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Time of My Life
The Better Life (Rarities Edition) [Live from Houston]
Where My Christmas Lives
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Another 700 Miles (Live at the Congress Theater, Chicago/2003)
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The Better Life
3 Doors Down Mar 08, 2018
Get ALL that stuff out my feet! -Brad
3 Doors Down Mar 07, 2018
Jen and I got a chance to visit with the Budweiser Clydesdales yesterday. Big ol’ boys! -Brad
3 Doors Down Feb 26, 2018
Different time, different place. I’ve been doing this for a loooooonnnggggggggg time! Thanks Roxanne Mcleod for this little gem. -Chris
3 Doors Down Feb 22, 2018
#TBT A little Rock & Roll Hall of Fame action a few weeks ago. One of the coolest things of all; Michael Jackson’s Grammy for Thriller and other goodies. Pretty awesome music history to see there.
3 Doors Down Feb 21, 2018
Sometimes ya gotta take the bull by the horns........and sometimes ya just stand there and take a pic. -Brad
3 Doors Down Feb 20, 2018
Detroit! It's always a rockin' time when we're with you. Thanks for coming out and hanging pre-show! Until next time, friends.
3 Doors Down Feb 16, 2018
3 Doors Down's cover photo
3 Doors Down Feb 13, 2018
We had a great time this month on the acoustic "Back Porch Jam" tour! Thank you to everyone who made this tour so much fun! We’ll see y’all back out there this summer! God bless and happy trails! Pretty sure this photo is from @blenda73
3 Doors Down Feb 12, 2018
Cleveland! Thanks for showing up in the snow and rocking. It was a great night!
3 Doors Down Feb 12, 2018
Athens! We had a fantastic night with all of you on our Acoustic "Back Porch Jam" tour. Until next time!
3 Doors Down Feb 12, 2018
PA! Y'all always know how to rock. Thanks for a great show!
3 Doors Down Feb 12, 2018
Southern Indiana you guys rocked and SOLD this show OUT. Thanks for the great night!
3 Doors Down Feb 12, 2018
Thanks for a great show in WI earlier this month. See y'all soon!
3 Doors Down Feb 08, 2018
Some great shots from Ohio University in Athens, OH last night. Thx for the pics ShelbyMillerPhotos!
3 Doors Down Feb 06, 2018
Our music brings them back to a period of their life that they fondly remember,” Henderson said. “Maybe it brings them back to … some happy times. That’s all you can really hope for as a musician, is to impact someone’s life like that... -Chris Henderson
3 Doors Down Feb 05, 2018
Thanks for a great show in KS last week!
3 Doors Down Feb 03, 2018
Been an awful lot of this going on. What a great tour it’s been. I thank God everyday for the gifts he’s given. -Chris
3 Doors Down Feb 01, 2018
Denver! What a great night we had with all of you. We hope to be back really soon. Thanks to our VIP's for hangin' pre-show, sitting on-stage and coming out. See you soon, Friends!
3 Doors Down Feb 01, 2018
Chandler! Thanks for a great night on our acoustic tour. It was a pleasure meeting all of our VIP's pre-show. Until next time!
3 Doors Down Jan 31, 2018
Sweet shot of the marquee last night in Denver. Salina, KS tonight. Thx for the great 📸 @nessa_monster
3 Doors Down Jan 30, 2018
“It’s almost like having a conversation with somebody,” Henderson said. “They can talk to us and we can talk to them and we get to hear each other — there’s a romance between the crowd and the band.” -Chris Read more below...
3 Doors Down Jan 30, 2018
Thanks to everyone in Cali for another SOLD OUT acoustic "Back Porch Jam" show. Great meeting all our VIP's pre-show as well!
3 Doors Down Jan 29, 2018
Thank You to everyone who SOLD OUT our Visalia, CA show last week. We had a blast meeting our VIP's pre-show too.
3 Doors Down Jan 26, 2018
Santa Rosa! It was such a pleasure playing your city and presenting a check from The Better Life Foundation to the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts for recovery efforts. Thanks to our VIP's for coming and hanging pre-show. We appreciate y'all!
3 Doors Down Jan 26, 2018
Thanks to everyone who came out and SOLD OUT Modesto, CA. We had a great time and loved meeting our VIP's pre-show. Until next time!