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Picture Perfect
Beneath the Scars (Instrumentals)
Beneath the Scars
The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday (EP)
Anthem For the Underdog (Bonus Track Version)
Potter's Field
12 Stones
12 Stones Mar 06, 2018
THIS FRIDAY (March 9th) WE'LL BE PLAYING AT "NEW SOUTHPORT HALL! Ticket link below! Who is coming to rock out with us?
12 Stones Feb 13, 2018
Hey Guys! Here's the link (tickets) for the upcoming March 9th show @ Southport Hall in Jefferson, LA. See you all Soon!
12 Stones Nov 03, 2017
Check out this interview "12 Stones" did:
12 Stones Oct 02, 2017
Our hearts and thoughts go out to the victim's in Las Vegas. Now over 50 people have lost their lives, and over 200+ injured. This is now the deadliest mass shooting in our countries history. Thank you to the Heroes and first responders everywhere and especially the ones that went into the 32nd floor hotel room and on the ground for stopping this gunman.
12 Stones Sep 08, 2017
with Saliva, Saving Abel
12 Stones Sep 08, 2017
with: Saliva, Saving Abel (Ticket costs will be announced shortly)
12 Stones Aug 25, 2017
12 Stones "live in concert"
12 Stones Aug 25, 2017
Ready to ROCK Ponchatoula, LA/ Memphis, TN?
12 Stones Aug 21, 2017
with/ Saliva, Saving Abel
12 Stones Aug 03, 2017
12 Stones Aug 01, 2017
Who has the new album? What's your favorite song? We will be adding more tour dates so stay tune!
12 Stones Jul 23, 2017
12 Stones Jul 15, 2017
12 Stones Jul 14, 2017
12 Stones Jul 14, 2017
check out "12 Stones" on the Amazon playlist:
12 Stones Jul 04, 2017
Happy 4th of July!! In just 10 days our new album comes out!!
12 Stones Jun 30, 2017
12 Stones
12 Stones Jun 30, 2017
Want to hear one of our new songs? Idobi is featuring one of our new songs called: "Blessing"!
12 Stones Jun 28, 2017
NEW ALBUM COMES OUT "JULY 14th" ! Almost 2 WEEKS AWAY! Who is READY? *Please share*
12 Stones Jun 15, 2017
Check out our new video "Picture Perfect" featured on Loudwire!
12 Stones Jun 14, 2017
Pre-order is here!!! Click the link below to preorder the new album "Picture Perfect"!
12 Stones May 17, 2017
So as you all have seen and heard by now, the tour that we were doing with Shallow Side had been cancelled. I have gotten 95% of posts, texts, calls and emails that were angry and hateful towards myself and the band. Some were creative and some were just insane. We have been doing this for 17 years. There are many factors that went into this decision. None of which were easy or enjoyable. I have many things happening in my life that. I can't and won't go into details because it's personal. We have had a longstanding relationship with 313 entertainment (booking agent). I had actually partnered with him for several shows. We still have love for him. There was another agent that came into the fold to "help" with this tour. We talked about what we could and would do as far as a tour goes. We have also had a great reputation with almost every band we've toured with over 17 years. It's sad to see true colors come out when adversity hits. There were so many hateful comments from random people, fans, friends and other bands. I won't go into slandering other bands and I won't attack people that have threatened me or the band. I will stick by my band and our reasons. We were told about this tour and told the powers that be that we weren't able to tour for more than a few weeks at a time due to personal reasons. That was ignored and the full tour was posted. We tried to figure out how to make it work and then we realized that we couldn't do it without pissing everyone off. For those of you that have met us, seen us at a show, or just hung out at random places, you know that we love playing live and spending time with our friends, fans and family. I am sorry that this tour didn't work out. I want to apologize to the guys in Another Lost Year. They are great guys and a great band. We love them regardless of how they might feel currently. I will not make excuses and I will not bow down to the hateful words that are being thrown our way. Again, I am sorry to anyone that was coming to these shows and to those fans that we lost due to this incident. You will choose how you feel about us and this tour. I can't change that. If you want to blame me, then go ahead. I'll take the blame. I thank those of you that are willing to stick with us and those that jumped on an internet bandwagon to hate us. We still love you all. With love, Paul Mccoy
12 Stones May 11, 2017
Recent interview "12 Stones" just did for Slickster Magazine!