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Adam X Oct 21, 2017
Last night I was enjoying my gig at Glazart in Paris when about 1.5 hours into my set the artist Vlaysin who was to play after me asked if I saw if someone disconnect and steal his 1.5 K Octatrack. Sampler/Sequencer from the long table we were playing on. Unfortunately I didn't as my eyes were focused on the CDJ,'s, mixer & crowd. I can tell you my good vibe of playing went from 100 to 0 in seconds. I noticed quite a few people filming me while I played. Please if you filmed me playing can you take a look at your videos on your phones and see if you notice anyone disconnecting equipment on the far right of me around 2:45-3:30 AM. There was at one point around this time a man with a dark blue shirt in the booth. I can't say if this is the person but he was the only person I noticed in the dj booth in this time frame. If you see this person in a video please send it to me or Vlaysin. If in your video you see only one or two people in the dj booth from after 2:45 please send to one or both of us as well. It's a really shitty feeling to know that some scumbag lowlife was stealing a fellow artists equipment only feet from me while I'm having a lot of fun playing my show. :( ((((
Adam X Oct 13, 2017
Rebekah's crushing Industrialized techno EP for Sonic Groove has arrived hot in our hands today. You can listen to the full songs here and buy the vinyl and digital directly from us before it hits the retail and online shops globally in a weeks time.
Adam X Oct 09, 2017
Rebekah joins the Sonic Groove gangnext week with a killer Industrial Techno 4 track EP entitled "Into The Black". Check the clips here!
Adam X Oct 05, 2017
Going for the kill on Sonic Groove before the year finishes off. Resident Advisor announced today BLUSH_RESPONSE 's forthcoming album entitled "Infinite Density" today. Due out November 6th. BR will wrap up the year for SG but before doing so comes Rebekah's highly anticipated debut EP on SG entitled "Into the Black". A crushing release of Industrialized Techno, Soundcloud clip premier this coming Monday and out on the 16th of October.
Adam X Sep 21, 2017
Wow I just had my mind blown away seeing this video Cisco from The Advent took inside my old Sonic Groove record shop in 1998. We had a good 14 year run, with 9 years spent in that location. I have next to nothing in the way of photo's let alone video footage. So seeing this really takes me back to a very special time in my life. We had one helluva a record shop. Intense catalog of techno! With that being said the Sonic Groove spirit lives now thru the record label which I devote a lot energy to putting out vinyl. The latest releases out this week from the mighty Dasha Rush & another one from last week, Beta Evers
Adam X Sep 19, 2017
Finally after a long hiatus from releasing brain dance techno, Dasha Rush returns to Sonic Groove with a hot new EP entitled "Ain't No God Nor King". Dasha turns the heat up to melting point. Listen here and buy it if you like or love!
Adam X Sep 15, 2017
Some news is good news , hey even great news. Resident Advisor news blurb on the new Beta Evers release and forthcoming Dasha Rush release on Sonic Groove, Wait did I say new Dasha Rush on SG , yes I did!
Adam X Sep 11, 2017
I'm very excited to announce a Sonic Groove records re-issue of this very rare Electro-wave release from the amazing Beta Evers which fetches €60 on Discogs. Order your copy now for a nicely priced €8.50!
Adam X Aug 26, 2017
For the first time since 1995 I've had to cancel playing a show. I will not be performing this evening as Traversable Wormhole Festival Forte in Portugal. Instead I'm staying in NYC to take care of my Mother who is having an unexpected surgery early this week. My apologies to those who were looking forward to my live set. I was extremely excited to play this amazing festival and am now deeply saddened to have to miss out on it. I'm grateful for the long standing 22 year run with no cancellations. I'm looking forward to jumping back on that same long track once this situation clears.
Adam X Aug 14, 2017
Closing out the B2B set with Ron Morelli official @ Kartharsis, Amsterdam with with the mover remix of Cassegrain two weekends ago. Those Reaktor Events guys sure know how to curate an event. Sick lineup, sick production! It really doesn't get any better then this when it comes to parties.
