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Es war einmal Indianerland (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Acid Pauli Jul 12, 2018
Acid Pauli Jul 08, 2018
's cover photo
Acid Pauli Jun 23, 2018
Megablast & Andreas Weisz. The superb 'El Vagabundo' comes backed with an Acid Pauli remix, check the clips and pre-order here
Acid Pauli Jun 23, 2018
FLYING CIRCUS (official)
Acid Pauli Jun 17, 2018
‘Leaving’ is Modular Project’s debut on Rebirth with remixes from Kasper Bjørke and me..
Acid Pauli Jun 13, 2018
Some years ago I saw DakhaBrakha perform live on a festival in Poland. They deeply touched me with their music and obviously I played one of their songs in some of my sets. For my first ever visit to Kiev I prepared another edit, but didn’t happen to play it. That’s why I am happy to share it here with you.
Acid Pauli Jun 13, 2018
Acid Pauli Jun 06, 2018
Premiere on Deep House Amsterdam Modular Project – #LEAVING (Acid Pauli Remix)
Acid Pauli May 17, 2018
#eswareinmalindianerland Gibt es seit dem 20.04. auf DVD und VoD Eine sehr besondere Crew... Ilker Çatak, Florian Mag, Johannes Jancke Jan Ruschke (Nominierungen zum #DeutschenFilmpreis2018 in der Kategorie Bester Schnitt) Mit einem tollen Cast... Emilia Schüle, #LeonardScheicher, #JohannaPolley Clemens Schick & Joel Basman „Ein wahrlich farbenprächtiger Coming-of-Age-Film, irgendwo zwischen „Tschick“ und „Faserland“ Süddeutsche Zeitung
Acid Pauli May 15, 2018
►Acidcase at Zamna Tulum◄ ►Friday, May 18th 2018◄ ►Bubu & Paulor◄ ►Dynamic Waves◄ ►#Mexico #DynamicWaves #AllYouCanAcid◄
Acid Pauli May 09, 2018
Berlin – 27° – Überwiegend sonnig Constantijn Lange - Orange Atlas
Acid Pauli Apr 26, 2018
Santi & Tuğçe
Acid Pauli Feb 22, 2018
#acidpauli #allyoucanacid #fusion #ilkercatak #art #music #movie #venice #psychedelic #mirror #doublemirror #infinity #fusionale #berlinale
Acid Pauli Feb 12, 2018
Tonight 21:00 - 6:00 #RoteSonne pres. #SaltaMontes #ulises & #acidpauli
Acid Pauli Feb 06, 2018
◎ ◉ ◎ BLD Remixes out now ◎ ◉ ◎ Stimming - Remix - Amadou ◎ ◉ ◎ Roman Flügel Axel Boman Satori Nico Stojan Listen/ Buy /Stream: ◎ ◉ ◎ #ouïe #music #BLD ◎ ◉ ◎
Acid Pauli Feb 04, 2018
◎ ◉ ◎ BLD Remixes out now ◎ ◉ ◎ Stimming, Roman Flügel, Axel Boman, Satori, Nico Stojan Listen/ Buy /Stream: ◎ ◉ ◎ #ouïe #music #BLD ◎ ◉ ◎
Acid Pauli Jan 24, 2018
Ahora concierto espontáneo El Internado Valparaiso O estás allí – o no te perderás nada 😉
Acid Pauli Jan 11, 2018
's cover photo
Acid Pauli Jan 11, 2018
Dear girls & boys and everybody in between, before the year is over again, I’d like to wish you a healthy and happy new year! May sun shine upon you when you need the light and may it rain on you, when you need the water. I am happy to choose the first option for now, leaving foggy Berlin for a little vitamin D refill. But before leaving to South America for our Acid Case tour, I uploaded one of my favourite sets of the past year: „KC Grad“, Belgrade, September 23rd 2017 Just a few words about it: I remember that I listened to music of Nicola (Cruz) on the plane and that I missed to take this amazing picture of Danube river when we flew over it, before landing at Nicola (Tesla) airport, where I had only been once (twice to be correct) before and after I played a short set not before, but after a Nicola(s Jaar) concert in 2012. So this was only my second trip to Belgrade and because neither I want to bore you, nor have I intentions to write a city guide, I will skip the part where we took a very nice walk through the city, and jump right to the last half hour before my gig when I discovered this amazing Serbian synth pop band „Beograd“. No question, I HAD to play one of their songs! Choosing one was not quite easy, but as always when you happen to go with the flow, you don’t need to make decisions, simply because the moment makes them for you...I ended up playing a song called "Opasne Igre“ whatever that means….haha, now that I am writing this, I had to look it up and what can I say? I do see a slight dissent in the context here. I would say, it’s rather a "dangerous game" if you’re not going with the flow, but obviously the song’s topic is somewhat different, so let’s leave it like that for the moment and continue the journey. My personal flow-master led me to Georgia later that night. Stay tuned and you’ll hear - for the first time online - one of my favourite edits of the past 433 days: Ana Malazonia & Fiqria Daiauris’ „Magnolia“ with Andhim’s "Holger Der Polka“. This one is in fact not even an edit, it’s just two songs mixed together, with the slight difference of 28 bars, meaning that one of them starts 28 bars later then the other one. I once heard someone say: "Simple but oh how beautiful“. Yes that's true! Of course I also had to play a track of my friend Satori, whose father makes the best Sarma (famous Serbian dish) I ever tried. It's prepared with cabbage that has to be pickled for almost half a year, to get the right taste. Yummy…but let's continue with music: I played Djordje's remix of my track „Jorge“, which - amongst three other gems - will be released very soon on our label Ouïe. Although you can hear a couple other new (at least back in September they were new) tracks, the general vibe of the set rather reminds me of this: "Some of my favourite tracks and edits from here, there and then, stirred with a little bit of - don’t forget we’re in Belgrade! - Techno, slowly cooked on (DJ) Hell’s car fire, served with deep-fried shaman punk and sprinkled with a streak of humour.“ Drink menu suggests: Gem&Bolt Bon appetit! But don’t forget to eat and drink with appreciation, so one, two, three, four more things: One: Thanks to Oguz and Dejan for their invitation and of course to everybody who has been there floating and dancing through this very special night with Sertac aka "As Smooth As" and my humble self. Two: In case you like this set you should thank Ilker Çatak by watching his films and future films. You may think: „ Why should I thank someone I don’t even know?“ This is why: If Ilker hadn’t encouraged me to put this set online, you would not be able to listen to it now. Very simple 😏. Three: To whom it may concern: Happy Birthday! Four: To whom it may concern and to all others, but especially to you Take care and be kind Yours Acid Pauli #AcidPauli #belgrade #assmoothas #ilkerçatak #beograd #kcgrad Kulturni centar GRAD Nicola Cruz GEM&BOLT Ilker Çatak Acidcase Satorii
Acid Pauli Dec 18, 2017
Acid Pauli Dec 04, 2017
Ladies & Gentlemen, I hope all is well and groovy. Here is the set I recently played at Dommune (ドミューン), Tokio. Thanks for inviting me and thanks to everybody who made our stay in Japan so nice and warm. We hope to see you soon again! Much Love from the Acid Family. #AcidPauli #Dommune #Tokio #Japan
Acid Pauli Nov 24, 2017
Release day!
Acid Pauli Nov 18, 2017
Acid Pauli Nov 14, 2017
Big Shot Magazine
Acid Pauli Nov 14, 2017