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05/03 - Ep
22-20s Aug 09, 2016
22-20s's cover photo
22-20s Mar 27, 2014
Just a quick post to confirm we're no longer playing together. We never announced anything because there was no fixed moment of split; we took a break from it this time last year and subsequently all moved in different directions. Coming on here now I see people have been asking what's going on. As ever, I think we're continuously surprised when people show interest in us. Our apologies for the neglect, it was not meant as a snub. A sincere and genuine thank you to everyone who was interested and supported us over the years, it was genuinely appreciated.
22-20s Jul 11, 2012
22-20s Jun 10, 2012
Unfortunately we've had to pull out of tomorrow's gig in Chicago. Our apologies. We'll be back that way as soon as possible.
22-20s Jun 01, 2012
Our 2010 album Shake/Shiver/Moan is now available to buy digitally worldwide (not just the US and Japan as has been the case up to now).
22-20s May 22, 2012
As requested, here's those two songs as mp3s - should be able to download them also...
22-20s May 21, 2012
We headed down to our basement this evening and put down a few live versions of songs from Got It If You Want It. Here's Heart And Soul...
22-20s May 03, 2012
Unfortunately the time has come for me to part ways with 22-20s. It's not a decision that has been taken lightly, however due to the circumstances, both financially and logistically, I feel that this is the best decision for all involved. I have been lucky enough to spend the last four years of my life making and playing music all over the world, meeting some amazing people. The thing that makes me most proud is the fact that in 22-20s I have been fortunate enough to 'work' with 3 people whom I consider to be not only my best friends, but incredible musicians too. Everybody else involved with the band during my tenure was always helpful, friendly and fun to be around and I will take a lot of experience and happy memories away with me. I'm very happy to say that this situation has been handled in an amicable fashion by all involved and that I wish the band all the best in the future with their efforts. I will be putting together some form of band together in the near future so if you are interested and want to kept up to date with developments then follow me on Twitter at the link below... A massive thanks to Glen, Martin and James and everyone who was there along the way! Dan
22-20s May 03, 2012
Sadly we have to announce that Dan has left the band. Dan's life and home are in England and with the other three of us now living in Minneapolis the situation had unfortunately become untenable for both him and the rest of us here. The decision, made a few weeks ago, is both amicable and mutual. We will not look to replace him (he's irreplaceable anyway) and will continue as we originally started, and as we have been doing throughout this year, as a three piece. Dan is a great guitar player and, above all else, a great friend. We'd like to thank him for all he has contributed these past four years, both as a musician and a person, and wish him all the very best for all he goes on to do. It's been an absolute pleasure having him in the band and, being as he is one of our very favourite people on the planet, he'll be sorely missed.
22-20s Apr 01, 2012
w/ Pill Hill, The Bad Spots, Me and My Arrow
22-20s Mar 23, 2012
w/ The Life And Times
22-20s Mar 23, 2012
22-20s @ Cause in Minneapolis, MN
22-20s Mar 23, 2012
w/ Band Of Skulls
22-20s Mar 23, 2012
w/ Birdhand
22-20s Mar 23, 2012
Dan's back in England at the minute but in the meantime the three of us here in Minneapolis will be playing some gigs as a three piece through April. We have the first few confirmed and will announce more as they arrive...
22-20s Mar 14, 2012
With every great vocal comes a great song...
22-20s Feb 29, 2012
Although if you were to listen to one song today with Heartbreak in the title...
22-20s Feb 29, 2012
From the 22-20s' vault (a worn old hard drive in our basement - dropped a few too many times but still running) here's an old live studio version of Latest Heartbreak - I think recorded around the same time as the album sessions for Shake/Shiver/Moan and never released...
22-20s Feb 24, 2012
22-20s @ Club Quattro in Tokyo, Japan
22-20s Feb 22, 2012
We've a couple of Japan dates to announce in the coming days. Before we do, here's the last four songs from our set at Fuji Rock back in the summer of 2010...
22-20s Feb 21, 2012
Sam Dale
22-20s Feb 11, 2012
Such a perfect song...