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Orgy and Motograter with 3TEETH at Blk Live (September 21, 2018)
Venue: Blk Live (Scottsdale, AZ, US) Find tickets
3TEETH, Crowned, Brand of Julez, Orgy, and 1 more… at The Parish at House of Blues Anaheim (September 21, 2018)
Venue: The Parish at House of Blues Anaheim (Anaheim, CA, US) Find tickets
Orgy and 3TEETH with Crowned, Brand of Julez, and 1 more… at 1720 (September 23, 2018)
Venue: 1720 (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
3TEETH at Club Sur Rocks (September 25, 2018)
Venue: Club Sur Rocks (Seattle, WA, US) Find tickets
3teeth Jul 14, 2018
"We spent 3 years and 2 albums shitting on the system before Donald Trump took office. We took hard jabs at the previous administration and yet never once did we receive messages like, “keep politics out of your music or you lost a fan today”. To that I say, If your unwavering support for any politician let alone Trump conflicts with you listening to my band, then you’re simply listening to the wrong fucking band and am happy to show you the door. I don’t want any fans, I want the right fans. Not liberal fans, not conservative fans. Fans who see through bipartisan haze that fiercely divides this country through its agenda based rhetoric. Fans who are empowered by informed opinions and yet still find comic relief in the tragic absurdity of today’s political climate. Fans who are more than fans, fans who are participants and fans who are co-creators in #OperationMindfuck. Consider this part of the filtering process." ~ Lex
3teeth Jul 14, 2018
Last chance to get in on this round of orders as they're packed and going to ship out in a couple hours.
3teeth Jul 14, 2018
Happy Friday the 13th Y’all 💦👅
3teeth Jul 09, 2018
I'm here for the gangbang
3teeth Jul 02, 2018
Goes fly fishing once photo: Alex Jung
3teeth Jun 29, 2018
I know there has been a couple announcements of us playing some shows with Orgy in September floating around the internet but I’d like to clear this up and officially state that 3TEETH will not be playing any of these shows.
3teeth Jun 28, 2018
New Limited Edition 3TEETH Tee by First Church of The Void ( Eric Alan Livingston ) available now for pre-order
3teeth Jun 23, 2018
Rest in power Vinnie and thank you for all the inspiration. I hope you and Dime are already shredding in the sky 🙁
3teeth Jun 23, 2018
A relationship so hot it's melting your future.
3teeth Jun 23, 2018
TFW Friday hits and you can finally put down that toxic waste hose you've been spraying all week. Whats everyone up to all weekend?
3teeth Jun 20, 2018
UPDATE: All orders will be shipping next week, so if there are address changes please reach out now.
3teeth Jun 18, 2018
3teeth Jun 14, 2018
Feeling trapped ? Alone ? Staring blankly into into the void again ? Well don’t worry we’ve got a new album in the works just for you. In the meantime we recommend you use this liminal period to enjoy a nice wander through your own cerebral waste and we’ll be back right after a short commercial break 📡
3teeth Jun 13, 2018
3teeth May 26, 2018
Manifestations of the gun, blackened blood on every tongue. Taste the waste of their gods grace and spit your hate upon your young. 🇺🇸 | photo by Jeremy Saffer
3teeth May 22, 2018
Unleashing the Pit Of Fire in Germany 🔥🇩🇪🔥
3teeth May 20, 2018
Discos out. Murders in.
3teeth May 20, 2018
Wrapping up this amazing tour tonight in Köln 🔥🇩🇪🔥
3teeth May 19, 2018
Thank you Leipzig 🔥🇩🇪🔥
3teeth May 18, 2018
BERLIN TONIGHT at Musik & Frieden
3teeth May 16, 2018
Deutschland, wir kommen heute Abend für dich! 🍻🇩🇪⚒ 16.05 Bochum - Matrix 17.05 Hamburg - LOGO 18.05 Berlin - Musik & Frieden 19.05 Leipzig - Wave-Gotik-Treffen 20.05 Köln - MTC .
3teeth May 15, 2018
We’re playing Wave-Gotik-Treffen Agra Hall this Saturday @ 19:05
3teeth May 14, 2018
We’re playing Agra Hall this Saturday @ 19:05
3teeth May 14, 2018
On the hunt for the Da Vinci Chode
3teeth May 14, 2018
Unleashing the Stella Rubeae upon Paris tonight at Les Etoiles @ 21:00