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No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe (Original Soundtrack)
Wild Light
We Were Exploding Anyway
Escape from New York
The Destruction of Small Ideas
One Time for All Time
The Fall of Math
65daysofstatic at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre (June 15, 2018)
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre (London, UK) Find tickets
65daysofstatic Mar 15, 2018
Tickets for Robert Smith's Meltdown Festival went on sale this morning. We are playing Meltdown Festival. Yes. We are. Come one come all it's gonna be goooooooood.
65daysofstatic Mar 06, 2018
Ten years ago we toured with The Cure, opening up for them in arenas all over Europe and the U.S. It was great. A little later Robert Smith was kind enough to lend us his vocals for Come to Me and also kind enough not to be bothered when we cut them into glitchy pieces and covered them in distortion. Now he's been kind enough to invite us to play his Meltdown festival alongside some of the greatest bands in the history of bands. So that's what we're doing. We're playing 15th June. Tickets are on sale from 13th March if you're a member of the Southbank Centre, or 15th March if you're not. S E E Y O U T H E R E. 65.x
65daysofstatic Jan 15, 2018
t h r e a d s
65daysofstatic Jan 05, 2018
FYI everyone who has been playing the long game re: owning 65 shirts. If you use code OFFER40 at you get 40% off. Which is a lot of percent off. Weep at our entrepreneurial skills.
65daysofstatic Dec 15, 2017
you don’t have to thank us spotify, just doing our bit to help your execs keep their place in the parasitical-overclass-rich-people-death-cult. #happyholidays!
65daysofstatic Nov 29, 2017
newwwwwwwwwwwcastle. coming up next week to have a play in this new boiler shop venue. sounds good. support from warm lights. still tickets. last UK show of the year, penultimate everywhere-show of the year. tckststsz:
65daysofstatic Nov 02, 2017
Hi. Next week we’re debuting some new music at Millennium Galleries in Sheffield. It’s part of a project called Decomposition Theory or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Demand the Future. Usually we write songs from the inside, working our way outwards. At the core it starts with some bright, little idea, full of potential, expanding in every direction at once. As we work outwards, bits of the idea are trapped in the form of parts of a song. By the time we're making a record, we're usually outside the song, looking at it as a whole, sculpting its final shape. It gets fixed in time. Somewhere along the way, something of the original idea is always lost. Decomposition Theory is an attempt to work from the outside back in. Or maybe bring the inside back out with us. To make what’s essential to the music be the process of making it, instead of its final form. Every time we run this music, it will change. Songs exist as collections of sounds, logic and rules. Familiar but always different. No definitive versions of anything. It’s not improvisation, because people have better things to do than listen to us fuck about for an hour in case something cool happens. It’s more an attempt to keep all the bits we think make good songs without closing off the excitement of not knowing exactly what happens next. We had meant for the development process to be more transparent too. However, increasingly useless at social media, we made a tumblr blog and then didn’t fill it. We briefly remembered to shout about the shows on twitter and then got back to trying to fix the algorithms we’re writing. We mostly ignore facebook altogether, because facebook is. a. fucking. monster. Why are we doing this? No doubt, 65 are a long way from the frontline in any kind of struggle against capitalism and the abyss of a future it's driving us toward. But perhaps there's a minor supporting role in trying to imagine better futures. We are not railing against recorded music or albums or regular live shows, or what it can mean to be a band. However, these are all commodified forms. Almost all the ways anyone can relate to music these days are mediated through capital. Because we exist in relation to capital. We’re all drowning in it. It's almost impossible to think outside of it. And so Decomposition Theory is some small effort to imagine a space where music is no longer shaped in commodity forms, and a live show doesn’t emphasise the ritual of performance. We are un-songing our songs and un-performing on stage. Of course, we’re hoping that people will pay to come and see this. Only one of the shows is free. But y’know. This is where we’re all at. If you are in or close to Sheffield, do come down next week. The context might sound weird, but the music we’ll be making isn’t. It’s feels as good as anything we’ve ever written, even if we don’t know exactly what it will sound like yet. Onwards! 65ers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
65daysofstatic Oct 30, 2017
Morning. Here's Paul talking about our almost-here Decomposition Shows at AlgoMech Festival...
65daysofstatic Oct 27, 2017
65daysofstatic Sep 25, 2017
65daysofstatic Sep 20, 2017 || in development.
65daysofstatic Sep 01, 2017
65daysofstatic's cover photo
65daysofstatic Sep 01, 2017
We are going to be premiering a new work at Algomech Festival in Sheffield, November. Decomposition Theory is a performance built from music that will be generated in realtime by various algorithms we have made to do our bidding, or code that we type live. This is all new material. In fact, it will always be new material. Each performance will be different. Recognisable, but different. Like the cyborg who’s impersonating your murdered partner. More info to come in the coming weeks.
65daysofstatic Jul 20, 2017
current status.
65daysofstatic Jul 12, 2017
new(castle) show annannannounced for december. should be good. wonder who will be prime minister by then? TICKETS ON SALE NOW!
65daysofstatic Jul 03, 2017
A few 65 shows coming up in the next few weeks. 20th July we are at De Helling in Utrecht. Tried and tested show that. Solid black square of a venue. Malevich would be into it. We literally CANNOT wait to play some shows. Tickets & more details:
65daysofstatic May 15, 2017
Good evening. If you’re local to Sheffield then Paul 65 is going to be doing a live set of algorithmic, generative music at Access Space this friday. It's a fiver on the door, and it's a fund raising show to keep this little arts space raft afloat in an ocean of luxury flat redevelopment sharks. An algorave algoraft. // // >> Algorave Sheffield / Polinski etc. 🤖💀
65daysofstatic May 03, 2017
IT'S US! That band you like. We are still here. Look: there's some recent NMS tour shirts online as well as some cheaper older items in our online shop. It's rare that we summon up the enthusiasm to try and sell things to you, so please do savour this important communique. And because the music industry is hyperstupid, buying things from here probably helps us more than buying our actual music. What a world! Love you bye for now. 65ers.x
65daysofstatic Apr 06, 2017
черт! here we are. Moscow is tonight. St Petersburg tomorrow. LOOK LOOK.
65daysofstatic Mar 13, 2017
S O O O O O O O O O N ***
65daysofstatic Mar 09, 2017
we made some more music for no man's sky. most of it is in an update that came out yesterday. it's written specifically for the in-game generative music system so it's kind of hard to share easily. but here's a little bit. if you're into the game then there's loads of other updates beyond our new noisiness...
65daysofstatic Mar 07, 2017
Not long now Russia...
65daysofstatic Mar 02, 2017
look: new norwich show && here is all live 65 activity announced at the moment: 6th april, yotaspace, moscow 7th april, erarta, st.petersburg 20th july, tivoli, utrecht 2st july, welcome to the village festival, leeuwarden 22nd july, arts centre, norwich. 24th august, arts centre, colchester. tell your urban-russian/northern-nederlands/south-easterly-england-based friends all about them pleeeeeeeease | thnx65
65daysofstatic Feb 24, 2017
hallo nederland social media viewers. new 65 show in utrecht announced today. 20th july. check-a-check: