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Dispelling the Veil of Illusions
Return of the Nephilim
The White Path to Rebirth
4th Dimension Apr 08, 2018
Hi everyone, it's been a while since our last update and I feel the time is right to shed some light on what has been going on with the band in the last years. As you all know, co-founder member & keyboard player Talete Fusaro quit the band soon after the (very little) live promotion we gave to DISPELLING THE VEIL OF ILLUSIONS. In 2016 Massimiliano Forte (drums) and Michele Segafredo (guitars) also quit the band, for different reasons, which left Stefano and I trying to sort things out and decide what to do. I'm happy to say we're still good friends with both of them. Massy also gave us a big helping hand with the production of the "Kingdom" acoustic single and he's still providing his precious insights and audio recording skills with the preproduction of our new songs. The last 2 years were mainly devoted to finding new band members. By June 2017 I was sure I had the line up whole again, so much so that we were rehearsing a 10-song setlist and were looking forward to playing a few gigs. Alas, in October we had to cope with new defections and at the moment we're still lame. We shall see what happens next, just cross fingers for us. Meanwhile, our label Power Prog played dirty with all the bands in its roster. The label's pages, website and youtube channel were closed off though the Dispelling album is still available on all digital platforms, while we are not being paid the royalties due from its sales. We have not seen a single payment since the album was released in march 2014. The "Kingdom" videoclip was removed from the web, which brought about further damage on the band's side. All in all, it has not been an easy time, this much I can tell you. However, problems notwithstanding, Stefano and I kept on adding up ideas upon ideas to our stock and at the moment we've got drafts of a good number of songs just waiting to be arranged and rehearsed. Here's a bunch of working titles: - Resurrection - Every - Highland's rollercoaster - Love's got no reason - My best performance - Bound to oblivion - Elegy to the stars - The corridors of time - Wolf totem - Pirate latitudes - Heroes' work I'm still confident for a 2018 release date for the new single. The entitled song represents something pretty new for us and we already have a gorgeous artwork expressly made by an extremely talented young German artist! Well, that's all for now, don't give up on your support Sooner or later we are going to come back! Cheers Andrea
4th Dimension Mar 13, 2018
Hi folks Just to let you know that the “Kingdom” EP is NO LONGER available for purchasing and on streaming. Thanks to everybody who have helped us, purchasing it legally in the last year. Some of the tracks are still on YouTube. 😊 Cheers!
4th Dimension Mar 06, 2018
Hi folks A short message to inform you that the 5 track EP “Kingdom of Thyne Illusions” will be withdrawn from all digital stores & streaming platforms shortly. You have got less than a week to get your digital copy, if still interested. Afterwards, pirates be your guide 😉 Cheers Andrea 4th Dimension
4th Dimension Sep 10, 2017
Unfortunately, 4th Dimension's KINGDOM OF THYNE ILLUSIONS videoclip is no longer available on youtube. Hopefully you already knew it by heart...
4th Dimension Aug 30, 2017
Maybe the times are ripe, or nearly so, to reveal 4th Dimension's new line up... What do you think? 😉
4th Dimension Aug 18, 2017
Hi everyone. A brief message to say hi, wish u all a good holiday time if you're lucky enough to enjoy any AND ABOVE ALL to say that in this crazy hot summer the songwriting process is going smooth and fast. Band to start rehearsing new single in September :)
4th Dimension Jul 22, 2017
Dear friends, it's been a while, I know but... here's 2 good pieces of news: 1) 4th Dimension's line up is COMPLETE, at long last! It took quite a bit but it was worth it. 2) Stefano and I have started songwriting for the new album. There's a bunch of songs already drafted with more to come. A brand new single and video will be released early in 2018 and will simply blow you away. Cheers :) Andrea