Adam X Aug 12, 2017
I'd like to thank everyone who came to the [aufnahme + wiedergabe] & Sonic Groove event at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) this past Thursday night. Special thanks to the veterans' Rhys Fulber and P•A•L for destroying the place with their live performances!!!
Adam X Aug 10, 2017
For those in Berlin tonight. This is gonna go down hard. Don't miss out!
Adam X Aug 05, 2017
A fun night out last night with Sonic Groove label gang, Fixmer/McCarthy & Orphx at Reaktor Events. Getting ready for round two tonight with a B2B with Ron Morelli & I.
Adam X Aug 01, 2017
Looking very forward to this collaborative event Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) on Thursday August 10th with [aufnahme + wiedergabe] & Sonic Groove feat legendary EBM maestro Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly (Official Fan Page) Live & Industrial Rhythmic Noise killer P•A•L (Live) from ant-zen Records with Philipp Strobel and myself on mix duties for the evening. This is a very special one off Industrial/EBM Thursday concert at the club. The club is not normally open on this day. Hope to see you there
Adam X Jul 26, 2017
A very nice official video from Post Scriptum of his "You Won't Find Me" track on the latest Sonic Groove release. This heavy duty future Industrial tech-right here!!!
Adam X Jul 20, 2017
Tomorrow night I am playing at Arena in Berlin for the first time in two years. Ive always enjoyed playing there. I'm looking very fwd once again. Set time 4-6!
Adam X Jul 11, 2017
The latest hot, hot, hot summertime Sonic Groove release from Post Scriptum is now available on vinyl and digital on our Bandcamp page. It will start to appear globally in physical and online shops in about 7-10 days time. This is a killer release. Check it
Adam X Jul 03, 2017
It's Summertime and we're about to turn the heat up further on Sonic Groove with a burner of a new industrial techno release from the man known as Post Scriptum. Some serious goodness here.
Adam X Jun 25, 2017
I'm excited to announce that my latest ADMX-71 release entitled "Melted Fuel" is now out on LIES Records News, we are now selling vinyl copies and digital files at our Sonic Groove Bandcamp page:
Adam X May 31, 2017
We are now carrying this long lasting vinyl only series on the Sonic Groove Bandcamp page. There is a lot of speculation on who the artist/s could be. They/He/She prefer to remain anonymous. We at Sonic Groove have a no snitch policy!😀 As the saying goes snitches end up in ditches😆
Adam X May 17, 2017
I'm sitting here listening to the new Mika Vainio album that was released this week. Clearly not meant to be a post-mortem release as it takes months to manufacture vinyl. There is know better feeling as an artist to be able to hold and listen to your own record. It saddens me that Mika will not have that chance to do that here. :( What an amazing release.
Adam X May 15, 2017
Out today! Legendary EBM/Industrial producer Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly (Official Fan Page) debuts on Sonic Groove with "Realism. You can buy the digital and vinyl here from us or from many a cool record shops across the globe.
Adam X May 02, 2017
Coming May 17th legendary EBM/Industrial producer Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly (Official Fan Page) debuts on Sonic Groove Records with "Realism" a 4 song EP of EBM/Industrial/Brokenbeat greatness!!! Check the preview clips here.
Adam X Apr 29, 2017
Thanks to everyone who came to our Sonic Groove event at Tresor last night. It was an amazing night! Thanks to BLUSH_RESPONSE , Orphx and Max Durante, who all played great sets. That new sound system in Tresor is a beast. I'm looking forward to our next label showcase there in August. A double team up with [aufnahme + wiedergabe] Lineup to be announced soon!
Adam X Apr 26, 2017
Very excited for the big Sonic Groove label night at Tresor in Berlin this Friday(28th)A killer line up of Industrial techno with Orphx, BLUSH_RESPONSE, Max Durante & me!