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Baby Blues EP
Beyond the Bloodhounds
Adia Victoria Mar 07, 2018
i get lots of DM’s from y’all asking when im going out on tour again. patience, bbs. ya gorl busy cooking up that new new creepy shit. 🖤 📷: @patricesharon find me on Instagram: @adiavictoria
Adia Victoria Mar 01, 2018
‘i don’t know nothing ‘bout southern belles/but i can tell you something about southern hell’ much 🖤🖤 to Spotify for featuring my debut single ‘stuck in the south’ in their “Roots of Change” playlist alongside so many other talented artists of color like Leon Bridges , Valerie June, and Alabama Shakes ✌🏽💫 📷: @ace_jace_ stream it now:
Adia Victoria Feb 28, 2018
i recently spoke to SoundCloud about representation in the blues scene for black history month. what yall know about that #blackgirlgenius 💙💙 #blackhistorymonth #SayItLoud
Adia Victoria Feb 27, 2018
spinning my josephine baker records to dance them blues away. 🍌💃🏽 Photo: @libby_like #josephinebaker #blackhistorymonth
Adia Victoria Feb 26, 2018
i got them sunday blues straight into monday blues. 💙💙 pre-order “Baby Blues” on 10” vinyl 👇🏽 #babyblues 🎨: @micaelariel
Adia Victoria Feb 20, 2018
i know i dont put much of myself on social media. it gives me insane anxiety. sometimes i wonder if my music will reach people if i dont put on a facade and sell myself. i’ve been feeling this way of late and today a fan shared this photo she made of me. and i realized that you guys are cool enough to connect with the music without all the fake shit. Anastazia, thank you for this. you guys are the best. x AV
Adia Victoria Feb 16, 2018
Y’all asked and it’s finally here. Baby Blues EP, featuring covers of Robert Johnson, Victoria Spivey and Lee Hazlewood, is available for preorder on 10 inch vinyl. Out on 3/2! Order yours here— >
Adia Victoria Feb 16, 2018
cant stop wont stop cant stop wont stop cant stop wont stop cant stop wont stop cant stop wont stop Photo: @slanginc
Adia Victoria Feb 02, 2018
Our tribute compilation to Nada Surf/Standing at the Gates: The Songs of Nada Surf's 'Let Go’, on which I cover “La Pour Ça”, is available now. Proceeds go to the ACLU and the Pavlove Foundation
Adia Victoria Jan 10, 2018
New year, new record. 🔜 Photo: Aaron Dessner
Adia Victoria Jan 09, 2018
I cover “La Pour Ça” in a tribute compilation to Nada Surf/Standing at the Gates: The Songs of Nada Surf's 'Let Go’ You can pre-order it below. Proceeds go to the ACLU and the Pavlove Foundation
Adia Victoria Dec 04, 2017
My label, Canvasback, is giving away a merch bundle featuring a shirt from yours truly. Check it out here
Adia Victoria Nov 28, 2017
I recently spoke with Red Line Roots about listening to see, covering other artists, and how art and friendship transcend death. Red Line Roots: what is it about engaging with other artists’ work that helps you get clearer about your own? AV: I think you’re a little less anal retentive when you’re working with other people’s songs. The lyrics are there, the song is there, the story is there. For me, that’s always the hardest part. I can write music, but it’s the story that I grapple with, and the ‘why,’ what’s the purpose? You enter into a sort of communion with these artists that you’re covering. This is what that experience felt like for you, and I’m going to show people what this feels like for me. Me singing “Ugly Brown” is very different than Lee Hazlewood, and what he’s talking about. The isolation that he suffered is very different than what I have encountered. It’s just a tradition of passing stories down and keeping people alive through their art, which is all you can do. Read the full interview below!