4th Dimension Apr 10, 2017
So, the new EP "Kingdom of Thyne Illusions" also features a remixed & remastered version of oyur 2011 classic A NEW DIMENSION, the song where I had the pleasure to duet with our long-time friend Fabio Lione Fabio Lione (Official). The tune was originally released on THE WHITE PATH TO REBIRTH but since the beginning I was really pissed-off at my awful performance. Hopefully it will not come as a surprise that ever since I always had in mind to re-record my vocal tracks and when the chance arose I definitely plunged into it and also added some new choirs and backing vocals. I'm hugely pleased with the outcome and now this fiery Rhapsody-style song, so different from our usual style, rocks more than ever. What d'ya think? Cheers, Andrea Purchase your copy of the EP on: iTunes: Google Play: Amazon:
4th Dimension Mar 30, 2017
Here's another track from 4th Dimension's new EP "Kingdom of Thyne Illusions". This song was originally released on our second album, "Dispelling the Veil of Illusions", but due to commercial considerations it was recorded in English. NOW, after more than 3 years, at long last you can listen to it the way it was originally conceived. THIS is how Stefano Pinaroli, its composer, and I always meant it to be. It's the one and only song I've ever recorded in Italian language. And I love it. I. LOVE. IT. Hope you'll love it too. Cheers, Andrea Purchase your copy of the EP on: iTunes: Google Play: Amazon:
4th Dimension Mar 23, 2017
Release day! At last, 4th Dimension's revival 5-track EP, KINGDOM OF THYNE ILLUSIONS, is available for purchase on all digital stores (see links below) Tracklist: 1) Kingdom of Thyne Illusions (Acoustic Version) 2) Lontano 3) White Logic (Alternative Version) 4) A New Dimension (Remix) - feat. Fabio Lione 5) The Sun in My Life (2008 Demo Version) Here's the acoustic version of your beloved title track, our most successful hit so far! 😉 This is 4th Dimension's first new recording since 2014, so please SHARE SHARE SHARE IT and help us spread the word. There was much love put into the conceveing of this new recording, in a time where "shadows & lights were really colliding, twisting my real anew", so please, give it a chance 😊 Cheers Andrea - 4th Dimension Get your digital copy on: iTunes: Google Play: Amazon:
4th Dimension Mar 21, 2017
NEW EP AVAILABLE ON MARCH, 23!!! Ready for the new acoustic version of our hit single KINGDOM OF THYNE ILLUSIONS? 😊
4th Dimension Mar 18, 2017
Finally available on Amazon the pre-order of 4th Dimension's new EP, Kingdom of Thyne Illusions! 😉
4th Dimension Mar 13, 2017
Hi folks! Here we go with the details of the forthcoming 4th Dimension's revival EP 🎶 With it, all our skeletons have been dragged out of the closet 😂 The EP title is KINGDOM OF THYNE ILLUSIONS, in honor of the main track, which represents our most successful hit so far. It will be available exclusively in digital format in a few days. The cover artwork is, quite surprisingly, the same we used for the release of the KINGDOM OF THYNE ILLUSIONS 7" picture disc vinyl. Hope you like it! 😉 Tracklist: 1- Kingdom of Thyne Illusions (Acoustic Version) 2- Lontano (Aka “Away” with lyrics in Italian language) 3- White Logic (Remastered without orchestral arrangements) 4- A New Dimension *feat. Fabio Lione (Remixed & Remastered with partially re-recorded vocals) 5- The Sun in My Life (Original 2008 Demo Version) All songs written by 4th Dimension All new vocal tracks engineered by Massimiliano Forte All tracks except track 5 mixed & mastered by Tancredi Barbuscia at Greenriver Studio (VA) © 4th Dimension 2017 Original versions of tracks 1, 2, 3 available on the 2014 album DISPELLING THE VEIL OF ILLUSIONS Original versions of tracks 4, 5 available on the 2011 album THE WHITE PATH TO REBIRTH
4th Dimension Mar 12, 2017
4th Dimension's revival EP has been compiled and will be available in a few days. It's a sort of patchwork made up of tracks coming from different stages of our life, so give it a warm welcome and don't bee too harsh at judging it ;) The tracklist will be revelaed tomorrow.
