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Time and Trauma
Time and Trauma (Deluxe)
Collisions and Castaways
The Tide and Its Takers
Rest Inside the Flames
A Snow Capped Romance
A Snow Capped Romance (Bonus Track Version) [Special Edition]
Bitterness the Star
Bitterness the Star (Special Edition)
36 Crazyfists Mar 08, 2018
Proud to represent our home state of #Alaska in Kerrang!'s The United States of Metal.
36 Crazyfists Mar 02, 2018
Who's turning up Lanterns this weekend?
36 Crazyfists Feb 02, 2018
We are live on the radio!
36 Crazyfists Jan 16, 2018
London! We are almost sold out, get your tickets asap!
36 Crazyfists Jan 13, 2018
36 Crazyfists - O2 Academy Islington
36 Crazyfists Jan 05, 2018
¡Hola, amigos de España! En unas semanas estaremos gracias al RESURRECTION FEST en Barcelona, Madrid y Bilbao presentando nuestro último disco "Lanters" junto a All Hail The Yeti y '68, ¡así que no esperéis más y coged vuestros tickets cuanto antes! Llevamos sin tocar en España desde 2010, ¡así que tenemos muchas ganas de veros y montar una buena fiesta! Comparte este cartel si te apuntas al concierto. 31 de enero, Barcelona, Razzmatazz 2 1 de febrero, Bilbao, Stage Live 2 de febrero, Madrid, Nazca Compra tu entrada aquí:
36 Crazyfists Dec 27, 2017
Alaska is making a trip across the pond. :) I will be at the show in London on Jan 21st. Looking forward to meeting any and all of you 36 fans!!! ~ Sarah P.
36 Crazyfists Dec 19, 2017
What show are you attending in Europe???? Many of them are nearly sellouts. Tag a friend that's going with you!!!! See ya soon!
36 Crazyfists Dec 15, 2017
Who’s ready for a bunch of wild ass Alaskans , Canadians and a couple boys from Atlanta ?!!!!! U.K. & Europe we can’t wait to see your faces and get the singalongs cranked up. We are bringing our brothers in All Hail The Yeti & 68 music for one hell of a ripper!!! See you guys next month!
36 Crazyfists Dec 14, 2017
The new video for "Wars To Walk Away From" is premiering now with our friends Loudwire! Check it out below -
36 Crazyfists Dec 06, 2017
The good old days when we used to get it on with our brothers in #Freedom49 are seared deep into memory. In honor of that, this Friday at Koot's, we are gonna do the damn thing with our brother Theo and the brothers in Lost Marauders for one hell of an Ass kickin! For good measure we added the beauties in City in Ashes to complete the mofo!!! Get it in ya or get it on ya...Brock36cf Doors open at 8 pm and City In Ashes kicks off the music at 9 pm sharp. See you Friday night Fam. It's going to be a rager!!!
36 Crazyfists Dec 03, 2017
Hi friends! Bandsintown has the Fairbanks show listed as Dec 8th and Dec 9th. However, the 8th is in Anchorage at Koot's and the 9th is in Fairbanks at Blue Loon.
36 Crazyfists Nov 26, 2017
We've been getting some great feedback on our new record 'Lanterns'. Thanks to everyone that has supported it so far! If you don't have your copy yet go pick one up!! In the mean time check out the new drum play through video from our very own Kobra Ky. We've heard "Sea and Smoke" has been a favorite amongst a lot of you so he decided to show you what he's doin on the drums. Check it out!! Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more videos!!
36 Crazyfists Nov 17, 2017
Check out the below from PUCK HCKY. Purchase anything from the 36 Crazyfists collection and be entered to win some signed copies of our new album!
36 Crazyfists Nov 17, 2017
Go get something from our PUCK HCKY collection and you will be entered to win a signed copy of our new album on vinyl or CD COLLECTION: Winners will be announced (contacted by email) on Dec 1st.
36 Crazyfists Nov 10, 2017
“Life was punching me right in the mouth.” Read about everything Brock has gone through to get to LANTERNS and dealing with life's struggles in this interview with Psychology Today
36 Crazyfists Nov 10, 2017
Turn it up, way up with the KICKASS METAL playlist on Spotify featuring "Better To Burn"!
36 Crazyfists Nov 02, 2017
Alaska we're coming for you!!!
36 Crazyfists Oct 28, 2017
Hey everyone! We're home from tour but incase you were curious of all the places we went, check out our tour stop video!! HUGE thank you to DevilDriver, Cane Hill, Uncured, Tetrarch, #thelasttensecondsoflife, and #charcoaltongue for rocking with us. You are all amazing!! Also, anyone that came to a show, bought Merch, or just said hi, we appreciate you more than we can describe. Thank you so much! Don't forget to subscribe to Kobra Ky's YouTube channel for more 36 related material!! Thanks everybody, cheers!
36 Crazyfists Oct 22, 2017
LA and surrounding areas were playing a FREE show tonight in Fullerton at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen Come party with us and close this weekend out right!
36 Crazyfists Oct 20, 2017
Right side of dirt, I awake. Exit the edge of the blade. Distance yourself from the shallow grave and light the way....
36 Crazyfists Oct 20, 2017
Hey LA friends!! We're playing a FREE yes, FREE show at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen October 22nd! It's FREEEEEEEEEE!!! So come party with us!!! #36crazyfists #36cf #lanternsworldtour #freeshow DID WE MENTION THAT IT'S FREE?!?!?!
36 Crazyfists Oct 18, 2017
Europe and UK friends! We are crashing your shores!!!!
36 Crazyfists Oct 17, 2017
36 Crazyfists
36 Crazyfists Oct 16, 2017
Hey everyone! Our very own Kobra Kyle Baltus started his own YouTube page today! Head on over and subscribe for drum videos, tour and band updates and much more 36 related material! Cheers! 🤘🏻🤘🏻The link to his channel is here :