Adia Victoria Nov 15, 2017
Y’all, I know I don’t post much. Ya girl been busy plotting and planning for LP2. Let me get you caught up where I been this year via The Line Of Best Fit. From opening for Sturgill Simpson to slicing myself open at AFROPUNK, to collecting cat skulls in Joshua Tree. “Much of the past year I’ve mostly been stuck inside my head writing my next album. In between bouts of extreme and self-inflicted agoraphobia, I’ve gone out and performed some. Even recorded a bit, too. My new EP “Baby Blues” is an exploration of grief and isolation. It reimagines three blues tracks that influenced my art, and bends them into a twisted altar of abject loneliness.”
Adia Victoria Nov 10, 2017
Photo: Patrice Jackson
Adia Victoria Nov 10, 2017
Never did I feel so alive. ‘Baby Blues EP’ out now - #babyblues #adiavictoria #victoriaspivey #robertjohnson #leehazlewood Photo: @patricesharon Cover design: @slanginc
Adia Victoria Nov 10, 2017
Adia Victoria's cover photo
Adia Victoria Nov 09, 2017
Reached back through my blood and found the blues. ‘Baby Blues EP’ is out tomorrow. Dedicated to the life and spirit of Jessi Zazu. Photo: @patricesharon
Adia Victoria Nov 07, 2017
#truestory —when i first began playing out in nashville i would watch this video of TB Blues. Ms Spivey taught me how to cut them eyes like switchblades. make all the men just weep.💋 #victoriaspivey #babyblues #blackgirlmagic
Adia Victoria Nov 02, 2017
💀 of a felis domesticus is a beautiful thing.😺 #babyblues #catsofinstagram Photo: Patrice Jackson
Adia Victoria Oct 16, 2017
PSA: black women invented the blues. it is our legacy. it's in our blood. thank you @afropunk y'all beautiful. 🎈 * * 🎥: @groceryonhome #afropunk #wiseblood #adiavictoria #babyblues #victoriaspivey #blackgirlmagic #blackgothsunite #redbloodcells @atlanticrecords @canvasbackmusic 😗 Find me on instagram: @adiavictoria
Adia Victoria Oct 12, 2017
🌵cali🌵 you been real qt. heading back home to nashville to hug my cat. birmingham, see y'all saturday at @syndicatelounge to all my ATL kinfolk-- we're up at @afropunk on sunday. 📷:@patricesharon * * * #adiavictoria #la #afropunk #patricesharonjackson #blackgirlmagic
Adia Victoria Sep 19, 2017
‼️TW: LONG LIT NERD POST HATERS STAY HOME. Thirty years ago today the utter tidal wave that is 'Beloved' entered the public world. Thank you Toni Morrison for writing Our waters deep, eternal, and utterly uncompromised by the white gaze. * * * * I gathered the courage to confront this work for the first time 5 years ago. The below passage of Sethe cooking biscuits bowled me over. Only 16 pages in and I was slapped, wig snatched in the face of her staggering genius. * * * * "Sethe took a little spit from the tip of her tongue with her forefinger. Quickly, lightly she touched the stove. Then she trailed her fingers through the flour, parting, separating small hills and ridges of it, looking for mites. Finding none, she poured soda and salt into the crease of her folded hand and tossed both into the flour. Then she reached into a can and scooped half a handful of lard. Deftly she squeezed the flour through it, then with her left hand sprinkling water, she formed dough." #tonimorrison #beloved #blackgirlmagic #blacklivesmatter #nobelprize
Adia Victoria Sep 16, 2017
Tomorrow at Ft. Houston we will be sending our baby girl, Jessi Zazu, off from this world. 2020 Lindell Avenue. 3pm. You can make dontations towards her memorial fund as well as final medical expenses here: Godspeed, baby j! ♥️♥️ #aintafraid #jessizazu * * * Photo: @alyssegafkjen
Adia Victoria Sep 07, 2017
This little lady is A F R O P U N K bound. ATL, I'll catch y'all at the Carnival of Consciousness 10.15. Stay blessed up. 📷: @patricesharon * * * * #afropunk #adiavictoria #patricesharonjackson #atlanta