4th Dimension Feb 28, 2017
Vocals for the forhcoming 4th Dimension's revival EP recorded yesterday. Cool studio session I must say. Always a pleasure to work with Massimiliano Forte. And... there's a chance we may be able to add yet another track to the EP. Will keep you up-to-date ;) Cheers Andrea
4th Dimension Feb 18, 2017
Acoustic guitars for the forhcoming 4th Dimension's revival EP recorded today. Very satisfied with the outcome. Vocals recording session scheduled for Feb, 27. Looking forward to it. We are in line with an April release date ;)
4th Dimension Feb 15, 2017
Just thought you'd like to know that 4th Dimension have started rehearsing again after a seemingly eternal 2-year-long pause... Does this seem good news to you ? :) And what rabbit do you expect might come out of this? Let me know your thoughts ahah Cheers Andrea-4th Dimension
4th Dimension Jan 30, 2017
4TH DIMENSION UPDATE (English version below) Sono passati ormai tre anni dall'uscita di DISPELLING THE VEIL OF ILLUSIONS. Tempus fugit, dicevano i Latini. Avevano ragione... In seguito ad ampio rimuginare, dopo aver cambiato idea diverse volte, sulla base anche di quanto sta attualmente accadendo all'interno della band, ho infine deciso di procedere con la pubblicazione di una sorta di EP, che andrà virtualmente a chiudere un ciclo e al contempo festeggerà i tre anni di vita appunto del secondo album dei 4TH DIMENSION. Ciò che succederà dopo è tutto da scrivere e al momento non conta. L'EP, se così vogliamo chiamarlo, conterrà con tutta probabilità 4 tracce. Nessuna canzone appositamente scritta, chiariamo subito le cose. Si tratterà di 4 versioni di altrettante canzoni, che differiscono da quelle presenti sugli album ufficiali. Non vi sarà una release fisica, a meno che qualcuno di voi non voglia sovvenzionare la stampa dei CD, per cui l'EP sarà disponibile esclusivamente su tutti gli store digitali e ovviamente in streaming su Spotify. A tutti quelli che pensano che sia una trovata commerciale dico no, i costi superano a priori i ricavi, quindi ci rimetterò soldi di tasca mia 😊 Ma è giusto procedere ora. Cheers Andrea Uscita prevista: Aprile 2017. English: To celebrate the first three years of the DISPELLING album and to symbolically close up what I deem the first cycle in the life of the band, after much thought and rummaging I have decided to release an 4-track EP, which will comprise no new song but different versions of 4 old songs previously released on the albums. What comes next is still shrouded in haze, but these songs will see the light at last anyway 😊 This EP of sorts, so to say, will exclusively be released in digital format, no CD this time I am sorry, unless some of you wants to help me cover the printing expenses 😂 Cheers Andrea Release date: April 2017.
4th Dimension Sep 30, 2016
While 4th Dimension are sleeping in their deep cryogenic sleep, here's a new anime cover recorded by 4th Dimension's bass player Stefano. Enjoy ;)
4th Dimension Aug 08, 2016
Dear friends My dear friend Nicoletta's power metal band Kalidia has just launched a fundraising campaign to re-release their first EP (with bonus track). Really nice extras available, so check it out!!!
4th Dimension Jun 23, 2016
4th Dimension's bass player Stefano Pinaroli's just launched his personal youtube channel. Here's his first "Anime" bass cover video, taken from the S.A.O opening 1 (Crossing field - Lisa). Check it out!
4th Dimension Jun 10, 2016
Here's the last song I've had the chance to sing: "Black Rose" by power metal band DERDIAN. Don't miss the amazing album "Revolution Era", featuring terrific singers such as Fabio Lione, Ralph Scheepers, DC Cooper and many more as guests. Check it out at !!!
4th Dimension May 30, 2016
Another missing song is available on youtube! A pretty song, third in line in the "romantic songs" series after "The Sun in My Life" & "Consigned to the Wind", Enjoy & share :)
4th Dimension May 29, 2016
Hi! Another uploading from "Dispelling" and a couple of words about this song. It's definitely one of my favourite 4th Dimension tunes and, though it's quite a short one, I deem it whole in every sense. It's heavy, progressive, epic and melodic all throughout. Probably the song on which we spent more time, arranging and re-arranging. It did not make it in the final album tracklist till the very last moment, when we discussed the matter with our producer and together decided it was definitely worth the try. The lyrics took inspiration from a Spanish novel called "La Torre Vigìa" by Ana Maria Matute, one the most beautiful books I have ever read and one full of deep meanings. Unfortunately the book was never translated into English, however an Italian translation does exist and it's called "Cavaliere senza ritorno". Check it out! :) Andrea
4th Dimension May 28, 2016
Just Uploaded on youtube, the intro section and opening track from our second album "Dispelling the Veil of Illusions". This is a song about the emotions that stormed inside my mind while we were touring with Sonata Arctica in 2011 and, more than that, it is a tribute to all of you fans... Together we are a circle in the ice! Share if you wish Andrea