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Aba Shanti-I Jul 04, 2018
Aba Shanti-I Jun 29, 2018
Tonight we're back in Sardinia for the DubGate Weekender 2018 alongside our friends Imperial Sound Army & Iration Steppas Official... See flyer for more info!
Aba Shanti-I Jun 26, 2018
We're back at Scala on the 27th July alongside bredrin's Jah youth roots ambassador sound system & Imperial Sound Army More info @
Aba Shanti-I Jun 22, 2018
Greetings 1 & All!! Do remember we will be at Leicester Carnival on the Victoria Park in the daytime and then all roads lead to the BOXED for the after party vibes from 10pm onwards (see flyer below)... Blessed love!
Aba Shanti-I Jun 16, 2018
Tonight we’re in Spain 🇪🇸👍🏾🇪🇸👊🏾!! Check flyer for more info...
Aba Shanti-I Jun 15, 2018
Playing at Bagnols Reggae Festival in France next month!
Aba Shanti-I Jun 15, 2018
We’re playing at the Reggaebus Festival this summer in Belgium... Check the flyer for more info...
Aba Shanti-I Jun 08, 2018
This Weekend!
Aba Shanti-I May 08, 2018
We're back at the Scala on the 22nd June for our monthly residency at University of Dub alongside the sounds of Green Light Soundsystem from Barcelona & Hytalbosrah sound from Birmingham!!
Aba Shanti-I May 04, 2018
Settings for tonight... inna 360
Aba Shanti-I May 04, 2018
Tonight all roads lead to Birmingham... Arrive early to assure your entry!
Aba Shanti-I May 01, 2018
This Friday...
Aba Shanti-I Apr 29, 2018
Vibes from UOD on Friday night with bredrins Jah Tubbys official & Maasai Warrior Sound System... Big up to all in attendance!!
Aba Shanti-I Apr 19, 2018
This Saturday we're back in Rome, Italy alongside Radio Torre Sound System! More info @
Aba Shanti-I Apr 09, 2018
Back in France in July!! Check flyer for line up & location details...
Aba Shanti-I Apr 09, 2018
Back at University of Dub on 27th April alongside Jah Tubbys official & Maasai Warrior Sound System... more info @
Aba Shanti-I Apr 08, 2018
Testing out new-age sound system software at Word sound power studio with bredrin Robert Tribulation...
Aba Shanti-I Apr 07, 2018
Tonight we’re back in France!!
Aba Shanti-I Apr 03, 2018
Vibes from Leicester Dryden Street Social with Channel One Sound System & Iration Steppas Official... Dubkasm & Ashanti Selah Dubplate
Aba Shanti-I Apr 02, 2018
One love to all Jah people that was in attendance at our sessions this weekend... University of Dub (London) & Dryden Street Social (Leicester)... More videos to follow...
Aba Shanti-I Mar 30, 2018
Setting up the sound at Scala... Come rally round for a night of Jah Music!! #universityofdub #abashanti #wordsoundpower #hytalbosrah #soundsystem #rootsmusic #dub
Aba Shanti-I Mar 11, 2018
Vibes from the weekend at SHAK OUT... Big up to the promoters, venue staff, Sinai Sound System crew and the people who came out...
Aba Shanti-I Mar 10, 2018
Tonight you can catch us @ Juju's Bar & Stage alongside Blood Shanti & Fuzzy D!! Come Hear the Music & Feel the Vibes of the Falasha family
Aba Shanti-I Feb 19, 2018
April 1st BANK HOLIDAY Weekender dance in Leicester with this sound, Iration Steppas Official & Channel One Sound System at the Dryden Street Social More info @
Aba Shanti-I Feb 19, 2018
Friday 4th May in Birmingham ABA SHANTI-I meets YOUNG WARRIOR with both full sound systems! More info @