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Aarni Sep 22, 2017
Enchanting Equinox, everyone! May you be in your cups with venereal feelings and waterworks.
Aarni Jun 21, 2017
Enjoy a maladjusting Midsummer, moomins of madness! The Sun is still & the Gate open.
Aarni Apr 30, 2017
Weird Wino Walpurg to wondering wights!
Aarni Apr 03, 2017
'Anima' is featured as the soundtrack in an animation put together by Colin Miller (aka Dullko), for a college project. See you at the Oscars fnord 🖖
Aarni Mar 20, 2017
Eldritch Equinox fnord!
Aarni Jan 30, 2017
O thou musickal equivalent of a dhole...'Nemesis' has proven to be the most labour-intensive Aarni ditty to date. About half of the complex song laid down and we have already hit the 9 minute mark. 🐛
Aarni Dec 31, 2016
Have a trippy Anno Mungi 3183, darlings!
Aarni Dec 23, 2016
The final version mix/master of Aarni's "Path of Return" exclusively on this release.
Aarni Dec 21, 2016
Sacrificial Sunstill & Offbeat Old New Year, outpatients! Meanwhile our work continues on 'Nemesis'...
Aarni Oct 31, 2016
May thy dead speak with thee on this Kekri/Alfablót/Hallowe'en or wossname! Don't forget the libations...
Aarni Oct 04, 2016
Composing & demoing the guitar parts for 'Nemesis'. They remind one somewhat of early 90's doom metal...the good kind, hopefully.
Aarni Sep 22, 2016
Enormous Equinox to Enamoured Entities of Earth!
Aarni Jun 21, 2016
Merry Midsummer, meekish musick maniacs! Charge that floppy Wand with Southern Fire and get a grip...
Aarni Jun 14, 2016
Dark Country
Aarni Jun 08, 2016
Go skry a video by Dark Country, one of Genius Albert Frankenstein's myriad musick projects:
Aarni May 14, 2016
Finnish-language Aarni interview in the new issue #5 of Sairaus zine. Get thy copy already! Also perfect for those unfortunates who don't speak Finnish yet, but naturally want to learn ASAP.
Aarni Apr 30, 2016
Have a sobering Walpurgis Night! We know we won't...
Aarni Apr 07, 2016
Gargantuan guitarisms recorded for 'Nyarlathotep'. Miasma-ridden mixing may ensue, and then onto the next patient, which hight 'Nemesis'...
Aarni Mar 21, 2016
Those meeps of cosmic fear some call "vocals" have just been recorded for 'Nyarlathotep'. The abominable guitar solo shall be up next.
Aarni Mar 20, 2016
Esoteric Equinox to you, reprobates! May our swords cut through all the airy bullshit fnord.
Aarni Feb 26, 2016
Drums & bass manifested for 'Nyarlathotep'...the feeble, yet strong attempts at vocalisation up next. We'll leave the guitar heroics last...
Aarni Feb 03, 2016
Overdriven rhythm guitars lovingly recorded to 'Nyarlathotep'. Now for the more dreadful sacrifice of a guitar solo, of all elusive things..
Aarni Jan 12, 2016
Finished recording clean guitars for 'Nyarlathotep'. Quirky, twerky and tentacletip-busting. Ah, the most painful Aarni session to date! <3
Aarni Jan 02, 2016
Have a more charming Anno Mungi 3182! Please...
Aarni Dec 21, 2015
Merry Sun-still, patient. To thee, we wish the Yule Goat shall be mild!