Canadian wthing I can do while there?? 📷: @mhickman666
Adia Victoria Aug 15, 2017
This morning I woke up annoyed at the polite progressive talking heads who seem to be falling over themselves on cable news to feign shock over the past weekend in #charlottesville Don't let your favorite #woke pop star try to tell you different. THIS. IS. US. * * * * #blacklivesmatter #thisisus #fuckwhitesupremacy
Adia Victoria Aug 08, 2017
Nashville, we're performing at Musician's Corner this Saturday. Bring the kids. I've quirkily omitted 'fuck' from all my songs. Should be fun. 3:15pm 🎈🎈 * * * Photo: @patricesharon
Adia Victoria Aug 01, 2017
We couldn't have asked for a better time at XPoNential Music Festival this past weekend. Thank you to everyone who came to sweat out the blues with us! xo AV
Adia Victoria Aug 01, 2017
So proud to announce that we will be opening for The National on 10/5 for their sold out show in Boston at Wang Theatre.
Adia Victoria Jul 13, 2017
One day they'll get it right. 🤦🏾‍♀️ ATL! We'll see y'all at tomorrow's #soldout show at @thefoxtheatre opening for @sturgillsimpson ✨ #blackgirlproblems #VictoriaAdia #horribleweather
Adia Victoria Jun 29, 2017
Tickets are now on-sale for #CalJam17 You can get there here:
Adia Victoria Jun 20, 2017
Playing #CalJam17 - Tickets on sale June 29th at 10am PST.
Adia Victoria May 24, 2017
For Jordan Edwards. For Emmett Till. #BlackLivesMatter x AV 'two brothers walk into a bar' "watch them" she orders me from a face no longer her own with a voice lowered, lethal. expecting. in a tone exampled by her mother and her mother and her mother and her mother and her mother and "watch them" two words reaching back through her life, her line, her roots, her blood "watch them" two words spat like gas on a fire this is high action invective it can claim accuse indict abuse it can strip bark from every living limb. "watch them" two words able to conjure and contour mob rage to mark backs to birth attack on black bodies "watch them" (watch them?) "watch them." so i do but use my eyes. they sit. they eat. they tip. they go.
Adia Victoria May 24, 2017
FUN GAME: anytime a white person expects you to prove that you're "not like" whatever they've decided your "group" is, just ask them to prove that they're not like #dylannroof or #jamesholmes 😒
Adia Victoria May 09, 2017
Performing at the Interstellar Rodeo in Winnipeg, Canada, August 18-20 . Hope to see you there x Tickets:
Adia Victoria May 09, 2017
Forecastle Festival schedule announced today. Playing 6:30 PM on Sunday, July 16th. Get tickets and see the full schedule:
Adia Victoria Apr 24, 2017
and hence in consequence the fundamental function of the blues musician the most obvious as well as the most pragmatic mission of whose performance is not only to drive the blues away and hold them at bay at least for the time being but also to invoke an ambiance of Dionysian revelry in the process etc etc etc #albertmurray #blues #priestess #blackgirlmagic #mcm photo: @nickdinatale
Adia Victoria Apr 17, 2017
Still time to enter the Canvasback sweepstakes for your chance to win a copy of Beyond The Bloodhounds on vinyl
Adia Victoria Mar 30, 2017
We’re playing @ForecastleFest on Sunday, July 16! Daily tickets are on sale this Friday at 10am ET. Tickets:
Adia Victoria Mar 16, 2017
active child. amsterdam, see y'all tonight at @paradisoadam 8pm photo: Jason Williams for @thelineofbestfit #adiavictoria #carolinacreeper #amsterdam #blackgirlmagic #impossibleproject
Adia Victoria Mar 14, 2017
merçi, la france! 🇫🇷❤️ London, see you tonight at @thelexingtonlondon Photo: @ericmeurice #adiavictoria
Adia Victoria Mar 13, 2017
Paris, I'm about to put a spell on you. #adiavictoria #paris #queen Follow my European tour adventures on Instagram @adiavictoria
Adia Victoria Mar 06, 2017
Europe, I'm coming back! You can stuff me with bread, butter, beer and brats while simultaneously asking me what the hell is wrong with America for electing Donald Trump. We kick things off in Amiens on Thursday at @lalunedespirates 👀✈️🎀 #adiavictoria #carolinacreeper #rambler #bonvoyage Photo: @jhowardharris Tickets:
Adia Victoria Mar 03, 2017
'How It Feels' out now on Canvasback Records. Available here: Photo: Danielle Holbert